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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:18:24 AM PST

By Guy Caputo, contributor,

Product Review: Quick Stand

Pocket sized rear wheel center stand?

So I'm driving down Interstate 405 just north of San Diego a couple of weeks ago and I pass this poor guy with a ZX-12R who had his leathers on the tank and the rear wheel off the ground. Being the avid motorcyclist that I am, I whip across 3 lanes of a 6-lane freeway and stop to offer a little assistance. Now mind you, I'm a Busa owner myself, but I thought what the heck, I'll help the poor guy and have a story to tell my other Busa friends of the big Kaw I saw stranded. Stranded? Not in the least I'm here to tell you. This guy had his bike with the rear wheel off the ground and ZX-12R's don't have a center stand, do they? I asked if I could help and he told me he had it under control. He had caught a large nail and was inserting a tire plug to get him home; he even had a CO2 cartridge looking pump to fill it back up. What was the amazing thing was what he was using to hold up the rear wheel of his bike. I had to take a double take and rub my eyes. I asked him, where he got that contraption that was holding up his big green machine. He called it a "Quick Stand", a pocket sized rear wheel center stand. It was amazing, truly amazing I'm here to tell ya. His bike had the rear wheel supported by this aluminum short pole that broke down into 3 pieces and fit inside this cordura case that was the size of a pair of sunglasses. He said he doesn't travel anywhere without it anymore and this was exactly the reason why.

I yakked with him for a while and then went about my way. When I arrived at the hotel that evening, I got online (as usual to as searched for the "Quick Stand" that I had seen earlier that day. Eureka, I found it! I had to have me one these little trick toys for under my seat cowl. The company called SJL Products had recently developed the solution for lifting your rear wheel off the ground to do minor maintenance for bikes with no center stands. You have to use a swing arm spool but they're cheap and can be found just about everywhere. They even sell them, imagine that. It allows the rider to quickly elevate and support the rear wheel giving you 2 free hands to apply chain lube, carry out emergency tire repair, clean the rear wheel, check for tire debris/wear, etc. 

Constructed of high strength aircraft grade aluminum, Quick Stand weighs in at a mere 6 1/2 ounces. In use, Quick Stand at attached to the right side swing arm spool providing a three-point support, which includes Quick Stand, the motorcycle's side stand and the front wheel. While not intended for rear wheel removal, Quick Stand can make on road life a little easier. Quick Stand is intended to be used on most popular Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda sport bikes that are equipped with spools on the lower edge of the swing arm.

Quick Stand Model QS1 can be ordered from SJL Products, P.O. Box 189, Jefferson, MA 01522 for $49.95 plus $7.00 shipping and handling (USA orders). Swing arm spool kits are also available for selected models. E-mail: Phone/Fax: 508-829-3339

Until next time, safe racing to all.


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