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May 25th 2003
ECTA Newsletter
Written by: Lionel Williams

What a great meet! We finally had two great days of racing without any rain what so ever! This was another very safe meet, with no incidents on the racecourse. Again the Suzuki's provided the 200+MPH runs.

Scott Guthrie again had top speed with his best speed ever at Maxton, 228+MPH with a back door of 231+MPH.

"Mr. Motorcycle, The Sultan of Speed" Scott Guthrie had five bikes entered this weekend. Entry # 1117, a 2000 Model Busa, was the fastest of the lot. Early Sunday morning in the cool air, Scott reeled of a great run of 224+MPH, Happy but knowing there was more left. Scott went back to the line and held on for a great 228.449 MPH run, which is also the new record in APS/BF 2000! Then he puts Teammate Wayne Pollack on the same bike and Wayne rips off a great 225+MPH run for the new standard in APS/BF 1350! Overall, Scott Guthrie Racing Team accounted for 8 new records, the point's lead, and fast speed of the meet! Not bad for the old man.

Guy Caputo
Scott Guthrie

Guy Caputo was back for his second meet of the year with his Tiger Racing entry # 3135 2001 Suzuki Busa. At the March meet, Guy had run a fast 199+MPH but had hurt his engine and was not able to go 200MPH. Well, all's better now with 3 new records and a lifetime membership in the ECTA's 200 MPH Club. Guy's first record and the green hat run was a 210+MPH blast in MPS/F 3000. He also set records in APS/F 3001+ and APS/F3000! He seemed Happy! Guy also writes for a great web site called Dragbike.com that covers a lot of Motorcycle Drag Racing including Land Speed Racing here at Maxton. Check it out! Congrats, Guy!

Todd Brooks had his 2000 model Hayabusa back out. The Double Busa entry # 842 had several runs over 200MPH, but no records. Well, Mr. Brooks and Todd Dross took all the fairing off and entered into the M/BF 1650 class late Sunday. Good idea because Todd Dross rode the bike to a new record of 202+MPH!

The Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing Team of Jon and Nancy Wennerberg made the long trip down from "Way Up North" and picked up their 2000 Kawasaki 1270 cc motorcycle. It has a lot of new bodywork and engine work and this was just some shake down runs. However, before the weekend was over, entry # 436 had set 2 new records in the M/G 1350 and M/F 1350 with a best speed of 185+MPH! Nancy hopes to have her turbo 250 Kawasaki at the next meet!

Mark Wolniak brought a couple of bikes up with him for this event. One is a "New" '94 model ZX7RR 750. With this entry # 673, Mark was able to set 2 new Records with a top speed of 168+MPH in MPS/G 750. Mark also ran a fast 176+MPH on his Entry # 698, a 2001 Suzuki GSXR1000!

Mark Wolniak
Ray Kimbro

Rich Yancy had his bright red Budweiser # 8 entry back out to go fast. He had the fast time of the year at 224+MPH before Guthrie took it away Sunday morning. Rich's best run of the weekend was a smoking 221+MPH run Sunday morning that was a great run, but not what Rich is looking for. Should be interesting to see who ends up with Top Speed of the year between Yancy and Guthrie!

The Sportster List Race Team had a couple of bikes entered for this event. Guess what? They were both Sportsters! The first was entry # 1012, a 2001 883 Hugger Sportster, running in P/PP 1000 class. Rider Ray Kimbro was able to up the record to a fast 141+MPH on this bike. Ray also rode the "New" 506 entry "Whiplash" to a new record of 163+MPH in APS/PBF 1650 class. Engine builder Art Northrup expects a lot more out of this entry in the near future.

The Old Farts On Speed (OFOS) Team of Jim "Keno" Cannon, Ken Weaver, TJ Cannon, Kevin Unphlett, Dale Thomas, Bill Van Dyke and a host of others were on hand again. They entered five bikes and made many runs over the weekend. There fastest run was a 183+MPH blast by Jim"Closing his Flapper" Cannon for the record in S/F1350 on entry # 922, a Suzuki Busa.

New to Maxton was the dual engine entry of Bill Van Dyke. He had a couple a problems and was not able to run the bike this meet, but thanks to Jim Cannon and Ken Weaver, was able to get a few runs on the "Monster Mile" with their bikes.

Kevin Umphlett and TJ Cannon swapped the record back and forth in S/BG1000 all day Saturday and Sunday with Kevin finally getting it at a fast 152+MPH on Entry # 1058, a 1987 Suzuki 750. Good Job Guys!

The Lone Eagle Racing Team of Chris "Dad" Land and Mike "No Muffler" Shedd had 3 bikes entered this meet. Dad is getting the first runs on his Iron Head Sportster Entry # 4B. He's done a lot of work to the world's fastest naked Iron head and is getting ready for a trip back out to B-ville to try to set the record even higher! Mike had his 2001 Buell 500cc back out and was able to get a record at 82+MPH. Still not what Mike is looking for from the # 10B entry, by getting there. The Long Eagle Team, along with new member and rider Roscoe Ingram were able to set 7 new records on a 2001 Kawasaki 125cc street bike, entry # 851. The fastest speed was an incredible 63+MPH. Proving again that you don't have to go really fast to set records and have fun.

The ECTA "Web Slave" Debbie "DahMurf" Heneman had her little 1968 Harley Davidson Sprint 250 out for a couple of runs and unfortunately, the little bike must have run lean because there was aluminum on the spark plug and it ended her runs for the weekend. Todd Dross will probably have the little bike, entry # 1301 back out at the next meet.

Mad Dog Motorsports Team mates, Thomas Barker and Rickard Tackett, had their Suzuki Busa back out again for the second time this year. Their still getting use to the course and getting their license up graded. They're coming right along with runs in the 199+MPH range for the entry # 9300. Shouldn't be long before they have a couple of records and maybe a green hat!

