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NHDRO : Mid Season Sizzle and Grudge Reunion Weekend Coverage

NHDRO No Hatin Racing

NHDRO – No Hatin’ Drag Racing Organization
Mid Season Sizzle and Grudge Reunion
Ohio Valley Raceway
July 10-12, 2015


The Midwest’s largest motorcycle drag racing series—NHDRO—is making its first trip to Louisville’s legendary Ohio Valley Dragway one for the ages. Added to July 10-12’s Mid-Season Sizzle is what promises to be the world’s biggest motorcycle grudge race ever—the NHDRO Port-Tech Grudge Reunion. All of the nation’s top grudge bikes and trash talkers have been invited to the ‘Ville for a full weekend of long-tailed, high-wheelieing, high-speed action.


Despite some morning thunderstorms, Sportsman are taking the track and the sun in now shining. Last night’s Grudge racing went until 1am when track hit curfew. It was without a doubt, one of the funnest Saturday night racing events in a long time!

In Pro Street the McIntosh Machine / Paquette Racing bikes  are leading the pack in this weekends 1/8th mile racing.  Bud Yoder and Mark Paquette qualified number one and number two with 4.571 and 4.64 respectively.

In Pro Comp Richard Comp qualified #1 with a 4.14 to get a bye in first round of competition. DeShawn Wheeler / Chris Cutsinger and Blake Hazey  / Shae Wood will have to battle it out in first round.

In Pro Ultra 11 competitor showed up this weekend with the advantage of already being an 1/8th mile designated class. Rickey Scott Jr lead qualifying with 4.61 and earned the bye in first round where he will face off against Brevin Bond or Keith Prelle n the second round. Some exciting news in Pro Ultra this weekend is Jeff Lindeman. Jeff return to riding for the first time since 2008. He proved he could pick up right where he left off qualifying #3 with a 4.70. Welcome back to riding Jeff and Good Luck.

In Top Gas Jason Keller earned the top spot with a 5.100 over #2 qualifier Bradley Shellhaas with his 5.102. Twenty Five bikes entered Top Gas and eliminations today will show their skill with this 1/8th mile race, there will be no room for error.

In Super Comp Jeremy Himes who was on a mission yesterday making it down to the semis in Pro ET and and taking the #1 qualifying position in Super Comp with a 5.60

Crazy 8’s had a forty three bike turnout with four racers running really close to the 5.70 Index. Steve Allen, Spencer Claycomb, Daniel Raduenz and Gerri Crume all ran 5.70’s but it was Allen that took the #1 spot with a 5.7000. Scott earned the bye first round but he will have to be at the top of his game if he wants to make it to the finals through this group of talented racers.

In Street fighter Daniel Rander took the top spot with a 6.20 and earning the only bye for this even match field of bikes. With over half the class qualifying with a 6.2X this will be a fierce competition. But the majority of this class has no practice running 1/8th mile and will have to stay focused at the strip every round.

NHDRO has officially announced a change to their Season Final. They are moving the venue and the date. The new Fall Fury event will be hosted at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, IN on September 25-27, 2015. So you have two months to prepare and change your schedules. We apologize for any inconvenience but this change had to be made to give the NHRDO racers the best possible track prep and experience for this years Season Finale.

First round of the Pro Session is done and sportsman are on  the track and we are trying to get racing done before a possible storm comes in around 5pm. So far we look good and running on schedule. Video for first round of eliminations have been added to the Playlist below. In Pro Ultra 4.60 Courtney Wheeler hit the last two cones in his run against Walter Sharp. Sharp already had the better pass and took the win regardless. In Pro Street Justin Doucette took a wild ride down the track and still took the win over Doug Gall who red lit his chance away.

And don’t forget Tim Hailey has a Live Feed of the race today at EatMyInk.com

We just finished racing and will be adding all the final round videos to our playlist below. More details to follow in the morning. Winner and Runner-ups are noted below.

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Click on the ‘Playlist’ button at the top left of the Playlist to see all the videos that have been added. This last will be updated as racing happens all weekend long.

