NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing : Division 7 Final

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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series
Las Vegas
November 2-5, 2017

Division 7 Final

The final Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series race saw racers from all over North America and even a few from Europe, Asia and the Pacific on November 2-5, 2017. The weather was nice in the low 70’s but a bit gusty. The wind was a tail wind most of the time though so it wasn’t much of a problem.

The bike class was the biggest of the season with 33 entries. We had entries from Divisions 4, 5, 6 and of course 7. California had the best showing with 12 bikes, Minnesota was impressive bring 4 bikes and two more Division 5 racers. We had four of the Summit ET finalists going to Pomona there from D4, (Cam Belisle), D5 (Curtis Spracklin), D6 (Riley Toth) and D7 (Rick Newport). Add in the former track champions, division champs, current national champ and race winners, it was a very tough field!

Three qualifying passes over 2 days saw Rick Newport getting the #1 spot with a .002, Kirk Walton #2 with .004, then four with .006. Anthony Jay Vanetti, John Cabral, Tom Medlin and Bruce Sampson. Here is the complete list:

1 73 Rick Newport, Bluffdale UT, ’95 Suzuki 0.002
2 78 Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City UT, ’12 ZX14 0.004
3 330 Anthony Jay Vanetti, Elk Grove CA, ’00 GS 0.006
4 741 John Cabral, Tracy CA, ’05 V-Rod 0.006
5 71 Tom Medlin, La Mirada CA, ’93 GSXR 0.006
6 5167 Bruce Sampson, Forest Lake MN, ’99 GSXR 0.006
7 72 Denny Alves, El Cerrito CA, ’83 GS 0.011
8 7569 Bill Burkhart, Anaheim CA, ’98 GSXR 0.014
9 775 Leo Shaver, Las Vegas NV, ’87 Kawasaki 0.014
10 7530 Kahea Woods, Las Vegas NV, ’95 GSXR 0.021
11 714 Sean Conner, Boulder City NV, ’78 KZ 0.024
12 7018 Mike Burkhart, Huntington Beach CA, ’97 GSXR 0.038
13 550 Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes MN, ’79 Kawasaki 0.038
14 61 Dan Partridge, Kennewick WA, ’03 TL1000 0.039
15 520 Mike Voss, Maplewood MN, ’10 ZX14 0.039
16 75 Ron Alves, Colusa CA, ’80 Kawasaki 0.041
17 684 Riley Toth, Medicine Hat AB, ’08 ZX7 0.046
18 7726 Andrew Lewis, Las Vegas NV, ’00 Suzuki 0.046
19 1 Curtis Spracklin, Omaha NE, ’05 Kawasaki 0.048
20 5711 Kyle Olson, Moorland IA, ’12 Hayabusa 0.051
21 702A Augustine Herrera, Montebello CA, ’08 Hayabusa 0.052
22 L770 Larry Mota, Orem UT, ’09 GSXR 0.059
23 76 Eric Jaquith, Queen Creek AZ, ’06 Hayabusa 0.065
24 747F Gary Stoffer, Garderville NV, ’08 GS1100 0.070
25 532 Cameron Belisle, Columbus MN, ’10 ZX11 0.073
26 7818 Charlie Sullivan, Orland CA, ’02 Suzuki 0.081
27 687 Dave Toth, Medicine Hat AB, ’02 ZX11 0.082
28 7546 DJ Martin, Glendale AZ, ’05 Hayabusa 0.092
29 728 Jay Thompson, Whittman AZ, ’73 Hayabusa 0.096
30 7048 Eric Danielson Sr, Las Vegas NV, ’00 KZ 0.202
31 74 Pete Milette Jr, Garberville CA, ’05 Hayabusa 0.222
32 7461 Steve Kaplan, Acton CA, ’04 Hayabusa 0.256
33 748 James Ethell, Lancaster CA, ’06 Kawasaki -0.040

In the first round matchups, Eric Danielson, Sr. of Las Vegas left before the amber and gave Dan Partridge of Kennewick, WA the win.

Rick Newport crew

Larry Mota of Orem, UT used a huge reaction time advantage to advance over Bruce Sampson of Forest Lake, MN who broke out running 8.295 at 156.68 on the 8.32 dial. Larry ran dead on with a 9.278 at 136.48mph on the 9.27.

