NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series | Division 7 – Race 3 at Auto Club Dragway

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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Series

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series
May 18-19, 2019
by Kirk Walton


Division 7 – Race 3 at Auto Club Dragway

The Sportsman Motorcycle race 3 moved to Southern California but rain was in the forecast. The weather might have affected the turnout with only 11 bikes. The NHRA made the decision to cut the two-day race down to get it all in by Sunday afternoon. Saturday was supposed to be three qualifiers, then Sunday eliminations. But with Sunday looking very wet, they cut the qualifying down to two rounds. Then with the eliminations starting directly after with the first two rounds to be completed in all classes.

In qualifying, it seemed everyone was struggling to get off the line but Aaron Pine, La Mirada, CA in the #1 spot with a .011 reaction time. Kahea Woods, North Las Vegas, NV was second with a .016. Third was Gary Oaks, Las Vegas with a .030.

1 711 Aaron Pine, La Mirada CA, ’94 Suzuki GSXR 0.011 0.011
2 7530 Kahea Woods, Las Vegas NV, ’95 Suzuki GSXR 0.016 0.016
3 7115 Gary Oaks, Las Vegas NV, ’78 Kawasaki KZ 0.030 0.030
4 771 Tom Medlin, La Mirada CA, ’93 Suzuki GSXR 0.036 0.036
5 7002 Clayton Howey, LeMoore CA, ’06 Kawasaki ZX14 0.037 0.037
6 T764 Terry Turner, Bakersfield CA, ’86 Suzuki 0.047 0.047
7 71 Larry Mota, Orem UT, ’15 Kawasaki ZX14R 0.050 0.050
8 76 Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City UT, ’12 Kawasaki ZX14R 0.073 0.073
9 7130 Marlene Patterson, Tucson AZ, ’81 Kawasaki 0.100 0.100
10 7755 Brian Howey, Lemoore CA, ’06 Kawasaki ZX14 0.114 0.114
11 714 Sean Conner, Boulder City NV, ’95 Suzuki GSXR 0.216 0.216

In the first round, Gary Oaks easily defeated Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, UT, when Walton had a bad light (.248 vs .071 and then the bike couldn’t run the number, running 10.406 at 143.12mph on the 10.14. Oaks cruised through at 9.075@128.63mph on the 8.70 dial in time. Sean Conner, Boulder City, NV also had a tough time on the tree with a .293 vs .053 against Terry Turner, Bakersfield, CA. Turner ran 8.962 at 131.46mph on the 8.93. Conner slowed to a 8.753 at 129.08 on the 8.53.

Tom Medlin, La Mirada, CA won by a breakout by Marle Patterson, Tuscon, AZ. Medlin ran 8.136 at 164.37mph on the 8.10 dial to the 10.294 at 124.80mph (10.34) for Patterson.

Teammates Kahea Woods and Larry Mota paired up next with Woods coming out on top with a slight reaction time advantage to Mota (.043 to .045). Woods ran 8.657 at 144.98mph (8.64 dial) to Mota’s breakout time of 9.038 at 141.30mph on the 9.06.

Father and son then lined up in the next pair when Lemore, CA riders Clayton and Brian Howey raced. It was over quickly when the father Brian left a bit too quickly with a .-010 redlight.

Aaron Pine ran it out on the single with a .022 reaction and 8.091 at 161.23mph on the 8.05.


Terry Turner was a bit behind on the reaction time .031 vs Gary Oaks .016 but made up for it at the top end running a nice 8.924 at 145.96 mph on the 8.92 dial to Oaks 8.754 at 150.90mph on the 8.73 dial to take the win by .0050.

Another close race was next with Kahea Woods getting the reaction time advantage (.027 vs .060) against Clayton Howey. Woods ended up running 8.688 at 135.10mph (8.64) to Howey’s 8.751 at 153.28mph (8.73) for the .0060 margin of victory.

Southern Californians matched up in the final pair with Tom Medlin beating Aaron Pine on a breakout by Pine (-.005) after getting the reaction time advantage of .056 to .080.. Pine ran 8.075 at 163.89mph on the 8.08 to Medlin’s 8.133 at 162.96mph on the 8.12 for the win.



Terry Turner took on Tom Medlin in one semi and had the reaction time advantage, .049 to a .067 and then ran a 8.948 at 143.20mph (8.92) to Medlin’s 8.146 at 162.08mph on the 8.13 for the MOV of .0060.

Kahea Woods had the bye run and had a .012 light and ran it out to check his 8.64 dial to a 8.695 at 142.79mph.




After a lengthy delay for an oil down by the car ran in front of the bikes, the final was set. Kahea Woods got the holeshot with a .026 vs .069 but Turner ran closer to the number with a 8.942 at 143.43mph on the 8.92 to Woods 8.755 at 140.75mph on his 8.68. This is the first NHRA “Wally” that Turner has won, so big congratulations to him!

Final with Terry Turner (far lane) taking the win over Kahea Woods. Photo Credit Bob Johnson Photography

The points see Kahea Woods jump way out ahead. Rick Newport is second and Marle Patterson is third.

Click Here for Current Points Standings

A big thank you to the NHRA and Auto Dragway crews for the hard work over the weekend with the rain delays and oil downs! Also thanks to the tower crew as well.

The next races are in Sonoma in July with a doubleheader.

Terry Turner with wife Theresa and NHRA D7 director picking up his first “Wally”. Photo credit Kirk Walton