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Product Review: Richies Tires
Race Tires and Grooved Slicks
By: Jack Korpela

Richie Brotherton of Richies Tire Sales is on-hand at all of the AMA/Prostar, MIR, and Rockingham events, vending a vast array of high-performance racing tires. Recently Brotherton has stepped-up and become an official AMA/Prostar contingency sponsor for 2003.

Brotherton has focused on motorcycle drag racing and tires for the last 12 years and is constantly improving his inventory. Richie carries several different brands of tires, specializing in Pirellis.

"Many of the riders that come to me and have never used a Pirelli before, give it a try and are very pleased," Brotherton said. "Pirelli's new DOT compound seems to work great in all of the street tire classes; 600 Super Sport, Street Bike Shootout, 60-Inch, and Heavy Hitters. It's great that the Pirellis are working so well because our goal is to get them heavily involved in drag racing."

Brotherton first captured the racing spotlight during the 2001 and 2002 seasons when he helped Ryan Schnitz dominate the 600 Super Sport category. Since then he has amassed a stable riders that utilize his tires, including; Rickey Gadson, Chip Hunter, Keith Thompson, Pat Leonard, and what I hear a lot of street racers.

Brotherton's most notable product is the "scuff" which has been road raced on, thus worn on the edges and lightened considerably.

"I understand that a lot of these guys don't have $200 to spend on a tire," Brotherton said. "I can sell a scuff for around $100. It's light and it will last."

Brotherton is available for at-the-track assistance and technical questions. Find him next to the Schnitz trailer with his giant tie-dye shirt at the races, or contact him at

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