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Thursday, September 16, 2004 - 08:48:39 AM PST

by Guy Caputo,

Product Review: Handy Airlift Table

I have been riding and tinkering with motorcycles for about 27 years now. I just turned 45 this summer and I am not too proud to admit that my back and knees are starting to feel every one of those years. Every time I lean over or get down next to a motorcycle, my spine, it's associated disc and vertebra and its nerve endings are telling me that I'm not 20 years old anymore. It takes 3 times as long to get up then it did to get down. So, without further verbalizing of my problem, I want to tell you I'm a free man. Yes, I'm free of back and knee pain because of my new shop friend. My Handy Airlift Table.

Why I didn't buy one of these things years ago, I'll never know, but I'm never going to be without one again. No more stooping over, leaning over, bending down, reaching under and just otherwise being in the wrong ergonomic position for working on bikes. My new Handy Airlift Table was just what the doctor ordered. I could have had one years ago, but back then, I thought it would cost a couple thousand dollars, then a friend of mine said to me "…you know, if you ever hurt your back again, your going to wish you had one of those things to put your bike on". Well, for the price of a cheap performance exhaust system, I now own the finest airlift device on the market and it will outlast every bike I will ever own in my lifetime. It was under $700 bucks, which shocked the hell out of me! Why didn't I buy one of these years ago????

I have been abusing my body long enough. I now just sit in my shop roller chair and scoot around the bike working in a very comfortable position. If I have to stand, I stand straight up and the work is brought to my level, I don't lower myself to the bikes level anymore.

I can work on any motorcycle I wish with this airlift. I also wanted to buy the optional Cycle Vise (right), but the customer service representative explained to me that Handy was having a limited time offer and the Cycle vise was FREE with a purchase of a table giving me a total savings of $81.00. Well hell, I was buying the table anyway, so BONUS…. I got the vise also for FREE; you can't beat that with a stick. The Cycle vise is used to clamp the front wheel of the bike into place before I lift it up. I also secure all my bikes with straps just because I'm a little anal about "stuff falling down" and that must be why they supplied the eyebolts on the table. he he.

When there is nothing on the airlift and I want to move the airlift table around the shop, I just insert the Handy Lift Dolly and whoosh; the table is across the shop, out of the way. Way too cool if you ask me. The dolly is not for moving bikes while they are on the table (I know, I tried). To dangerous and too heavy for the dolly.

The Handy Air Lift is used in shops all around the globe. It has a lifting capacity of 1000 lbs, making it perfect for working on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, garden tractors or whatever you want to work on that you want lifted up to do so. It will raise your project to a comfortable 30-½ inches. When lowered, it is only 7" high allowing for easy on-off loading. It has a really nice entry ramp so even that 7 inches is a breeze to roll up. The lift is solid steel fabrication and is powered by a pneumatic cylinder, with intermediate stops. It uses a really neat double bearing scissors slide that makes the lift real smooth during operation, none of that herky-jerky stuff of a lot of those look alike lifts. I even saw one that had to use a ½" drill to power the screw drive to lift your bike. What, are you nuts??? You have to get one of these tables to start enjoying yourself again when you have to do a little maintenance on your bike. The Handy Air Lift Table is also available in an electric model, plus optional attachments to help you customize your lift.

Here are some of the specifications for you techno geeks out there who like this stuff.

Air-lift 10740
Can be used with or without accessories.
Air requirements: 10gal. Tank 100psi - 6.7 CFM
Height-Down 7" 178mm
Raised 30" 762mm
Length-table 80" 2032mm
Width-table 24" 610mm
Weight 304 lbs. 136.8kg
12 Gauge Steel 2.7mm
Price: $699.00 plus shipping
Free Cycle Vise
CV16 Cycle Vise 10745
Used to stabilize motorcycle while mounted on lift.
Vise Opening 7 ½ " 191mm
Weight 37 lbs. 16.32kg
Height 15 ¾" 381mm
11 Gauge Steel 3.0mm
Price: $81.00 plus shipping (FREE if ordered with table)

Lift Dolly - 10732
Easy Mobility when moving the lift
from one location to another while in the down position.
Weight 15 lbs. 6.8kg
Price: $36.00 plus shipping

This has got to be one of those times when you say to yourself, "I just gotta have one of these tables" and right now order one for yourself. You will be very happy that you did and so will your back, knees and spine. This airlift table has already saved me countless hours of agonizing over a sore back and that is worth more than this table cost ten fold. Do yourself a favor a give yourself a gift this Christmas and order the Handy Airlift Table. You will not be sorry.

Handy Industries

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All
Guy Caputo can be reached at

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