NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Pacific Divisional Doubleheader Results

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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Series

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Pacific Divisional Doubleheader Results

written by Kirk Walton

The annual visit from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Pacific divisional doubleheader race to Rocky Mountain Raceway in West Valley City, Utah (just outside Salt Lake City) was moved from it’s traditional date in late September to August 23-26, 2018. That turned out to be just fine for local racer Larry Mota as he doubled up with two wins over the weekend. These two races will be the final visit from the NHRA LODRS going back nearly 50 years of the history of Rocky Mountain Raceway and the predecessor Bonneville Raceways. To mark the last race, all the winners get special “Wally” trophies that are chrome plated.

Part of the reason for the move to August was to try and get better weather for the two races. Out of town competitors were worried when Wednesdays testing day was cut short by a big thunderstorm. The track ended up pumping about 20 gallons of water out from underneath the track overnight. It worked and there wasn’t any “weeping” of the track the whole weekend. There were a few raindrops here and there but for the most part it was beautiful weather all weekend with highs in the 80’s. The wind was unusually unpredictable and caught more than a few out on the dial in times.


Race #1 (NHRA LODRS D7 Race #5)

Thursday, August 23th and Friday, August 24, 2018

For the first race there were to be three qualifying sessions based on the riders reaction times. Mike Cragun, Sandy, Utah, ended up setting the bar with a nice .002 on his ’79 Kawasaki KZ. In second session it bunched up the field with Vancouver, Washington rider Cody Cumption taking over the #1 spot with a .002 on his Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Cody Cumpton with the Base Brothers #1 qualifying sticker. He had a .002 reaction time. Photo credit: Kirk Walton

Jeremy Bates, Provo, Utah, moved up to third with a .003 on his ’13 Hayabusa, followed by another .004 by Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove, California on his ’00 Suzuki GS. Rick Newport, Bluffdale, Utah, had a .006 on his ’95 Suzuki GSX-R, followed by Jeff Durfey with another .006 on his ’08 Kawasaki. Then a couple of .007 reaction times for Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, Utah, ’12 Kawasaki ZX-14R and Ron Alves, Colusa, California on his ’80 Kawasaki. Peyton Hall, Stansbury Park, Utah, got the ninth spot with a .008 on his ’18 Hayabusa. Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes, Minnesota, remained tenth with a.016 reaction on his ’10 Kawasaki ZX11 from the first round.

On Thursday, there was one more qualifying round and then straight into eliminations. None of the top ten changed positions, so the 22 bike/snowmobile field was set.

  1. 6516 Cody Cumpton, Vancouver, WA, ’95 Suzuki GSX-R 0.002
  2. 7028 Mike Cragun, Sandy, UT, ’79 Kawasaki Ninja 0.003
  3. 721 Jeremy Bates, Provo, UT, ’13 Suzuki Hayabusa 0.004
  4. 330 Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove, CA, ’00 Suzuki GS 0.004
  5. 71 Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT, ’95 Suzuki GSX-R 0.006
  6. 793 Jeff Durfey, West Jordan, UT, ’08 Kawasaki 0.006
  7. 76 Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, UT, ’12 Kawasaki ZX-14R 0.007
  8. 73 Ron Alves, Colusa, CA, ’80 Kawasaki 0.007
  9. 730P Peyton Hall, Stansbury Park, UT, ’18 Hayabusa 0.008
  10. 550 Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes, MN, ’79 Kawasaki 0.016
  11. 532 Cameron Belisle, Columbus, MN, ’10 Kawasaki ZX11 0.018
  12. 515 Byron Kissel, Littleton, CO, ’04 Suzuki Hayabusa 0.018
  13. 77 Larry Mota, Orem, UT, ’15 Kawasaki ZX-14R 0.024
  14. 700 Cheyanne Duvall, West Jordan, UT, ’02 Arctic Cat 0.034
  15. 702 Corey Brown, Eagle Mountain, UT, ’01 Polaris 0.034
  16. 772 Dave Wheeler, Murray, UT, ’06 Kawasaki  ZX-14 0.061
  17. 606 Craig Jensen, Chubback, ID, ’00 Polaris XCR 0.063
  18. 7013 Ted Stufflebeam Jr., West Jordan, UT, ’07 Kawasaki ZX-14 0.078
  19. 736 Bryan Duvall, West Jordan, UT, ’08 Suzuki Hayabusa 0.083
  20. 777 Jeremy Dennis, West Jordan, UT, ’08 Suzuki Hayabusa 0.084
  21. 744 Wayne Taylor, Fairfield, UT, ’94 Polaris 0.120
  22. 7461 Steve Kaplan, Acton, CA, ’04 Suzuki Hayabusa 0.143

