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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:20:23 AM EDT


Tiger Racing Hayabusa

Dragbike.com / Tiger Racing Hayabusa
Breaks 3 Land Speed Records

It was during the East Coast Timing Associations May event that held many surprises for Guy Caputo who piloted the Dragbike.com / Tiger Racing Hayabusa. Saturday morning was the opening day for the ECTA Land Speed Trials and the Dragbike.com Land Speed Racer was rolling out of the trailer from its long trip from Toledo, Ohio. The sleek, black and silver 2001 custom project bike had suffered a bloody nose during the opening ECTA event held in March of this year. After only 6 weeks in intensive care (Tiger Racing's Shop), the 1397cc high compression Maxton Monster was ready to take on the world.

Guy slipped on his leathers, kissed his wife for luck and started the 1-mile trek down a back taxiway to the starting point of the Maxton mile Land Speed course. This course is actually an abandoned 8,000' runway that the ECTA uses for its Land Speed Trials course. Once at the starting line, Guy lined up the "Tiger" for its inaugural run down track. "We're just going to take it easy on its first run on motor only just to see what it will do" Guy was heard saying. The starter gave the go ahead and off he went. Guy started the day with an official run of 196.665mph in the MPS/F 3000 class. "Not bad" he said, "but now lets turn on the juice and see what she does". Guy was running a 19T/36T gear combination, which made the "Tiger" very long winded but capable of some high mile per hour if the power was there to pull it.
Using some small 16/18 nitrous jets, Guy made another attempt and came away with a 204.382mph run and missed the record by only 0.180mph. After reviewing his tune-up with his cousin Mike Caputo, Pro-Modified Suzuki rider/builder and owner of Maximum Performance Cycles in Toledo, OH, it was decided that the nitrous jetting could go up a bit. In went the 18/20 jetting and off he went to the starting line again to make another attempt. This time around, Guy launched the 1397cc Hayabusa down track like a missile and tucked in tight for decreasing wind resistance. Guy not only broke the record set in September of 2000, but also pushed it up to a new record of 210.128mph beating the old record by 6mph. Guy was now an official life member of the East Coast 200 MPH CLUB. To become a member, not only do you have to go over 200MPH, but also you have to set a record doing it!

Guy was awarded the coveted 200MPH Club Green Hat and T-shirt by none other than Scott "Mr. Motorcycle" Guthrie who holds over 200 records to his name and regularly goes to Maxton with at least 2 to 6 motorcycles for riding at the meets. "It was an honor to have become a member of this very elite group of riders and I will never forget this day" Guy exclaimed. The day was not over yet and there were still records to be broken. Instead of competing against his newly set record, Guy chose another record to break. "This one has stood since the year 2000 and it's time to fall" Guy said. Having a tune-up that allowed for some consistency, the "Tiger" was put to the challenge. In just 1 run, Guy knocked over another record in the APS/F 3001+ class at 208.318mph and pushed it up another 4mph for the next person to try to break. This was getting to be a very fun day for the Dragbike.com / Tiger Racing Land Speed Racing Hayabusa so why stop now.

Guy picked out another record to break and off he went down the 1-mile taxiway to the starting line to make another attempt down the Maxton Mile. From a dead stop to a full throttle run, Guy shot down the course vigorously looking for another record. The "Tiger" was moving at breakneck speeds and when he went thru the traps he had not only set another record in the APS/F 3000 class at 211.555 but was clocked exiting at 213.351mph. A personal best for Guy and the Dragbike.com / Tiger Racing Hayabusa and who could ask for more. Guy had bested 3 records this day and became a life member of the prestigious East Coast 200 MPH CLUB. He can now wear his Green Hat proudly and be known for his accomplishments.

Guy made sure to let everyone know that this hat and t-shirt had cost him around $7,000 where to his surprise most of the other members chuckled. He was told that most of the other members had spent more than twice that and he was lucky to get away so cheap. Cheap??? Going 200mph seemed so mundane when this all started until his bubble popped during his first event in September of 2002. Guy said, "I thought I could just go out with a big motor and run down a 200mph pass for sure. I had done it with a GPS on the back roads of Ohio, what was so hard about Maxton?" Here is the reason, at Maxton, you start from a dead stop and go only to 1 mile. 200mph is 293.33 feet/second or roughly about 1 football field per second. To get to that speed in just 5,280 feet (1 mile) takes an enormous amount of Horse Power and a lot of aerodynamics. The only bikes going faster than 210mph are the Turbo Hayabusas. Scott "Mr. Motorcycle" Guthrie recently told me and that there is 1 kind of bike at Maxton going faster than 210mph, the Suzuki Hayabusa. I had to agree with him.

"I wish to thank Matt Polito, Editor of Dragbike.com for allowing me to pursue this project, Mike Caputo for his engine building expertise, Rob Muzzy for a great exhaust system, Paul Gast for his awesome head and tranny work at Fast by Gast, Phil Tinsley of X-treme Cycles for all the chrome and polish work to the "Tiger" and last but certainly not least, my wife Dianna. Who without her support, I would have stopped this project long ago." Guy Caputo

If you feel you have what it takes to go over 200mph or you have a motorcycle that you just want to see how fast you can go, then check out the ECTA website at www.ecta-lsr.com for dates, rules and track information.

Congratulations to Dragbike.com and Tiger Racing for setting 3 new Land Speed Records
and to Guy Caputo for becoming an East Coast 200 MPH Club life member.


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