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Veidec Racing Pro Stock Bike team

9th July: Sweden's Veidec Racing Pro Stock Bike team came away from Alastaro with new European ET and speed records and an event win for Roger Pettersson. 2002 FIM/UEM Pro Stock Bike Champion Øivind von Essen didn't have quite such a good weekend, says Crew Chief Roger Lyrén.

"We came to Alastaro with some new stuff to test", says Roger. "After the Main Event we knew that we could improve the time and speed for both Roger Pettersson and Øivind von Essen. On Roger's first pass the bike just misfired so he had to shut off. What was happening?

lectrical problems are always the worst to find, we went all through the bike and found the problem. A conection was a little bad.

"We made a new clutch for Øivind for Finland but he had trouble getting used to the set-up. He bogged the engine in the first qualifier, and the problems went on for him in every qualifying session. For the second round of qualifying we found a good base setting on Roger's bike, and we went 7.41/291.76 Kmh, a new European speed record! On that run we saw that we could improve the ET below the 7.396 we set at Main Event. The third qualifier was on Saturday. The air was OK so we knew that this was our chance. Roger went a 7.360/292.48, a new European record for both ET and speed! Yes! This was what we needed, now we were on the right track. The times for 60 and 330 feet were not as good as at Santa Pod so there was more to come.

"We tried to improve both bikes but ran no better ETs. Roger ended up number one and Øivind had the last place. So in eliminations Roger had to face his team-mate in the first round, but this is racing, anything can happen. Roger took the win, so we went through with a bye run in the semi, and had to face Vesa Rautio in the final. Roger took the win with another 7.3, a 7.39.

"The whole Team did a great job, sadly Øivind could not get his bike to work well, but we found the problem on his bike so he will be very hungry for Mantorp Park, I guarantee! Roger is now the points leader, but the Championship is very tight so it could all change at Mantorp. I guarantee we will see lots of good racing."


Rider: Roger pettersson
Hometown: Stockholm Sweden
Team: Veidec Pro Stock Bike
Event:Alastaro Finland 2and round in FIM European Championship
Qualifying position: No1
Qualifying ET/TS: 7,360@181,77
Final Standing: Win
Best performance ET/TS 7,360@181,77


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