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NHDRO No Hatin Racing


Winner : Richard Gadson
Runner-up : Blake Hazey
#1 Qualifier : Richard Gadson 4.14

Pro Street

PRO STREET – Sponsored by McIntosh Machine

Winner : Bud Yoder
Runner-up : Justin Doucette
#1 Qualifier : Bud Yoder 4.5761



Pro Ultra 4.60 – Sponsored by Quicktime

Winner : Mantez Thompson
Runner-up : Walter Sharp
#1 Qualifier : Ricky Scott Jr.



Top Gas – Sponsored by Route 21

Winner : Ron Morris
Runner-up : Ricky Scott Jr
#1 Qualifier : Jason Keller 5.10


Super Comp – Sponsored by Millennium Trailers

Winner : Jeremy Himes
Runner-up : Chad Isley
#1 Qualifier : Jeremy Himes 5.60

NHDRO No Hatin Racing

Crazy 8’s

Winner : Clark Proctor
Runner-up :Ron Arnold
#1 Qualifier : Steve Allen 5.70


NHDRO No Hatin Racing

Street Fighter

Winner : Dustin Lee
Runner-up : Dave Page
#1 Qualifier : Daniel Radner 6.20




Pro ET – Sponsored by G&G Metal Spinners

Saturday Winner : Larry Hunter
Runner-up : Shannon Clem

Sunday Winner : Ricky Scott Sr.
Runner-up : John Markham

Street ET

Street ET – Sponsored by Dennis Insurance Agency

Saturday Winner : Wes Brown
Runner-up : Brandon Teasley

Sunday Winner : Dustin Lee
Runner-up : Stephen Knight


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Despite rain on Friday the track staff was able to dry and prep to get a few hours of test and tune and Grudge rounds in. But the real entertainment of the night came after racing when the dice came out and the good times began. You really have to come to one of these events to see what a great time the racers have.

NHDRO is honored that all 14 of the Grudge bikes have showed up as promised and are ready to put on a show today. We did hear that Eddie Cane broke something yesterday and may not be able to race today. Brian Welch is really looking forward to hosting so much great talent in one spot!! We will be uploading videos later today as the rounds finish. Read the Some of the bios on the Extreme 14 by clicking here.

Extreme 14 Grudge:

Eddie Cane
Metal Mulisha
Knight Rider
Lawd Have Mercy
Black Plague
Cobra Commander

Sportsman classes are flooding the lanes with at least 150 bikes in Street and Pro ET. The pit area is stuffed with trailers and it looks like a great day of racing is ahead. NHDRO announcer Rich Tivitt is announcing from the staging lanes and enjoying the overcast and the breeze that is making the heat bearable.

Doug Gall’s new Pro Street machine is not ready yet, but that isn’t going to slow him down as he will be riding Brad Annasis’ bike tuned by Ronnie Mitchell. Doug is currently number two in Pro Street points trailing leader Bud Yoder by 53 points.

First round of sportsman qualifying is on the track and the first ‘Extreme 14 Grudge’ session to start at 12:30 followed by the Pro classes. This weekend race is going to be 1/8 mile for all classes. Here is your break down for the Index classes:  Street Fighter – 6.20 /  Super Comp – 5.60 /  Crazy 8’s – 5.70 / Top Gas – 5.10. 

The guys from Asphalt and Opportunity are in the house along with David Beaver Photography, Aries Xecutioner and of course Tim Hailey from EatMyInk.com. So the after race coverage will be amazing once all this talent is able to get home and edit their media for posting.

We are 30 minutes away from the first grudge session and the Welch’s are over at the concessions buying all the kids at the track ICE CREAM! So the kids today will be nicely hyper :o) And we just spotted world traveler Billy Vose in the lanes. We will have to find out what he has his hands into this weekend. Sportsman racers are very happy with the track surface and how well it’s performing. Some racer are not use to running 1/8 mile so they arent’t getting out of the gas at the finish line. However this track has 1650′ feet of shut down, plenty for the bikes that are here, but for quarter mile racers, it can be hard to get out of the gas at the 1/8 mile. It’s unnatural for them.

