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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series | Division 7 – Finale at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Series

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series
Pacific Division 7
The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
November 7-10, 2019

by Kirk Walton / Photos by Bob Johnson Photography

Finale at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The final race of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series in Las Vegas, Nevada each November usually brings a big turnout from all over North America. This year was no exception with around 770 cars/bikes/snowmobiles. The weather was great all weekend long with temps in the low 70’s and light breezes.

Basically, Kahea Woods from Las Vegas had the 2019 NHRA Pacific Division wrapped up but everyone else needed to be decided.

The Sportsman Motorcycle class had a total of 33 bikes. Friday just had one pass for qualifying, two on Saturday, then eliminations on Sunday. Friday saw Ron Alves, Colusa, CA get a .007 to lead the way. Roy Barrera, Jr., Boise, ID, had the most exciting run of the weekend when his bike had mechanical issues right off the line which threw both hands off the handlebars. Then when he pulled over, a fire started. That bike was done for the weekend but he rode his backup Hayabusa the rest of the weekend. Here’s the video of it starting at 6:22:30 into the video from Dragracer.TV:

On Saturday, reaction times improved in qualifying. Gary Stoffer, Gardnerville, NV, jumped to #1 with a nice .003 on his ’85 Suzuki GS no bar bike. In the final qualifier, that wouldn’t hold up. Dave “Wheels” Wheeler got a perfect light, .000 to take the #1 spot. Brian Howey, Lemoore, CA, jumped up to the #2 spot with a .002 and Stoffer remained at #3. Kahea Woods also got a .003 for #4. Video from Saturday’s qualifying is here with round 2 at 6:13:00 into the video and round 3 at 9:19:00

Final Qualifying:

  1. 77 Dave Wheeler, Murray UT, ’06 ZX14 0.000
  2. 7755 Brian Howey, Lemoore CA, ’06 ZX14 0.002
  3. 747F Gary Stoffer, Gardnerville NV, ’85 GS 0.003
  4. 7530 Kahea Woods, Las Vegas NV, ’95 GSXR 0.003
  5. 74 Ron Alves, Colusa CA, ’80 Kawasaki 0.007
  6. 765 Denny Alves, El Cerrito CA, ’78 Kawasaki 0.008
  7. 714 Sean Conner, Boulder City NV, ’95 GSXR 0.009
  8. 604 Al Omond, Abbotsford BC, ’07 ZRX 0.009
  9. 500 Donnie Durenberger, Dayton MN, ’81 Kawasaki 0.010
  10. 775 Leo Shaver, Las Vegas NV, ’87 Ninja 0.010
  11. 550 Jason Clampitt, Circle Pines MN, ’79 Z1R 0.012
  12. 532 Cameron Belisle, Columbus MN, ’00 ZX11 0.013
  13. 7002 Clayton Howey, Lemoore CA, ’06 ZX14 0.019
  14. 72 Rick Newport, Bluffdale UT, ’95 GSXR 0.021
  15. 15 702 Corey Brown, Eagle Mtn. UT, ’01 Polaris 0.026
  16. 330 Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove CA, ’00 GS 0.037
  17. 538 Greg Underdahl, North Branch MN, ’99 GSXR 0.039
  18. 61 Miles Hauer, Camano Island WA, ’08 Suzuki  RF 0.043
  19. 71 Larry Mota, Orem UT, ’15 ZX14 0.043
  20. 7115 Gary Oaks, Las Vegas NV, ’78 KZ 0.045
  21. 7130 Marlene Patterson, Tucson AZ, ’81 KZJ 0.046
  22. 793 Jeff Durfey, West Jordan UT, ’08 Kawasaki 0.047
  23. 751 John Austin, Las Vegas NV, ’12 Suzuki 0.047
  24. 771 Tom Medlin, La Mirada CA, ’93 GSXR 0.048
  25. 63 Danny Patridge, Kennewick WA, ’03 TL3000 0.063
  26. 6516 Cody Cumpton, Vancouver WA, ’08 Hayabusa 0.064
  27. 744 Wayne Taylor, Fairfield UT, ’94 Polaris 0.070
  28. 6777 Tom Misfeldt, Auburn WA, ’07 Hayabusa 0.073
  29. 6431 Roy Barrera Jr, Boise ID, ’00 Katana 0.102
  30. 7439 John Evans, West Valley City UT, ’08 Hayabusa 0.108
  31. 7048 Eric Danielson Sr, Las Vegas NV, ’00 ZX11 0.189
  32. 753 Reggie Mackay, Lemon Grove CA, ’06 Destroyer 0.254
  33. 754 D.J. Miclette, Garberville CA, ’93 Katana 0.395

First Round:

Ron Alves used his .043 light against Marlee Patterson’s .067 to win running a 8.147@159.68mph on the 8.12, Patterson ran 10.370@121.78mph on the 10.35 dial in time.Reggie Mackay, Lemon Grove, CA gave Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove, CA a big reaction time advantage (.155 to a .049) and broke out with a 10.161@116.72mph on the 10.20 dial. Vanetti let off to a 7.936@164.73mph on the 7.88.

