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Friday, March 21, 2003 - 11:19:59 AM PST

By Guy Caputo,

Tech Series: Nitrous Controller Comparison

 Nitrous Controllers…are they all alike?

by Guy Caputo

Here ye…here ye…let the news be spread. Progressive Nitrous Controllers are NOT alike! If you thought I was going to write one of my normal (subjective) flowery articles on a technical item we all love and adore, your wrong. Today boys and girls, cats and dogs, I am going to give you a very objective analysis of the available Progressive Nitrous Controllers that are out on the market today. Well, at least as many as I could find or was allowed to write about. Below you will see a comparison chart of each of the units features and what each of the units will do and won’t do. You be the judge and decide for yourself which unit will give you the most for your buck.

Fast by Gast
Nitrous Controller DNOC-1

The DNOC-1 Digital Nitrous Oxide Controller was designed to provide a cost effective, flexible means for the performance vehicle owner to manage a single progressive stage of Nitrous Oxide. The DNOC-1 provides a programmable delay time then a programmable ramp time to allow the user to control when nitrous injection starts and how fast it comes in. The percent of fuel can also be programmed.

The DNOC-1 also provides a HOLD feature that allows the unit to “pause and resume” its operation based on inputs from a W.O.T. and/or clutch switch.

In order to allow the DNOC-1 to operate with a variety of industry standard nitrous kits, the DNOC-1 offers adjustable solenoid operating frequency and can accommodate Nitrous solenoids up to 26 amps and fuel solenoids to 3.5 amps.

The DNOC-1 has the following features:

  1. Programmable 0 - 9.99 second delay timer
  2. Programmable 0 - 9.99 second ramp timer
  3. Programmable beginning and ending Nitrous level. 1 to 99% or 99% to 1 in 1% increments
  4. Programmable Fuel level (as a percentage of nitrous). 0 to 99%, in 5% increments
  5. HOLD function designed for operation with W.O.T. and clutch input applications
  6. Designed to operate with standard nitrous oxide solenoids and plumbing
  7. Trigger input automatically initiates racer-programmed sequence
  8. System enable input provides arming feature
  9. Built-in Fuel solenoid over current monitor feature
  10. Compact size, ideal for motorcycle applications

 Digital Nitrous Oxide Controller DNOC-1 $449.00

Fast by Gast
Order Line: (800) 866-3880
120 Industrial Drive - Grand Island, New York 14072
Phone: (716) 773-1536 - Fax: (716) 773-7509


Schnitz Motorsports
Progressive Nitrous Controller PNC-101

The Schnitz Motorsports Progressive Nitrous Controller utilizes a digital micro-controller for precise timing and control over the injection of nitrous oxide. The rate of nitrous injection is programmable for beginning and final power percentages. The unit also contains a built in digital delay timer allowing precise control of the starting time of the nitrous injection. An advanced feature is the ability to select the pulse frequency that the nitrous and fuel solenoid operate at. Also a +12 volt output is available for activating an ignition retard unit or relay. A digital timer controls the output. The timer starts when the unit activated.

NOTE: The timer in this unit will automatically reset 20 seconds after being activated. If the activation power is removed and then re-activated, the Progressive Nitrous Unit will continue from the point where activation was halted. Providing the 20-second time-out period has not elapsed.

Schnitz Progressive Nitrous Controller PNC-101 $499.95

Schnitz Racing
222 N. Third Street - Decatur, IN 46733 USA
Phone: 800-837-9730 - FAX 800-213-3244
Outside US /Canada Phone: 219-728-9457
Outside US /Canada Fax: 219-728-2021
Used Part Hotline: 219-724-2839

 Store & Phone Order Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 11:00pm
Saturday, 7:00am to 3:00pm

Schnitz Motorsports
 Progressive “2” Nitrous Controller NC-2000

Schnitz NC-2000 Features Include:

  • Full Digital Circuitry that provides extremely accurate control and over 5 years of race proven technology
  • Easy to Read, Rugged LED Display with Touch Switch programming
  • Small, Compact Design
  • Billet Enclosure for Durability
  • Terminal Strip Connections -  No extra wires to cut off. No wire splicing on future installations.
  • Controller can be RESET to Factory Default Settings
  • Options Menu - Controller can be tailored to individual needs
  • Integrated Battery Voltage Monitor via the LED Display
  • Non-Volatile Data Memory retains Controller settings
  • Quick Data Access, Programming Option
  • Live Data on Display for Testing. Shows Percent and Activation Status.
  • Run Data Available, Shows Time and Percent of Throttle Lift of Previous Run
  • Nitrous can be configured to hold and wait or start over with each activation signal
  • Fuel output options, 100% or pulsed
  • +12 Volt Timer to Activate a Retard Controller or 2nd Stage of Nitrous
  • Nitrous Delay Timer to control the start of the Nitrous
  • Nitrous Starting Percentage determines Initial Nitrous Power
  • Final Nitrous Percentage can be more or less than the Starting Power
  • Nitrous Power Ramp Time to adjust the rate of Nitrous Application
  • Options Menu allows Single or Dual Nitrous Ramp and Timer Options
  • Intelligent Progressive Timer with Run Data to aid in Nitrous Tuning

Schnitz Progressive “2” Dual Stage Nitrous Controller NC-2000 $489.00

Schnitz Racing
222 N. Third Street - Decatur, IN 46733 USA
Phone: 800-837-9730 - FAX 800-213-3244
Outside US /Canada Phone: 219-728-9457
Outside US /Canada Fax: 219-728-2021
Used Part Hotline: 219-724-2839

Store & Phone Order Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 11:00pm
Saturday, 7:00am to 3:00pm

The NX “Maximizer” Progressive Controller

NX introduces the “Next Generation” in digital nitrous progressive controllers. The NX Maximizer uses state of the art circuitry to achieve a smooth application of nitrous power to the ground. With its, single box, compact design, limitless adjustability and rugged high amp capacity the Maximizer will handle all the solenoid amp load you can throw at it.


TEL: (940) 767-7694
FAX: (940) 767-7697
TOLL FREE: (888) 463-2781
1-888-GO FAST-1

Progressive Nitrous Controller Comparison Matrix

  Fast by Gast
Digital Nitrous Oxide controller
Progressive Nitrous
Progressive "2"
Nitrous controller
Progressive controller
Adjustable display brightness   X   X
 +12volt activation output in seconds   X X  
NOS pulse frequency X X X X
NOS timer delay in seconds X X X X
NOS Start percentage X X X X
NOS Final Percentage X X X X
NOS Seconds of build time X X X X
Dual Timer Ramp feature     X X
Adjustable Fuel percentage X      
Hold/Resume function X   X X
Factory default reset feature     X X
Solenoid Maximum current rating 60A 30A 45A 120A
Built in Fuel solenoid over current monitor X      
Displays Battery Voltage     X  
Last Run data available on display     X X
100% Nitrous override button     X  
100% Memory retention even without a battery     X X
Program Memory Settings       X
Reset Shift Options       X
Second Stage Power Settings     X X
Check & Self Diagnosis Screens     X X
Complete Wiring Harness included X     X


Writers Personal Analysis:

All of the Nitrous Progressive Controllers listed above will do the job for you. Depending on your application of race use or street use, you will not find a better controller than the oiyqwpgtplhnox. So there you have it, my personal opinion. I could give stars or thumbs up to a product, but it really wouldn’t do any good. When it comes to nitrous controllers, it’s a personal choice between ones pocketbook and what features you are looking for in a controller. I have purchased items from every vendor listed and have had great experiences with them all. Check the features, check the price, check the vendor and then decide.

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All.

-- Guy

Guy Caputo can be reached at

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