The first rounds of Pro qualifying and Grudge racing have been added to the Video Playlist below. Tim Hailey has also just set up his Live Stream of the race at EatMyInk.com – so go check that out as well. In the first big money race of the day Metal Mulisha and The Fugitive lined up for an off the trailer match. Metal Mulisha destroyed The Fugitive when the bike seemed sluggish leaving the line. You can check out the video below or by clicking here.

Due to some computer issues, we will not be able to post qualifying sheets until the end of the day.

Second round of Pro qualifying and Grudge are uploaded to our YouTube Playlist list below. Check out Ryan’s pass on Cobra Commander – he is flying!! Bone Crusher and Angola lined up to race this round with Bon Crusher taking the win. Alex Hughes on the Knight Rider bike gave Jungle the back wheel stage and still took him out. They are scheduled to re-match later tonight. Katrina, Black Plaque, and The Fugitive all struggled on their solo test passes. Lawd Have Mercy and Kingpin lined up for a big money race but it has been put on hold for later. Gadson on the LHM bike had to restart at the starting line and decided to push back to do another burnout haver Teasley on King Pin had already sat there and wait on them for an extended amount of time. Needless to say, Teasley wasn’t having it.

In Saturday Pro ET  Larry Hunter took the win over Shannon Clem. and In Street ET Wes Brown took an easy win when Brandon Teasley red lit the final away. Time Sheets for final qualifying can be

The Run between Lawd Have Mercy and King Pin has finally gone down. Rumors were flying with 10K to 30K on this race.  In the End Gadson on Lawd Have Mercy Took the Win! Check out the run – click here. then Metal Mulisha took a Re-match against Knight Rider, and Alex Hughes took the win. Check out the run – click here.


Point Standings going into the Mid-Season Sizzle


Pro Street

1 Bud Yoder – 230
2 Doug Gall – 177
3 Mark Paquette – 177
4 Jeremy Teasley – 170
5 Frankie Stotz – 149

Pro Comp

1 Brunson Grothus – 108
2 Keith Lynn – 89
3 Ron Maddox – 86
4 Chris Cutsinger – 84

True Street

1 Jeremy Teasley – 208
2 Quinn Orand – 175
3 Doug Gall – 155
4 Brycen Bender – 66
5 Joey Jobbe – 66

Pro Ultra 4.60

1 Les Stimac – 197
2 Brevin Bond – 133
3 Courtney Wheeler – 119
4 Dan McCarten – 115
5 Sammy Gibbs – 77



Top Gas

1 Greg Mallett – 214
2 Kenny Schwartz – 187
3 Heath McQuinn – 151
4 Rodney Bland – 134
5 Mike Wagner – 127

Super Comp

1 Chad Isley – 273
2 Brian Selner – 153
3 Wes Brown – 148
4 Ceslie Shellhaas – 126
5 Dustin Lee – 122

Street Fighter

1 John Markham – 223
2 Shawn Books – 200
3 Kevin Adams – 194
4 Richard Davis – 146
5 Ron Arnold – 136



Crazy 8’s

1 Kevin Adams – 203
2 Dustin Lee – 183
3 Ben Knight – 162
4 Ron Arnold – 151
5 Chris Books – 148

Pro ET

1 Greg Mallett – 270
2 Chad Isley – 180
3 Scott Kauffman – 150
4 Eric Cooper – 120
5 Jim Underhil – 120

Street ET

1 Ben Knight – 250
2 Dustin Lee -180
3 Ron Arnold – 160
4 Warren Eldred – 140
5 Chris Doty – 140



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Pre-Race Info

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This Weekend’s Race Coverage Provided by McIntosh Machine and Fabrication


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· Battery or NOS compartment if space allows
· Delrin sliders
· All bearings

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Tim Hailey Eat My Ink
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