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NHDRO Spotlight : Joe Deck

NHDRO Spotlight

Spotlight : Joe Deck

As an avid racer and cook, Joe Deck is a part of a family that has the need for speed. He was born in Covington, KY and now resides in Morningview, KY, which is also home to his current 2007 Koenig Chassis race bike that is powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa motor.

Joe Deck

Joe carries his late cousin Roger with him every time he races as Roger greatly influenced him with motorcycles and racing. He began racing in 1996 after playing around the track for almost two years. Since 1996 Joe has received many awards including: Winner of several Walleys, a Track Champion of Edgewater in Cleveland, Ohio, a competitor at the NHRA Division 3 ET finals at Lucas Oil Raceway for various tracks, 2005 NHRA Division 3 Runner-Up, 2006 NHRA Division 3 ET Winner and 2012 NHDRO Pro ET Class Champion. Not only does Joe like what is offered at NHDRO events, he also enjoys the people. Joe Deck, a great racer and cook. Can we expect Joe to show off his cooking skills at the track in the 2013 NHDRO season? We will wait and see!

Joe Deck

Joe Deck

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