Andy Lewis, Las Vegas beat Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, UT with a 8.00 at 160.50mph on the 7.90 dial to a 10.352 at 120.56mph on the 10.15 dial.

Riley Toth, Medicine Hat, Alberta won by a redlight over James Ethell, Lancaster, CA when Jim left -.060 too soon.

Sean Conner, Boulder City, NV took on Dave Toth, also of Medicine Hat, AB and ran 8.783 at 147.78mph on the 8.77 dial. Dave had a slight advantage off the line with a .039 light to Sean’s .057 but ran 9.086 at 142.99 on the 9.04

Reining Summit ET champion, Curtis Spracklin, Omaha, NE beat Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove, CA with a 8.731 at 152.07mph on a 8.71 dial to Anthony’s 8.289 at 155.38mph on his 8.22 dial. Reaction times were close with .064 vs. .069 advantage to Anthony.

Pete Miclette, Jr. of Garberville, CA used his reaction time (.038 vs .082) to beat Mike Voss, Maplewood, MN with running 8.813 at 148.89mph on a 8.75 to Mike’s 9.585 at 129.40mph on his 9.50 dial in time.

Leo Shaver, Las Vegas won in a double breakout race against Columbus, MN racer Cameron Belisle. Leo had the reaction time advantage of .042 vs .066 and ran 8.876 at 148.18mph (8.88) to Cameron’s 9.243 at 138.77mph (9.25).

Kyle Olson, Moorland, IA beat John Carbal, Tracy, CA with a reaction time advantage, .032 vs .072 and ran a 9.776 at 127.47mph (9.56). John ran off his dial at 10.441 at 123.76mph (10.20).

Denny Alves, El Ceritto, CA borrowed one of the Miclette’s bikes for the weekend and looked very comfortable running a .018 reaction time, 10.104 at 121.16mph (9.98) to Eric Jaquith, Queen Creek, AZ, .152 reaction but ran right on his dial (9.39) 9.393 at 141.91 in the losing effort.

Dj Martin, Glendale, AZ had a slight reaction time advantage over Mike Burkhart, Huntington Beach, CA with a .059 vs .063. Dj ran 9.034 at 151.80mph (9.02) to Mike’s 8.297 at 157.30 mph (8.25), Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes, MN took on Jay Thompson, Wittmann, AZ and got an advantage off the line with a .076 vs .096 and ran 9.920 at 122.50mph on the 9.85 dial. Jay ran 9.623 at 139.46mph on the 9.50 dial in time.

A couple of California racers took on each other, former Summit ET national champion, Augustine Herrera, Montebello, CA, won on a redlight by Tom Medlin, La Mirada, CA, with a -.003. Augustine had a .012 light and let off after the win light. Tom ran it out anyway and ran 8.237 at 160.90mph on the 8.21.
Ron Alves, Colusa, CA, beat Steve Kaplan, Acton, CA with an advantage off the reaction times, .064 vs .162. Ron ran 8.256 at 138.84mph off the throttle (8.10) to Steve’s 9.123 at 148.20mph (9.06).

Bill Burkhart, Anaheim, CA won with a redlight by Gary Stoffer, Gardnerville, NV, -.063 reaction. Bill ran it out and had a .036 light and a 7.843 at 170.41mph on the 7.80 dial.

Las Vegas rider, Kahea Woods got a competition bye run when Charlie Sullivan, Orland, CA didn’t make the call. Kahea ran it out anyway, 8.782 at 151.43mph on the 8.88 dial.

Number one qualifier, Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT, also ran it out on the bye run with a 8.413 at 155.92mph on the 8.30 dial.

Round 2:
In round 2, there were 3 more redlights.
The first pair, Pete Miclette, Jr had a -.028 red to give the win to Denny Alves, who had a nice light (.009) and ran it out with a 9.929 at 131.57mph on the 9.97. Pete ran it out too and went 8.788 at 153.49mph (8.79).

Leo Shaver forced Riley Toth into a breakout, he had the reaction time advantage of .038 vs .063. Leo ran 8.901 at 149.22mph on the 8.88 dial. Riley’s breakout time was just .007 with 8.703 at 155.11mph on the 8.71.

