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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:18:46 AM PST

by Guy Caputo, contributor,

George Bryce's 8 Second Street Legal Harley Davidson

So I'm walking through the pit's at Gainesville for Prostar's MRE Sunshine Nationals that were anything but (Sunshine that is) and what do my wandering eyes should appear, but a beautiful street Harley-Davidson. George Bryce is sitting there by its side just a polishing away.

So as I approach this most gorgeous hunk of metal sitting before me with it's owner all a glow, I ask George what was he doing with a Harley-Davidson all dressed up with the Star Racing paint job? He said "haven't you seen a street legal, no wheelie bar and slick 8 second Harley-Davidson before?" I rubbed my eyes and stared some more and with a slight amount of spittle starting to leave my lips, I gulped and said "nope, didn't know you could make one of those."

George explained to me that there probably weren't too many of these bikes around if any, but if I would take a peek at what was sucking in the air and mixing it with fuel I would better understand. So I look down it's throats and see a familiar sight associated with most any bike that is fast. Fast by Gast FBG Lectron Carburetors. 

George also told me that he had developed this very special power plant, which was a 140 ci power plant and tuned by him to develop the power to get it to 8 seconds. I was pretty skeptical until George also smiled and said "oh yea, and a little help from this."

Well there… it… was. I knew there had to something more about this bike. Can you see it in the picture? Nitrous babieeeee. Pure unadulterated laughing go fast food. So I tell George, OK it's got the potential, so when you going to take it down the track for a time. He just chuckled and smiled at me. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't. Who cares? George, can I have one? Pleeeeeezzzzzzeeeee?

Until next time, Safe racing to all.

- Guy 

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