Greg Underdahl, North Branch, MN also gave D.J. Miclette, Garberville, CA a starting line advantage (.134 vs .051). Both broke out but Miclette did it less running 9.98@125.27mph on the 10.03, Underdahl ran 9.318@141.50mph on the 9.39 time. 754 D.J. Miclette
Clayton Howey, Lemoore, CA, had a .009 reaction time and was late against Roy Barrera, Jr’s .002. Barrera’s bike jumped out of the beam and caused him to slow to a 9.846@142.93 on the 9.45 dial. Howey coasted to a 9.127@130.49mph on the 8.91.

John Austin, Las Vegas, NV, also had a wheelie but it was big enough to distract Sean Conner, Boulder City, NV in the other lane. Conner had a .327 light to a .119 but ended up still winning, running 8.750@134.24mph on the 8.62. Austin ran 10.909@136.77mph on the 10.55.

Miles Hauer, Camano Island, WA had a slower reaction (.164 to a .038) against Brian Howey. He ran right on with a 8.961@143.17mph (8.96) but gave up too much at the start with Howey running 9.399@145.23mph on the 9.34 dial in time.

Las Vegas rider Leo Shaver also took a reaction time win (.027 vs .139), forcing Cody Cumpton to break out. Shaver ran 9.07@138.83mph on the 8.98. Cumpton ran under his 9.67 dial with a 9.663@139.24mph.

Al Omond, Abbotsford, British Columbia, had the reaction time advantage (.035 vs .091) on Tom Medlin, La Mirada, CA but took too much of the stripe running 9.407@129.10 on the 9.42, Medlin running 8.499@147.26mph on the 8.30. The loss gave Don DePeel the Division 6 Northwest championship.

Denny Alves, El Cerrito, CA, had a great .001 reaction time to force Jeff Durfey, West Jordan, UT into a break out. Denny ran 7.956@147.46mph on the 7.92 to Jeff’s 9.145@143.37mph on the 9.15.

Donnie Durenberger, Dayton, MN took the reaction time (.072 vs .149) against Danny Patridge, Kennewick, WA and the win running 10.408@114.42mph on the 10.38 to a 8.251@159.78mph on the 8.13.

Larry Mota, Orem, UT, practicing for the Summit ET finals next weekend in Pomona took on Gary Stoffer in the first round. He had the better light (.028 to a .075) and coasted to a 9.220@128.69mph (9.13) to Stoffer’s 9.174@145.13mph on his 8.99.

Jason Clampitt, Circle Pines, MN was also practicing for the Summit ET finals. He will be representing D5. He won this round when Wayne Taylor, Fairfield, UT redlighted his Polaris snowmobile by -.070 and ran a 10.253@124.78mph (10.10). Clampitt cruised through at 9.820@129.16mph on the 9.63.

Cameron Belisle, Columbus, MN used his .060 reaction to Tom Misfeldt’s .151 to send the Auburn, WA rider home. Belisle ran 9.273@132.78mph on his 9.25 to Misfeldt’s 8.791@151.56mph on his 8.78.

In a race of Las Vegas riders, 2019 LVMS Summit ET champ, Gary Oaks was a bit slower in reaction (.046 vs .026) and couldn’t run the number of 8.77 running 8.816@145.91. Woods winning time was 8.610@143.61mph on the 8.58.

Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT took on longtime friend from West Valley, UT, John Evans in a heads up dial at 8.06. Newport had the reaction time (.029 vas .230) and ran a 8.089@148.41mph to Evans’ 8.096@131mph.

Corey Brown, Eagle Mountain, UT took the competition bye win when Eric Danielson Sr. was a no show. He ran it right on with a 9.535@135.52mph on the 9.53 on the Polaris snow machine.

#1 qualifier, Dave “Wheels” Wheeler ran it through on his bye run but was a bit slowed at 9.261@146.94mph on the 9.07 dial.


Second Round:

In the first pair of the second round, Cam Belisle got the better reaction time (.026 vs .089) against Kahea Woods but took too much stripe and broke out with a 9.225@139.50mph on the 9.25. Woods also broke out but ran 8.591@151.24mph on the 8.60.

Same for the next pair, Tom Medlin had the advantage (.024 vs .167) against Anthony Vanetti but slowed way down to a 8.588@154.23mph on the 8.25. Vanetti ran 8.052@152.83 on the 7.90 dial in time

D.J. Miclette ran dead on with a zero (9.990@138.71mph) but had the .110 light to Donnie Durenberger’s .031. Durenberger ran a 10.409@11.73mph on his 10.38 dial for the win.

Leo Shaver had a slight reaction time advantage against Dave “Wheels” Wheeler (.011 vs .038) to take the win with a 9.042@14213mph on the 9.00, Wheeler ran 9.178@147.15mph on the 9.11.

