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Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 11:16:29 AM PST

by Guy Caputo,

Product Review: Handy Static Wheel Balancer

Round and round she goes and where she stops, YOU want to know! That's the whole idea behind Handy Industries new Static Wheel balancer. I am all the time changing my back tire on the Hayabusa (I wonder why?) during those wonderful summer months when I can ride every day. But every time I do, I have to drive 15 miles and take the wheel over to our shop where I can use our Snap-On electronic wheel balancer. It cost my cousin over $3200.00 and boy is she a beauty. The Snap-On unit will tell you how much weight to add and where on the rim to add that weight. Hmmmmmm, $3200.00, hmmmmmm. Now if I could have that same quality balance in the privacy of my own shop (garage) and it only took 3 minutes to do at a cost way under $200.00, then that's the ticket! 

Handy Industries to the rescue! Two minutes on the Internet and voila, my wheel balancer was being shipped direct to my front door.

Insert the balance Rod thru the wheel bearings, hang it on the rack and your tire will automatically rotate by itself. The heavy part of your tire will fall to the bottom which is the opposite side of where you add the weight. It worked every time I moved the tire to any number of positions. I even tried to fool it by spinning the tire and when it finally came to a stop, you guessed it, the same spot. This is one of those trick items you just got to have in your shop. It's slick, trick and quick.  Order your Static Wheel Balancer today.

Static Wheel Balancer - 13009
Price: $159.00+Shipping

Adapter for Large Wheel Hub - 12984
Price: $22.00+Shipping

Handy Industries

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All
Guy Caputo can be reached at

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