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Tommy Byrd

Tommy Byrd

Thomas Byrd and partner, Juan Scharon, made their first entry into the NHRA with their team, T&A Pro Stock Bike, along with tuner, Marion "Grandpa" Stewart; motor builder, Buddy Ordway; and all-around-team-helper, Nick Bowling. It was at the U.S. Nationals first weekend. Unfortunately, it was a rain out... but Byrd got his first two hits with the pros in the NHRA after his crash at the beginning of 2003. Byrd said that his first pass made his stomach feel a little uneasy. His second pass had a 1.10 60-footer on the new D&G chassis but Byrd said that when he got back to his trailer the computer showed he made about four mistakes that would have probably been a qualifying run. So Byrd felt that he needed some more test time to be able to run with the pros at this level this season.

So Byrd has decided to test the rest of the season so he does not waste his team's time and burn up his two $25,000.00 engines because Byrd only started racing 21/2 years ago and came from bracket racing to pro racing in a very short amount of time. Byrd finished first season Pro Star; 10th place in Super Comp; 13th place in Top Gas; and 15th place in Pro ET. Byrd's second season he decided to race with Jackie Bryce in the SEMDRA Circuit where he finished 5th place in Top Gas and 5th place in Pro ET on a Top Gas bike winning two races in his second season while he was building his Pro Stock machine.

Byrd looks forward to working with his new team where he said that he had never seen people get along so well and really looks forward to being involved with as many races as he can afford in the NHRA in 2004. Byrd hopes that he and his team can find some sponsors to take some of the strain off of the concrete outfit.

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