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Nitrous Goodies From DynoTune
Written by: Guy Caputo

It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet these days. Recently while surfing my favorite Suzuki Hayabusa Bulletin Board, I found this great website for Nitrous stuff and you all know how I love my nitrous (for race use of course). I perused the site and ordered a bunch of stuff for the “Tiger” (I just can’t have enough toys for that thing).

I have just finished using these products personally and tracked tested them under real race conditions at the October ECTA Maxton Mile. I can report that Racing Hayabusa is now the Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle at Maxton (at least for the winter until next year). Did these products help? Well, it was certainly much easier to tune having exact information about my Nitrous that’s for sure. So here goes.

DynoTune Fully Automatic Nitrous Bottle Warmers Perform!!!

This Bottle warmer is one of the best available and uses the smallest most accurate pressure switch available. Unlike the competition, DynoTune’s is fully adjustable! Just a slight turn of a screwdriver and the adjustable switch allows you to set your desired pressure range. Theirs holds the pressure within 300 PSI, DynoTune's holds it to 50 PSI. I adjusted mine to come on at 895 PSI and shut off at 945 PSI, that way I only have a short purge time. No wasted Nitrous! It comes with all the components to install and is made out of superior components like stainless steel not aluminum like other brands!

It will work with your existing bottle adaptor. It will keep your bottle at an optimum pressure 900-950 PSI. The heater is a full silicone flexible heater with Velcro straps for quick bottle changes. Team this up with the Digital Nitrous pressure Gauge you have the most sophisticated Nitrous Pressure control system Available. Note: Comes with two-hole adaptor!

DynoTune Digital Nitrous Pressure Gauges Perform!!!

The DynoTune Digital Nitrous Oxide Pressure Gauge is the most accurate NOS pressure Gauge available. The superior Digital displays are available in RED LED or GREEN backlight LCD. I chose the Red of course because it’s just sexier. You know, red light and all…never mind. The displays are so good they are even viewable in direct sunlight! One of the Gauges is the size of a key chain remote and will mount virtually anywhere. I chose the round 2-1/16” version, looks great doesn’t it.

Racers, pay attention, this will help improve your consistency dramatically. You can now purge at the line until the exact NOS pressure is reached, run after run after run. Consistency is the name of the game. Those Other Dial gauges are off by typically 50-80PSI!!! I found mine to be off by almost 75lbs low. That meant that I was trying to tune my nitrous jetting to almost a 1000 PSI level instead of 900 PSI. The sending unit on this kit is compact and easy to install. It removes with a quick Disconnect and a complete wiring harness comes with the kit. Works from 9Volts to 14 Volts

I have tried many of the competition’s Nitrous Gauges and they don’t even come close to the DynoTune model.

Compare the following features:

  • Digital Display
  • 1 PSI Resolution
  • Direct Sunlight Viewable
  • 9-14 Volt Operation
  • Super Low Current Draw
  • Simple installation
  • Micro Package Mounts Anywhere

Note: The Gauge kit only includes a single reducing fitting on the Sending unit. The Gauge adaptors are sold separately, available in 4AN and 6AN.

For more information and a complete listing of products available from DynoTune, click here.

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Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All
Guy Caputo can be reached at

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