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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:20:15 AM PST

Rickey Gadson to Race in South Africa

Rickey Gadson to Ride ZX14R in South Africa

Bear Engineering has invited Rickey Gadson, 6 times World Drag Racing Champion from the USA to visit South Africa from 3/06/02 to 10/06/02, and do promotion work for Kawasaki, bike riding and Drag racing.

Rickey Gadson has accepted the invitation and will be visiting South Africa in June 2002. During his stay in South Africa we will be visiting different venues where promotions will take place and he will be dragracing a 2002 ZX12R and the ZX14R.

A BEAR of a ZX-12         

Pierre Labuschagne from South Africa, and his company, BEAR (Bike Engineering And Repair) put together this ZX-12 for the show circuit

His comments:

Paint Job: Stunning airbrush work, with so much attention to detail that is almost unbelievable. The Alien's bones show depth, ageing and cracks. The skulls look "alive" and real. Through the Aliens body you can see electronic cards, and even the ICs have the numbers and manufacturers on them (all airbrushed) - I could go on forever. 

Framework: All bolts, nuts and every other fixture is Gold Plated (9ct). Neat and immaculate and it gives the ZX a stunning appearance and finish. It gets enhanced by the dark frame. 

Exhaust: That can is a piece of artwork. If I did not have the Akra pipe, I would have ordered one from him. Perfect machining and finish and looks great, and unique. 


ZX14R Predator

  • Paint job --------------------------------------------- Phantom Grafix

  • Titanium front forks --------------------------- Bear Engineering

  • Titanium front and rear Axel------------------ Bear Engineering

  • Titanium plated Stainless steel bolt kit-- Bear Engineering

  • Carbon fibre print Engine Covers------------- Bear Engineering

  • Carbon Fibre print front Discs---------------- Bear Engineering

  • Aircraft Clocks(speedo/compass rpm/alt) Bear Engineering

  • Titanium plated rear Disc----------------------- Bear Engineering

  • Polished Lip and sprayed wheels------------ Bear Engineering

  • Grenade Valve caps------------------------------ Hong Kong

  • Hugger and UndertaiI----------------------------- FMDS

  • 4" extended and braced swing arm-------- Bear Engineering

  • Xenon Head Lights-------------------------------- Bear Engineering

  • Big bore Front callipers-------------------------- Bear Engineering

  • Anodized bolt covers------------------------------ Bear Engineering

  • Rear and Front Custom Indicators---------- Bear Engineering

  • High rise screen------------------------------------ Ermax


  • 48MM Trottle body's-----------------------------Bear Engineering
  • 48MM Velocity Stacks-------------------------Bear Engineering

  • 87mm JE pistons---------------------------------SBM(Superbike mike)

  • Carrilo rods------------------------------------------Orient Express

  • 87mm Barrels--------------------------------------SBM

  • 4mm Stroked Crankshaft----------------------Falicon

  • Timing Advancer----------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • Powercommander 3 R--------------------------Orient Express

  • Holeshot Shifter-----------------------------------Orient Express

  • Titanium Acrapovic System-------------------Holeshot SA

  • Muzzy Clutch hub--------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • ZX6 Clutch springs-------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • High Pressure oil pump------------------------Bear Engineering

  • Balancer shaft Mod------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • Ported head ---------------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • Balanced motor-----------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • Vacuum on crank case---------------------Bear Engineering

  • Oil channel Modification------------------------Bear Engineering

  • K & N Airfilters-------------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • High pressure fuel regulator-------------------Bear Engineering


  • 7.5' Micky Thompson drag tyre---------------Orient express

  • Tyre warmer----------------------------------------Holeshot SA

  • GPS Garmin 3------------------------------------Bear Engineering

  • 2x Arai zx7Helmets with spray job-------Phantom Grafix


  • All times and fig quoted at 1656m above sea level

  • 1/4 Mile time = 8.98 sec

  • 1/4 Mile speed = 259 kph

  • 1Km sprint = 309 kph

  • Top end run 2.2 km = 341kph

  • Hp = 245

  • COST
    Total spent on bike = R 415000.00 ($46111.10)

  • Resell price = R320000.00 ($35555.55)


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