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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:18:32 AM EDT


Paranoid Racing

Paranoid Racing (Zman &Yla) announce the initiation of their Feuling W3 dragbike program that has been in the talks for more than a year now.The team's objective for 2003 is to prepare and test a W3 Pro Stock drag bike to compete in the UEM European Dragbike Championship later in the year and through the 2004 season.

"We have decided to run a W3 racebike about a year ago and we have been talking with the late Jim Feuling about the idea and also James Di Tullio as well as negotiating a sponsor package with a major automotive company that also markets "W" configuration engines and after the initial acceptance of the project we were waiting for a final approval of the budget and for Feuling R&D to move to their new premises and free some time off production to be able to develop a race engine that would compete in the Competition Bike class as a methanol/nitrous funnybike branded after one of the auto company's car brands.Unfortunately,the project got rejected and Jim Feuling's untimely passing in December brought things to a halt.However,having invested a lot of planning and thinking in the idea,we have decided to go ahead and build a Pro Stock bike and finance it on our own,with the help of our associate sponsors, at least until it is ready and producing some results.We have asked from the championship officials to give us a weight break for 2004 and we think we will have no trouble with the bike being accepted as Feuling Motor Company is still in very good and competitive hands and the production of the W3 will continue as planned.To gain necessary knowledge about the P/S bike chassis technology we are aquiring Nick Pepper's championship winning GSXR Pro Stock Bike that we plan to race in Greece and maybe a couple of European events this season with a gas/nitrous engine.We are hoping to get our hands on a set of special W3 crankcases by the April AHDRA event in Phoenix and start working on a frame right away.The three cylinder engine will be kept at stock 150 ci displacement and use as many of the stock production parts as possible,as we are confident in the strength of Jim Feuling's outstanding design and construction.We are currently modifying our 1974 Airstream trailer and Ford van/hawler for the needs of the team and we expect to be ready for a test pass before this season is over.

We will keep everyone interested updated with our project and welcome comments and thoughts on our e-mails zman@greekracer.net yla@greekracer.net A website is also being readied and will be on line soon at www.dragracing.gr/paranoid We would like to thank all the people that answered our questions and concerns and especially the people at Feuling Motor Company for keeping up the good work.

Panagiotis Zarifopoulos,Yla Galani
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