Vincent Hill was back down from D.C. with his bright green 2000-model Kawasaki 1200. Vincent's best speed of the meet was a fast 182+mph on the #482 entry! While Vincent's getting seat time, he's still looking for his first ECTA record and the way he's running, should have it before long!

Another new entry was the # 9210 Vista Scooter of Randall Reusche. The Grose Hosenhangen Racing entry was clocked at a blistering 56+MPH for the record in P/P 125/2. He even had the factory spare tire mounted in case he had a flat on the course!

The Snart Racing Team - http://www.snartracing.com/ had their entry # 7625 1998 883cc Sportster back out again, and as usual, set a new record with the bike. This time is was rider Harry Malphus running a fast 130+ MPH for the new record in MPS/PBF 1000. The Snart Team of Larry Young and Lee Tindall, among several others, always seem to set a few records and have their bikes well maintained.


The Snart Racing Team
Thomas Cronan

"In The Middle Racing" entry # 2201, a Honda 250 Rebel, owned and ridden by Thomas Cronan, must have made 25 runs or so. Thomas kept setting the record up in M/F 250/4 and had it to 88+MPH when he let rider Lee Tindall have a shot at it. Lee was able to coax 90+MPH out of the little bike for the new record.

Another small bike was the unusual entry # 740 of Ed Tilley. It's a 1982 Morini 500cc V-twin. The unusual bike ran a 97+MPH speed on an 110+MPH Record. I'm sure Ed will keep working on it until he has the Record!

Last of the bikes is the bright yellow machine of Gregory Town Racing, Rick Denham. The 1990 XCH Harley, entry # 346, was able to up the record in MPS/PBG 1350 to a fast 152+MPH. This is another rider that seems to set a new record every time out. Shows he's doing something right.

Well, that's all the Bikes for this meet, and now here is Lionel's Corner

As I said in the newsletter, this was a super meet, good weather, good friends, and a safe meet! As usual a lot of volunteers stepped up to help out with the running of the show. It takes more people than you might think! My personal thanks to each and every one of you! Many people are getting ready for the trip out to Bonneville this August; we still have one more meet for you to get your tune up right. Maxton is really great for people to get some laps in so that they don't tow all the way to Utah to discover a problem that could have already been fixed. I'm happy to be helping Brett and Regan Yates on their Firebird that they bought from me last winter. This will be their first trip out west, and they are really looking forward to it.

It's real good to see people having run and enjoying themselves in this land speed sport. Sometimes it's easy to loose focus on things and see some one like Brett and Regan enjoying themselves helps out a lot.

I've already received several phone calls and E-mails from people that enjoyed this last meet and wanted to thank me and the rest of our volunteers. The real thanks goes to the folks that show up and race!

Thanks to everyone that helped!


Lionel Williams can be contacted at ecta251@aol.com

Vehicle Date Entry Driver/Rider Class Speed
346 5/25/03 Gregory Town Racing Rick Denham MPS/PBG-1350/4 152.88440
436 5/25/03 Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing Jon Wennerberg M/F-1350/4 185.56700
436 5/25/03 Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing Jon Wennerberg M/G-1350/4 181.70810
506 5/25/03 Whiplash Ray Kimbro, Jr APS/PBF-1650/4 163.77340
673 5/24/03 Mark Wolniak Racing Mark Wolniak APS/G-750/4 168.25890
673 5/25/03 Mark Wolniak Racing Mark Wolniak MPS/G-750/4 168.59620
842 5/25/03 Double Busa Racing Todd Dross M/BF-1650/4 202.52030
851 5/25/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Roscoe Ingram A/G-125/4 63.15080
851 5/24/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Roscoe Ingram M/G-125/4 62.77814
851 5/24/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Roscoe Ingram M/G-175/4 62.80925
851 5/25/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Roscoe Ingram M/G-350/4 63.12644
851 5/24/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Roscoe Ingram MPS/G-125/4 63.10077
851 5/24/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Mike Shedd P/P-125/4 60.08000
851 5/24/03 Williams / Lone Eagle Racing Mike Shedd P/P-175/4 61.36200
1012 5/24/03 Sportster List Race Team Ray Kimbro, Jr M/PG-1000/4 139.18530
1012 5/25/03 Sportster List Race Team Ray Kimbro, Jr P/PP-1000/4 141.37380
1058 5/25/03 OFOS Racing T.J. Cannon S/BG-1000/4 152.97020
1114 5/24/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Wayne Pollak MPS/F-1350/4 209.88320
1114 5/24/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Wayne Pollak S/F-1350/4 207.52630
1117 5/25/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Scott Guthrie APS/BF-2000/4 228.44960
1117 5/25/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Wayne Pollak APS/BF-3001+/4 225.24780
1117 5/24/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Scott Guthrie S/BF-1650/4 219.13270
1117 5/24/03 Scott Guthrie Racing Scott Guthrie S/BF-2000/4 220.30750
2201 5/25/03 In The Middle Racing Lee Tindall M/F-250/4 90.03511
3135 5/24/03 Tiger Racing Guy Caputo APS/F-3000/4 211.55560
3135 5/24/03 Tiger Racing Guy Caputo APS/F-3001+/4 208.31890
3135 5/24/03 Tiger Racing Guy Caputo MPS/F-3000/4 210.12820
7625 5/25/03 Snart Racing Harry Malphus MPS/PBF-1000/4 130.16130
9210 5/24/03 Grose Hosenhangen Racing Randall Reusche P/P-125/2 56.49221
10-B 5/25/03 Lone Eagle Racing Mike Shedd S/PG-500/4 82.06886

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