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MBNA Signs with AMA/PROSTAR for 2003 Season

AMA/Prostar dedicates new Family Grandstands  – XSBA helps celebrate launch with stunt show

Huntsville, Alabama. –    MBNA today officially signed with AMA/Prostar for the 2003 U.S. Drag Racing Championship Series.  AMA/Prostar is the largest governing body of motorcycle drag racing in the world and it is an honor to be now associated with MBNA, the largest independent credit card issuer in the world. MBNA will be a featured sponsor on the championship midway. MBNA will be giving free motorcycle drag racing t-shirts to spectators who wish to fill out a credit card application. MBNA will also be able to offer instant credit approval on the spot. Midway shoppers will be able to get the credit and cash to buy the products, accessories, and parts they want - when they want them. On-site parts and service suppliers on the midway will be able to suggest instant approval and help get racers back on the track quick.


In consideration for the sponsorship, AMA/Prostar is dedicating a section of the grandstands to families, where they can enjoy the races in a fun environment.  The MRE Nationals, in Gainesville FL, February 28-March 2 will be the grand opening of the new themed grandstands. 

Taking a cue from the hilarious but effective movie theater advertisements, the “AMA/PROSTAR - MBNA Family Grandstands” will display a western theme with “no drinkin’, no cussin’, no gamblin’ “ signage and rules.  The CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) will help out families in these grandstands to ensure they enjoy the best racing experience that AMA/Prostar can offer. Prostar did a lot of listening last year and found out many things that our fans wanted. One wish was for a peaceful, controlled area where they could share the excitement with other families and enthusiasts.  Peaceful? Well we can’t promise you that, especially when you feel the ground thunder of 1000 horsepower motorcycles roaring by in 5 seconds at 240 miles per hour.

To celebrate, Motorcycle Street & Strip magazine will sponsor a premier stunt show by the Extreme Sport Bike Association after the qualifying race on Saturday the 29th at 6:30 pm. The XSBA is committed to the legal XTreme form of sportbike riding and have organized the best stunt riders in the country in a series driven by rules and safety.  The XSBA hosts invitational competitions for stunt riding with a points system based on freestyle, wheelie, stoppie, and other riding skills. Guinness World record holders for 660ft stoppies (reverse wheelies, where the bike rides on the front wheel with the back in the air) and innovators of many patented freestyle maneuvers are all part of the XSBA series.  This is extreme riding at its finest.  It is sure to be a great attraction for everyone,and a great launch of the “AMA/Prostar MBNA Family Grandstands”

AMA/Prostar and XSBA are both committed to taking drag racing and stunt riding off of the streets. Prostar marketing and communications director Jim Cara says, “We are hoping that the welcome addition of Family Grandstands will introduce young people to amateur and professional ways to practice and experience the performance of today’s motorcycles and the ultimate dream of drag racing some of the custom machines they will see.” Cara adds, “I personally am excited to get into these stands and bring down kids to meet the riders.”
The AMA/Prostar U.S. Drag Racing series features the top motorcycles and riders from around the world competing for millions of dollars in awards and contingency annually. Be prepared to see nitro burning Top Fuel drag bikes, strong competition with over 500 sportsman racers in many classes, and local riders who are welcome to compete in the Street E.T. competition.

An AMA/Prostar event has “half the wheels and twice the excitement” of most other motor sports. The partnership with MBNA and the new Family Grandstands will help expose the sport to a new family of spectators and riders.

James Cara
Marketing and Communications
AMA/Prostar Motorcycle Drag Racing
Phone: (256) 289-3769
Fax: 302-658-3389

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