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Suzuki Hayabusa Ram Air Seals
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Written by: Guy Caputo

I have hesitated from writing too soon about this product until I could finally give it the proper research and testing that this product required. If you are a follower of articles and projects, you will undoubtedly have noticed that I have been absent these last 8 months from the annals of this fine webzine. I could tell you some tall tales of writer’s burnout, or maybe offer an excuse or three as to why I have been remiss in my duties as a staff writer for but I refuse. All I will offer you is my apology for taking a break (which I have enjoyed) and promise to get back into the saddle again. So here goes.

We received the Ram Air Seals over a year ago with promises to the developer that we would get “right on it.” I had hoped to do some real testing at Maxton, NC back in March of this year, but blew up my motor instead during that event. I tried to test again in May when I returned to Maxton for the Maxton Mile land speed-racing event and I didn’t keep accurate enough records to be able to give you an honest accounting of the performance. I was however happy to report that we broke 3 Land Speed Records and had a great time at the event. Another opportunity arose when the Street Bike Nationals were held at Norwalk Raceway Park in Norwalk, Ohio (my home track).

Let me start by explaining what the Ram Air seals are and what they do. The stock air box of the Suzuki Hayabusa has foam ring seals that supposedly seal against the ram air tubes that protrude thru the frame to the air box compartment. These foam seals rest against the metal ring and form a seal that is supposed to keep the air box from losing air pressure while riding. With no disrespect to Suzuki’s finest intentions, it’s this writers opinion that the Suzuki design boys in the lab messed this one up. When one first looks at the fit of the stock air box against the ram air tubes, it can be seen that different air boxes fit differently in each case. When you install the air box into position, it can change each time you mount the box. Sometimes the seals fit tight and sometimes they don’t. The Ram Air Seals are oval pieces of plastic tube specifically designed to fit around the old air box tube extension that holds a rubber ring (seal), which overlaps the protruding tube in the frame. This causes a tight; no air leak fit and allows the air box to pressurize the way it was designed to. You have to modify your old box by cutting off the ends of the tubes and re-glue the new oval pieces to it, but it is relatively simple. Now if you are not someone who takes your Busa to extreme speeds, then you probably will never notice a change in performance by changing to the Ram Air Seals from Schnitz Racing. However, if are like me and take your bike to extreme speeds at the racetrack or when Land Speed racing, the difference can mean a higher mph above the 150mph mark.

I brought both a stock air box and an air box modified with the Ram Air Seals to Norwalk with the specific intention of running before and after test, multiple times down track for real world testing.

Here were my results.
I made 4 runs down track with the following times:
9.60, 9.61, 9.64 and 9.71 seconds. As you can see, these times are consistent enough to show differences in mph at those times.

The 9.71 time was caused by a double wheelie in first and second (which was a wild ride) so now you have all the background. Don’t worry about the motor size or whether or not it has an air shifter or not. This doesn’t matter, what does matter is the mph going thru the finish stripes at the end down track. The 9.60 run was with the modified air box with Ram Air Seals with a mph of 157.6mph. The second run of 9.61 was with the stock air box going 154.1mph; the third was with the modified air box of 9.64 at 157.3mph. The fourth and final run was with the stock air box again with a 9.71 at 153.6mph. I rotated the air box every other run to be completely fair and without other factors interfering with results. I was using the stock gearing of 17/40, same air pressure in the tires each run, same fuel and same rider. I weigh in at a hefty 196lbs (not counting leathers) and I can reasonably say that while using the Ram Air Seals from Schnitz Racing, I gained 3+mph when traveling above the 150mph mark. I did not see or feel any difference in my ET times with or without the Ram Air Seals on the air box. I do however feel that they provide a better seal due to their construction and allow a higher air box pressure during those high MPH runs.

I therefore can truly say that I personally found the Ram Air Seals to provide my Hayabusa higher mph runs when they were installed than with a stock air box using the foam ring seals. I will be at Maxton, NC for the East Coast Timing Associations October event (the last of the year) and will be attempting additional land speed records over 200mph again. Last May we saw exit speeds of 213.35mph and with any luck we hope to break the 220mph mark using the newly installed Ram Air Seals (and some more Nitrous). Our goal for this last event is to be know as the fastest Nitrous only motorcycle at the Maxton mile for the E.C.T.A., wish us luck!

Ram Air Seals $89.95

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