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Thursday, September 16, 2004 - 08:48:48 %e EDT

by Guy Caputo, Dragbike.com

Brock Davidson Exhaust System

Brock Davidson Enterprises
Street Smart
Series Exhaust System by Hindle

Written by: Guy Caputo

Up until now, I have refrained from writing about or even entertaining the idea of doing an article on exhaust systems. I had been very satisfied with my existing system and was very happy with both its performance and its deep throaty sound. It may sound very conceited to even suggest this, but I felt I had one of the more higher performing exhaust systems and there was no need to talk about anyone else's. There just was no need to even consider it since exhaust systems can be very subjective and even a personal experience. That was until now.

At Dragbike.com, we decided that it was time to explore other types of straight-line racing and it was up to me to take the reins and venture into Land Speed Record racing. This is a sport where you start from a dead stop and take off like a banshee to the 1-mile marker. It wasn't how quick you could go, but rather how fast you could go. That meant a hellatious amount of horsepower in the higher RPM bands to be able to pull the very long-winded gears capable of over 200+ MPH speeds. So it came to pass that the Dragbike.com Trilogy Hayabusa was given the challenge.

This meant that the Maximum Performance built 1397cc motor would need re-tuning to meet the challenge if it were to go to the E.C.T.A. Land Speed Trials at Maxton, N.C. and attempt to pull 200+ MPH runs in just 1 mile. My cousin Mike Caputo, owner of Maximum Performance Cycles in Toledo, OH, and my personal engine builder decided we needed to install an exhaust system that would be in harmony with his motor. I told Mike I had already decided to keep my existing exhaust system. What did a couple of HP mean in the grand scheme of things anyway? He raised his eyebrow like Mr. Spock and explained to me that in order to squeeze the maximum out of every bit of energy available from my motor, I had to allow the motor to breath properly at the high RPMs. I tried to explain to him that my existing exhaust system sounded great and that I was very pleased with its performance. I could now see that he was giving me the evil eye and said, "don't ask for my advice if you're not prepared to follow it cuz." "Okay, okaaay, what do you suggest oh Sultan of High Compression?" He pointed to his personal bike, a 99' Busa (evil twin brother to my 01') and said "Akropovic." I laughed because my current pipe was just as good a pipe as the Akro in my eyes. I said to Mike, "If I'm going to change my exhaust system, it had to be for substantial horse power gains and not just for sound and sparkle." So he looks intently at me at says, "Well, if you really want one of the best, you had better give a call to Brock Davidson." I'm thinking, what could Brock Davidson do for my Hayabusa that I couldn't? Wasn't he the person that had the first 7-second Suzuki Bandit? So, Mike digs into his Rolodex and gives me his number.

I had already installed his BDE Clutch Cushion Kit™ and was very pleased with its performance at the track. What did I have to lose? After about an hour of conversation with Brock as to my objectives for the Dragbike.com Hayabusa, he decided that I didn't need a "Brock exhaust pipe" at all, but rather the Brock Davidson Enterprises Street Smart™ Series Exhaust System. I just rolled my eyes and said, "What the hell was the difference?" He spent another hour explaining to my feeble brain that one was a great exhaust pipe capable of out pulling any other pipe on the market by quite a few horses and the other was a complete Brock Davidson Street Smart™ Series System technology. Brock says that "any manufacturer can sell you an exhaust pipe. We provide you with the best pipe we know how to make, which is specifically designed for those who drag race their street bikes, AND show you how to use it." We set up a date to take the DB.com Trilogy Hayabusa to Dayton, OH, for a complete Dyno tuning session and Brock's personal tuning adjustments.