The next pair was a double breakout. Larry Mota ran 9.218 at 145.20mph (9.22) and reigning D6 champ Dan Partridge ran 8.202 at 156.12mph (8.22). Reaction times were close with Larry getting the slight advantage, .067 vs .074.

Sean Conner had a .025 package to take out Curtis Spracklin. Conner riding Gary Oaks’ bike, had a .017 reaction time and ran right on with a 8.778 at 145.91mph (8.77). Curtis brokeout with a 8.713 at 148.80mph on the 8.72 and .044 reaction.

Jason Clampitt had a great reaction time of .003 and ran 9.908 at 119.50mph to beat Augustine Herrera, .039 light, 9.984 at 135.67mph on the 9.90 dial in time.

Bill Burkhart took the win when Ron Alves redlighted with a -.021.

In another redlight, Dj Martin won over Kyle Olson (-.013). Martin ran it out to a 9.011 at 149.28mph on the 9.04.

Rick Newport had to take on teammate Kahea Woods and had a nice .007 vs .026 reaction time. He ran 8.432 at 159.27mph on the 8.42 dial. Kahea brokeout running a 8.709 at 148.27mph on the 8.76.
Andy Lewis had the bye and ran 7.946 at 166.54mph on the 7.90 dial.

Round 3:
Denny Alves took a big reaction time advantage (.024 vs .136) against Andy Lewis and ran 9.987 at 125.17 on the 9.94 dial in time. Andy ran 7.978 at 163.63mph on the 7.95.

Rocky Mountain Raceway racers had to square off with Rick Newport beating Larry Mota. Rick had the starting line advantage with a .016 vs .083 for Larry. Rick ran 8.480 at 153.09mph. Larry brokeout with a 9.190 at 145.33 on the 9.21 dial.

Jason Clampitt once again had a great reaction time but this time it was a perfect .000 against Leo Shaver (.119) and ran it out to 9.925 at 130.40mph (9.85) to Leo’s 8.940 at 137.78mph (8.89).

Bill Burkhart had a .010 light vs. Dj Martin’s .028 and ran 7.868@159.99mph to take the win on the 7.83 dial. Dj ran 9.073 at 147.70mph on the 9.01 dial in time.

Sean Conner had the bye run and ran 8.882 at 149.02mph on the 8.77 dial.

Denny Alves had a .006 light to Jason Clampitt’s .022 to take the win by running 9.962 at 129.45mph (9.94) vs 9.924 at 132.04mph (9.90).

Rick Newport had a slight reaction time advantage (.040 vs .054) against Sean Conner. Sean slowed up a bit and Rick let off as well early running 8.546 at 146.88mph (8.47). Sean ran 8.860 at 149.53mph (8.77).
Bill Burkhart had the bye and ran it out to a 7.825 at 169.83mph. (7.83)

Denny Alves had a perfect light against Bill Burkhart (.034) in the double breakout race. Denny ran 9.933 at 130.47mph (9.95) to Bill’s 7.775 at 169.06mph (7.83).

Rick Newport decided to just break the beams and wait to race Denny in the final round.

Rick Newport (near lane) vs Denny Alves (far lane) in final round

In the final, it was a double breakout race. Both rider had good reaction times with Rick getting the .017 to Denny’s .018. Rick ran 8.439 at 157.26 mph on the 8.47 dial in time. Denny broke out just a bit more with a 9.885 at 132.37mph on the 9.92 dial.

With the win, Rick Newport ends up winning the 2017 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Pacific Division Sportsman Motorcycle championship. He is heading to Pomona this weekend since he also won the NHRA Summit ET Pacific division championship last month in Las Vegas. Good luck to Rick and also Cam Belisle (Division 4), Curtis Spracklin (Division 5) and Riley Toth (Division 6).

Rick Newport

Thanks to the NHRA and LVMS crews for all their hard work during the weekend. Also thanks to all the riders, crews and families for making the trip to Las Vegas, it’s always a fun time when we can get so many of us together!

Click here for the final standings for the NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle in division 7

Photography credits, thanks to Bob Johnson Photography.

Next years schedule for the 2018 NHRA LODRS is out already, click here to view, so we hope to see you all soon!

Kirk Walton

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