NHRA Harley Drag Racing Series : Photo Highlights from Vegas

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2016 NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series

Photo Highlights

Words and photos by Matt Polito


Mike Burkhart and Augustine Herrera

The Sportsman Motorcycle final saw Mike Burkhart (far lane) take out Augustine Herrera. It was a good one. Burkhart had a .024 light and ran a devastating 8.121 on a 8.12 dial-in as Herrera had a near-perfect .001 light and ran a 8.482 on a 8.45 dial.


Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan entered her Pro Stock Motorcycle in Sportsman Motorcycle ET. Dialing in at 7.35 she made it to round four where she lost to eventual winner Mike Burkhart.


Roberta Seaman

Roberta Seaman took the win in Screamin’ Eagle Performance on her Hog Heaven Buell.


Darrell Schwalbach

Darrell Schwalbach’s wheelstanding Road Glide took the win in Draggin’ Bagger.


Dennis Fisher

Dennis Fisher came into the Vegas finals with a small points lead over Janette Thornley in the Pro Fuel Championship. His championship hopes were dashed with a first round loss.


Don Newlove

Don Newlove got the new supercharger combination on the ASB Top Fueler figured out, running a 6.37 at 235 mph in round one.


Rickey House

Rickey House ran low e.t. of the meet with a 6.298 en route to his Top Fuel victory.


Rex Harris

Rex Harris helped Len Darnell earn a #2 ranking in the Top Fuel class this season.


Al Miles

Al Miles qualified on the top half of the field but got out of the groove and shut off in round one.


David Larson

David Larson played spoiler in Pro Fuel, ending Dennis Fisher’s championship quest by stepping up in the first round and putting Fisher on the trailer.


Dana Meeks

Dana Meeks qualified his pretty, American Cycles-built machine seventh in the Top Fuel field.


Kevin Boyer

Kevin Boyer qualified in the top half of the field but slowed in eliminations and lost in round one.


Mike Pelrine

Mike Pelrine brought his newly-supercharged All Steel Builders to Vegas for the completion debut of the new combination. He just made the field with a 6.823. He ran an impressive 6.37/235 in round one but lost on a holeshot to Jay Turner.


Tony Ruggerio

Our man Tony Ruggerio struggled all weekend and didn’t make the show with a 7.48 best.


Rickey House

Rickey House took the event win out of the number 3 qualifying position taking home the Wally.


Mike Beland

Mike Beland had a disappointing weekend, not making the field and ending up outside the championship Top 10 by two points.


Mike Smith

Mike Smith entered his V-Rod in Hot Street and Sportsman Motorcycle ET.


Matt Bluett

Matt Bluett competing in Screamin’ Eagle Performance on his 2000 Buell.


Shawn Gann

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle veteran Shawn Gann competed in Draggin’ Bagger on a Street Glide, qualifying number 2 and making the final.


Johnny Vickers

Johnny Vickers won Pro Fuel from the number one qualifying position, setting low e.t. of the meet with a 7.259 in the final.


Janette Thornley

Janette Thornley was less than one round back in the Pro Fuel Championship chase coming into Vegas. She locked it up after Dennis Fisher lost in round one.


Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson went to the semifinals on his good looking Pro Fuel bike.


Len Darnell

Len Darnell came out of the fifth qualifying position to make the Top Fuel final. Darnell won three events this season and earned the #2 plate in the HDDRS series.


Craig Pelrine

Craig Pelrine was one spot out of the Top Fuel field with a 6.99


Steve Dorn

Steve Dorn is still on the mend from his 2014 crash. Jay Turner has proved a capable replacement.


Tommy Grimes

Tommy Grimes came into the event with the Top Fuel championship locked up. He qualified number 2 and smoked the tire in the semifinals.


Andy Beauchemin

Andy Beauchemin’s “The Joker” Top Fueler qualified 6th at 6.745/218. The bike didn’t make it down the track in round one against Rickey House.


Jay Turner

Jay Turner qualified number one in Top Fuel at 6.325/221 mph but went out in the semifinals when the throttle shaft broke.


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    Big Bob 11 November, 2015, 17:11

    Great shots Matt.

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    Cowboy Stan 13 November, 2015, 15:24

    I love your action shots!!!

  3. Rb55
    Rb55 15 November, 2015, 04:10

    As usual you deliver the goods , nice work lets see what Sunday brings in Pomona

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