In the battle of two turbo dragbikes, Rick Newport came out on top with a starting line advantage (.013 vs .071) against Denny Alves. Newport went 8.060@168.98mph to Alves break out time of 7.899@155.70mph on the 7.92 dial.

Sean Conner got the win against Corey Brown when Brown redlighted by -.020. Both ran it out though with Conner running a 8.631@152.66mph (8.64) and Brown with a9.488@133.65mph (9.55) on the Polaris.

Another redlight determined the next pair when Ron Alves left a bit too early (-.017 vs .012) against Clayton Howey. Howey ran dead on anyway with a 8.942@152.06mph and Alves at 8.140@162.96mph on a 8.12 dial.

Brian Howey got the single and ran it out with a .022 light and 9.357@146.29mph on the 9.34 dial-in time.


Third Round:

Anthony Vanetti had a great run against Kahea Woods with a .006 package. He had a .006 light and ran dead on with a zero 7.900@164.39mph. Wood ran a 8.630@149.81mph on the 8.59.

Clayton Howey took the reaction time (.017 vs .036) against Donnie Durenberger and ran a 9.038@134.62mph on the 8.95 to Durenberger’s 10.420@121.47mph on the 10.35 for a MOV of just .0012.

Sean Conner beat Brian Howey after Howey got a big starting line advantage but couldn’t run the number (.123 vs .041) running 8.798@143.55mph on a 8.64 dial to 9.598@146.40mph on the 9.34 dial in time.

Rick Newport had a great light (.001 vs .020) to take the win over Leo Shaver, running 8.064@156.15mph on a 8.04 to 9.025@145.59mph on the 9.01 for Shaver.

Larry Mota had the bye and ran a 9.256@140.52mph on the 9.13 and a -.013 light.



Anthony Vanetti ended up getting the bye run and ran it through with a 8.020@162.84mph on a 7.89 dial with a -.003 reaction time.

Sean Conner got a big advantage off the starting line (.007 vs .068) against Clayton Howey but couldn’t run the number. Conner ran a 9.111@135.00mph on the 8.66 to Howey’s 9.071@133.01mph on the 8.94.

Teammates Rick Newport and Larry Mota faced off again this season with Newport getting a nice .005 to Mota’s .029 and ran 8.060@153.98mph on the 8.05. Mota had a 9.245@139.30mph on the 9.13.



Clayton Howey moved on to the final when Anthony Vanetti redlighted by -.071. Howey ran it out to run 8.938@152.09mph on the 8.95. Vanetti ran 7.977@163.31mph on the 7.89.

Rick Newport had the bye and just broke the beams.



Clayton Howey had a .027 light but Rick Newport redlighted by just -.001 to give Howey the win. Howey ran it out to a 8.909@152.02mph on his 8.94 dial in time. Newport ran 8.072@160.06mph on the 8.04 dial.

This was Howey’s second NHRA “Wally” at LVMS in a month. In October, he won the NHRA Summit ET team race. So this win is his first win in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, congratulations to Clayton!

Photos are available from Bob Johnson photography for this race at: https://bobjohnson.zenfolio.com/p617173163

The 2019 champion is Kahea Woods of Las Vegas. His teammates came in second and third (Rick Newport/Larry Mota). See the full points standings, click here.

Congratulations to Kahea on a great year!


[blockquote style=”3″]

The 2019 Newport/Woods Mota-Sports Race Season has been a really good year. I just got to say that our team really stand by each other and that’s what makes it fun racing with Larry and Rick. The 3 of us had a combined 4 divisional wins and 3 runner up. We finished 1, 2 and 3 in Division 7.


Thank you to our wives, Vicki Woods, Tiffany Donaldson Mota and Trisha Newport for keep the home front in check as we traveled.


Thank you to Our division director, Mike Rice and Team for always doing a incredible job at each and every event.


Jeff Foster, thank you for the time and dedication you put in for all the racer, giving us a safe and on point race track week in and week out.


Rick, Larry and I can not do this without the support of our Sponsors that stand behind us, Thank you so very much:


Ernie Soliz at Torco
Laurie Dunlap at Web Camshafts
Bill and Tim Robinson at Robinson Industries
Dave Conforti at Worldwide Bearings
Tom Bogner at Lucas Oil
Rick Primeau at Primo Customs
Rick Canning at CP-Carrillo
George Babor at BPM Racing Engines
Justin Bukovinsky, Sean Conner and Eddie Sharron. Thank you for your dedication.


What an amazing season!

~Kahea Woods



2020 is just around the corner and the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series schedule is out already. Click Here to view.

I just wanted to add my thanks to all the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing series crew and NHRA Pacific Division staff for all their hard work. Believe me it does not go unnoticed! Thanks to Lucas Oil for sponsoring us so we have a series to race in NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle. And most of all, thanks to the racers, crews, families and you reading this thanks to Brandi at Dragbike.com, which makes this sport so much fun. See you all next year!

– Kirk Walton
#7151 NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle
Salt Lake City, UT

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