First Round:

Anthony Vanetti used a nice reaction time of .009 to force Corey Brown, Eagle Mountain, Utah, to breakout on his ’01 Polaris snowmobile. Anthony ran 8.541 at 154.05mph on the 8.52, Corey ran 10.008 at 129.10mph on a 10.13 dial.

Jason Clampitt caught a break when he gave up a big disadvantage on the starting line with a .125 vs .003 reaction time to Wayne Taylor, Fairfield, Utah on his ’94 Polaris. But Taylor let off too soon and ran 10.908 at 117.52mph on the 10.75 and Clampitt ran a 10.513 at 119mph on the 10.48. Margin was .0030.


Bryan Duvall, West Jordan, Utah, ’08 Hayabusa, had a .012 vs Ron Alves .079 to force a breakout by Alves. Duvall ran 10.309 at 128.68mph to Alves 8.161 at 148.09 on the 8.22.

Cameron Belisle, Columbus, Minnesota, ’10 Kawasaki ZX11 defeated Steve Kaplan, Acton, California, on his ’04 Hayabusa, when Kaplan brokeout with a 9.373 at 143.88mph on the 9.40 dial. Belisile’s run was 9.455 at 135.19mph on the 9.42. Reaction times were .048 to .116 to force the break out.

Ted (Tj) Stufflebeam, Jr., West Jordan, Utah, ’07 Kawasaki ZX-14 won when Kirk Walton redlighted with a -.002.

Cody Cumpton also won by a redlight. Bryon Kissel, Littleton, Colorado, ’04 Hayabusa, was red by -.010.

Jeremy Bates used his .027 reaction time to beat Cheyanne Duvall, West Jordan, Utah, ’02 Arctic Cat, who had the .228 reaction. Bates ran 10.362 at a slowing 110.34mph on the 10.10. Cheyanne ran her snowmobile out to 10.010 at 126.84mph on the 9.87 dial.

Jeff Durfey had an easy win over Craig Jensen, Chubback, Idaho, ’00 Polaris XCR, when Jensen’s snowmobile had trouble getting off the line. He had a .456 reaction and only ran 11.19 at 118.84mph on the 10.38 dial in time. Durfey slowed to a 9.813 at 105.49mph on the 9.53.

Peyton Hall used a big reaction time difference (.034 vs .232) to for Jeremy “Tiny” Dennis, West Jordan, Utah, ’08 Hayabusa, forcing a breakout. Hall ran 9.626 at 122.19mph on the 9.52 to Tiny’s 11.304 at 123.28mph on the 11.39 dial in time.

Larry Mota and Mike Cragun had great lights (.009 vs .016) with Mota running a 9.586 at 133.94mph (9.54) to Cragun’s 10.794 at 122.10mph (10.73).

Dave “Wheels” Wheeler, Murray, Utah, ’06 Kawasaki ZX-14 beat current Pacific division champ, Rick Newport on a reaction time advantage (.011 vs .110), running 9.760 at 138.12mph on the 9.69 to Newport’s 8.544 at 159.97mph on the 8.53.

