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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:18:33 AM EDT

Guy Caputo - Dragbike.com

Body Armor by Bohn

Body Armor By Bohn™ Body Protection
Written by: Guy Caputo

After reading an article in a recent issue of Street and Strip magazine about Mark Urban breaking his back on the starting line, I decided to finish this article on Body Armor and get it posted. I have been using and testing a new Body Armor system for about 6 months now and I feel I can give you some very real feedback about the product.

Why Protection?

At first sight this appears to be a really dumb question! But there are two distinct reasons people look for protection:

Back support can be worn under leather jacket
for street riding

1. To protect your body! Yep, to cushion the body in the event of a crash. No body armor can guarantee a total escape from every situation, but it's sure going to help!

2. Peace of mind and confidence. The people at Bohn™ are increasingly getting feedback from people who are riding and report that wearing good protection allows them to relax and concentrate on what they're doing - rather than being preoccupied by NOT FALLING. Like insurance, its good to know that you have it, even though you don't use it. Many people are also carrying an old injury they want to protect. This awareness puts you on edge, distracts, and reduces enjoyment of your ride.

Scooter Kizer, President and CEO for the AMA/Prostar Dragracing series has said many times that body armor should be required equipment for all Pro riders and in this writers opinion, a must for any rider or racer.

The AMA/Prostar rulebook for 2003 under rule *Protective Clothing states:

Critical area (knees, elbows, forearms, shoulders) armor or 2-layers of leather is highly recommended and is MANDATORY in new construction (of brand new leather suit construction). A spine protector is highly recommended and will be mandatory in all Pro classes and non-wheelie bar bikes as early as 2004.

I placed a call to Scooter Kizer at Prostar to clarify these rules regarding "New Construction" in suits. Scooter said that he wants to phase in the body armor and has made several calls to leather suit manufacturers to explain this. Scooter said, "If you have a new Dragrace suit made by any suit manufacturer, you must ask them to have soft body armor inserts made into the suit in all the critical areas (knees, elbows, forearms, and shoulders)." I personally recommend that you also ask them to leave enough room in the chest area to accommodate a spine protector as well. Scooter contends that the new, off the street rider is most likely the highest risk group there is. First off, most street riders are unfamiliar with the effects of a well-prepared track at a Prostar event. I can tell you from first hand experience that Tony Williams, Prostars official starter, can prepare a track so well, you'll be pulling asphalt up on your shoes when you walk on his track. When most riders are expecting the rear tire to spin a bit off the line (like on the street), the rear tire does just the opposite. It hooks up and sticks the tire to the track like Velcro. Your bike launches forward and then goes skyward while flipping you over like a pancake. Ouch! So if you're having a new suit made in the near future, have these items made into the suit for your protection, you'll be glad you did.

Bohn™ Body Armor can be found at www.actionstation.com and you can see the entire Bohn™ body protective systems available from ActionStations, Inc. I personally chose to use the BohnȘ Pro Racer back support made of Carbon Aramid with tailbone protection to wear when I race.

Back support fits under custom race leathers by Bate

It feels comfortable when I race and conforms to my shape when I lean over the bike while racing. Available in both long and short lengths, both versions feature Carbon Kevlar raised sections in strategic areas - spine, shoulder blades and kidney/ribs. Still maintaining the famous flexibility and comfort with tailbone protection, your ProRacer back support can be worn all day in comfort without you knowing its there. The Carbon Aramid ProRacer back supporter is available in both race profile (with tailbone support), and touring (for a more upright riding stance). I also had ALL the body armor pads installed in my new race leathers from Bates Leathers of Long Beach, California. www.batesleathers.com

Custom Bates Leathers with all the
critical body armor inserts
Dianna Caputo models
for her Husband
My wife Dianna showing
shoulder pad insert

When I ride out on the street, I wear my new Bohn™ pants and Bohn™ shirt under my Levi's and leather jacket and I am assured of the best protection I can get while riding the Maximum Performance prepared Dragbike.com Hayabusa. When you have 225HP between your legs on the street, it can get a little scary sometimes and worrying about crashing is not something I want on my mind. Bohn™ Pants and Bohn™ Shirts are a revelation! How many of us like to ride in Blue Jeans? It's like they were invented for motorcycling! But somehow our knees feel rather exposed, to say nothing of hips. Comfortable, slim articulated knee and shin armor and hip pads - all designed to fit under your jeans. Your friends will never know! Adventure Pants feature tailbone and thigh protection. They have sizing from small to XXXL, so there ought to be a size that works for you! The Bohn™ Shirt has the shoulder and elbow pads and can include the Bohn™ back armor.

Stretch Lycra with critical area pads

Don't let an accident put you on the sidelines for the rest of the season, the year or for life. Protect yourself against the unforeseen chance that you do have an accident and stay safer while wearing Bohn™ Body Armor and protective gear. For additional information, you can contact:

ActionStations, Inc.
166 Eaton Road, Suite A
Chico, CA 95973-0201
(888) 922 9269
Email: action@actionstation.com

Bates Leathers
1663 E. 28th Street
Long Beach, CA 90755
(562) 426 8668


Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All.

Guy Caputo can be reached at Guy@Dragbike.com


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