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Friday, March 21, 2003 - 11:06:45 AM PST

Team Report: Steve Johnson


"Well, we have just about covered the bases on learning lessons the hard way. Last weekend in Brainerd, the technical department brought the top 8 bikes into the "barn" to search for nitrous, superchargers, or any other illegal devices on the motorcycles. We got the okay to leave (because we are okay) and went back to the trailer to get the bike ready for eliminations the next morning. 

"Sunday morning the bike was really slow and we couldn't figure out why.  We hadn't changed much of anything since our 7.33 run the day before. Eventually we found out that some of the lines the tech guys had unplugged after the last qualifying session had not been plugged back in (our fault, not theirs).

"I hope you guys caught us on TV Saturday. We had the ESPN helmet microphone on our K& N Suzuki during the third and fourth qualifying sessions. Although our run wasn't that great during the fourth session, it gave me the opportunity to tell all of the viewers what happened during that run and why. It was very cool.

"We are testing in Indy right now as you read this preparing for the Grandaddy of all NHRA events, the historic U.S. Nationals. We spent Monday driving, Tuesday testing, and are continuing to test today before I have to leave to do an appearance with our K&N Suzuki at Richard Childress Racing and Dale Earnhardt Enterprises.

photo by Matt Polito

"I am really excited with all of the testing we have been able to do over the last few weeks. We are closing in on a few pieces of critical information we have been missing in order to make some strides forward.  The experience and the knowledge we are gaining is only possible because of all of the great support from K&N, Snap-on, Speedglas, Suzuki, Frank and Sons Collectible Show, Vanson Leathers, and the rest of our awesome sponsors. Thank you all so much for your support. Stay tuned as we keep you updated for the U.S. Nationals. We hope to have some surprises for you there."

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