Second Round:

Larry Mota started off winning the second round when Tj Stufflebeam redlighted by -.062. Mota ran it out to a 9.506 at 139.36mph on the 9.54. Tj ran 10.275 at 136.09mph on his 10.15.

Bryan Duvall took the stripe by .0030 to win the double breakout over Jeremy Bates. Reaction times were close (.035 vs .047). Duvall ran 10.230 at 131.90mph on the 10.24 to Bates 10.091 at 137.11mph on the 10.11.

Cameron Belisle and Jeff Durfey had exactly the same reaction time of .049, with just .004 difference to their dials. Belisle ran 9.494 at 138.01mph on a 9.45 to Durfey’s 9.568 at 130.94mph on the 9.52.

Dave “Wheels” Wheeler beat Jason Clampitt with a nice .005 reaction time to Clampitt’s .073, running 9.716 at 138.50mph (9.70) to 10.476 at 120.59mph on the 10.50 dial. .021 package on this run.

Peyton Hall took a close .0081 win over Anthony Vanetti. Good reaction times for both with Hall getting a .012 to Vanetti’s .026. both ran one off the dials with Hall running 9.529 at 130.37mph (9.51) to Vanetti’s 8.533 at 156.79mph on the 8.52.

Bryan Duvall won when Cameron Belisle broke out by just -.008 running 9.472 at 137.19mph on the 9.48. Duvall ran a nice .012 reaction time to Belisle’s .068 at 10.245 at 130.52mph on the 10.21.

Larry Mota caught a break when he was well behind at the start (.081 vs .029) against Dave “Wheels” Wheeler. Wheeler broke out by -.019 running a 9.681 at 138.39mph on the 9.70. Mota ran a 9.569 at 131.86mph on the 9.54 dial.

Cody Cumpton won by a redlight (-.004) over Peyton Hall. Both ran it out anyway. Cody running 10.839 at 128.09mph on the 10.90. Peyton a 9.56 at 133.55mph on the 9.52.


Cody Cumpton won by a mere .0074 over Bryan Duvall. Both were right on their dial in times. Cumpton dialed a 10.82 and ran a 10.829 at 121.85mph. Duvall ran a 10.215 at 134.20mph on his pass. Reaction times went to Cody with an advantage of .033 vs. .044.

Larry Mota had the bye run to the finals but still ran it out with a .041 reaction and a 9.607 at 135.62mph on a 9.54 dial.


In the final round matchup, Larry Mota and Cody Cumpton both broke out. Larry had the better light (.046 vs .134) and ran just -.002 under his dial of 9.58. He ran 9.578 at 132.08mph. Cody ran 10.722 at 125.24mph on the 10.80 dial in time.

Cody Cumpton (near lane) vs Larry Mota in the final race one. Photo credit: Tiffany Proctor Knighton

The win moved Mota up to second spot in the season standings just behind Anthony Vanetti and just ahead of Rick Newport.

To celebrate the win, Larry said, “I was so excited that we took the whole crew for dinner at Curry Pizza. Thank you Bhupinder Singh Atwal and crew for staying open late for us and taking great care of us.”

Larry Mota winner race #1. Photo credit: Creative Resource & Design


Race #2 (NHRA LODRS D7 race #6)

Saturday morning, August 25th started early with an 8:00am drivers meeting. Mike Rice gave RMR general manager, Mike Eames one of the special chrome “Wally’s” thanking him for all his support of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series over the years. Over The Counter Café in nearby Millcreek, UT prepared everyone in the Sportsman Motorcycle class breakfast. Special thanks to Amy and her crew there at OTC for the hard work early on a Saturday morning.

The schedule for race day was two qualifying rounds and then run the first round of eliminations between the jet car exhibitions. Finishing eliminations on Sunday. We ended up losing one bike, Steve Kaplan needed to help Doug Crumlich as a crew member win the Top Sportsman class in race #2. We added Mike Voss and Keith Jensen for a total of 23 bikes/sleds.