I had only agreed to this session because of my cousin Mike's suggestion that I could get some serious HP out of this system. Therefore, I asked Brock once we had strapped the Busa on the American Made Cycle Model 250 DynoJet Dyno to first tune my existing pipe to its maximum efficiency. He agreed, so after 4 pulls on the Dyno we were able to muster 187.9 HP SAE out of my favorite sounding and most awesome looking Stainless and Titanium pipe. Now before some of you start criticizing the numbers and saying I should have gotten more, let me just say that even I was prepared to see higher numbers myself. However, the map I was using was tuned using a sniffer (for proper air/fuel mixture) on a Dyno jet 250 and it was as good as it was going to get with the motor combination and pump fuel (Sunoco 94) I was using. I personally oversaw all adjustments to the map and watched each pull on the Dyno get better and better each time. There was no sabotage on Brock's part because he had no need to do so in his mind. He felt his system was far superior in every sense of the word and I thought he was just conceited. What if I used a different map? Maybe I could have gotten more HP and maybe I couldn't, but for this day and time, this map, this is how it was. End of subject.

Off came my current exhaust and on went the new Brock Davidson Enterprises Street Smart Series™ Exhaust System in Titanium and Stainless. Brock then installed a BDE 1397 baseline map personally developed by himself and one that he uses in every 1397cc motor, into my Dyno Jet Power Commander II. We then made another pull and what do you know? 193.3 HP SAE. I can tell you I was just tickled to see those kinds of numbers and was ready to pull the bike off the Dyno when Brock stopped me. He said he was ready to begin applying the Street Smart(TM) Series system and to stand back. Stand back? Stand back for what? 

Brock then started applying his System technology to the Dragbike.com Trilogy Hayabusa and would then make another Dyno pull. Again, 2 more HP, then he did something else and does another pull. Another 1.2 HP, then he did something again, and again, and again and he didn't stop doing this until he had achieved 201.5 HP SAE to my baby after over 15 Dyno pulls. He had gone from gaining just 5.4 HP by changing to his exhaust system, to gaining an additional 8.2 HP by applying his Street Smart(TM) Series technology to his already superior exhaust pipe. Oh wondrous god of increasing ponies!

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. A total of 13.6 HP SAE over my favorite exhaust pipe on the market. This just couldn't be I thought, but there it was in black and white. But I now understood what Brock had meant by installing just his exhaust over applying the entire BDE Street Smart™ Series Exhaust System technology. Nevertheless, how could this technology be shared and given to those who could not bring their bikes to his facility in Dayton, OH? He just smiled and told me that once you owned a Street Smart™ Series Exhaust System, you could enroll into the Street Smart™ owners group and gain secret access to portions of his website www.brockracing.com that explains and shows in detail everything that he had applied to the Dragbike.com Trilogy Busa. You would also have access to him on the telephone to help with any tuning concerns you may have which could be very valuable. At this point I had renamed Brock to "Master Yoda" and was now convinced that I had struck a gold mine of wealth in technology that would give me every ounce or power available I could get out of my bike. Maxton, here I come. I was now armed with the knowledge necessary for me to be able to give my best shot at attaining speeds of 200+ MPH while at Maxton.

If you have ever wanted to get maximum horsepower for your big horsepower motorcycle, whether you have turbo, nitrous or just motor only, then I recommend you consider the entire Brock Davidson Enterprises Street Smart™ Series Exhaust System by Hindle before you make your next purchase. I couldn't be happier with my cousin's advice (except when he told me tequila would make my headache go away the morning after) thanks, Mike.

The Brock Davidson Enterprises Street Smart™ Series Exhaust System by Hindle in ultra-light stainless is available with a Titanium muffler for only $890.00 or a Carbon muffler for an additional $125.00 delivered to your door. This price to the average consumer is actually lower than the dealer cost on most all of the other high-end systems in the market place today. Please visit Brock's New On-Line Store at Brock Racing for ordering information

Special thanks to Dean Shields at American Made Cycles in Dayton, Ohio for allowing us to use his DynoJet 250 and to his wife for staying late with us until we were done.

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All

Guy Caputo can be reached at Guy@Dragbike.com

Brock Davidson can be reached by e-mail at brock@brockracing.com  
or by calling the order line: 937-298-6818

Dragbike.com Special: BDE StreetSmart Exhaust and Clutch Mod only $990.00 shipped!

Brock's On-Line Store is Now Open - Click here to visit the new store.

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