Jeff Durfey with the Base Brothers #1 qualifying sticker. He had a .005 reaction time. Photo credit: Kirk Walton

Jeff Durfey took the early #1 spot and kept it through the second round. There were a bunch of redlights, but after two rounds it was Jeff Durfey, Anthony Vanetti (.009), Larry Mota (.011), Ron Alves (.011), Rick Newport (.020), Cameron Belisle (.021), Kirk Walton (.022), Mike Voss (.025), Cody Cumpton (.034) and Mike Cragun (.035) rounding out the top ten.

  1.  793 Jeff Durfey, West Jordan UT, ’08 Kawasaki 0.005
  2.  330 Anthony Vanetti, Elk Grove CA, ’00 Suzuki GS 0.009
  3. 77 Larry Mota, Orem UT, ’15  Kawasaki ZX-14R 0.011
  4.  73 Ron Alves, Colusa CA, ’80 Kawasaki 0.011
  5.  71 Rick Newport, Bluffdale UT, ’95 Suzuki GSX-R 0.020
  6. 532 Cameron Belisle, Columbus MN, ’10 Kawasaki ZX11 0.021
  7. 76 Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City UT, ’12 Kawasaki ZX-14R 0.022
  8. 520 Mike Voss, Maplewood MN, ’10 Kawasaki ZX14 0.025
  9. 6516 Cody Cumpton, Vancouver WA, ’95 Suzuki GSX-R 0.034
  10. 7028 Mike Cragun, Sandy UT, ’79 Ninja 0.035
  11. 550 Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes MN, ’79 Kawasaki 0.036
  12. 736 Bryan Duvall, West Jordan UT, ’08 Hayabusa 0.049
  13. 700K Keith Jensen, West Valley City UT, ’00 Polaris X 0.051
  14. 772 Dave Wheeler, Murray UT, ’06 Kawasaki Zx14 0.054
  15. 721 Jeremy Bates, Provo UT, ’13 Hayabusa 0.056
  16. 606 Craig Jensen, Chubback ID, ’00 Arctic Cat 0.065
  17. 515 Byron Kissel, Littleton CO, ’04 Hayabusa 0.077
  18. 7013 Ted Stufflebeam Jr., West Jordan UT, ’07 Kawasaki ZX-14 0.123
  19. 702 Corey Brown, Eagle Mountain UT, ’01 Polaris 0.124
  20. 744 Wayne Taylor, Fairfield UT, ’94 Polaris 0.128
  21. 777 Jeremy Dennis, West Jordan UT, ’08 Hayabusa 0.149
  22. 700 Cheyanne Duvall, West Jordan UT, ’02 Arctic CAT 0.199
  23. 730P Peyton Hall, Stansbury Park UT, ’18 Hayabusa -0.023

First Round:

For opening ceremonies, Dave “Wheels” Wheeler was asked by the track at the last minute to sing the national anthem and did well!

The first race was a great one to start of eliminations. Jeremy Bates got the wholeshot win over Ron Alves with a .042 to .072 reaction time advantage. He ran 10.150 at 131.59mph on the 10.07 dial, Alves ran 8.196 at 155.09mph on his 8.14 dial. Margin of victory was .0065.

Cody Cumpton won his race by a redlight by Wayne Taylor (-.028). He ran it out to a 10.890 at 127.71mph (10.27) and Taylor at 10.796 at 119.76mph (10.90).

Another redlight race with Keith Jensen getting the win over Anthony Vanetti (-.044). Both ran a bit slower than expected 10.701 (10.55) at 114.95 and Vanetti at 8.552 (8.48) at 156.14mph.

Mike Cragun got the win over Jeremy “Tiny” Dennis after Tiny spun hard off the line. Cragun had a good run going until letting off at the end with a .026 reaction. He slowed to a 11.011 at 99.25mph on the 10.77 dial. Dennis ran just 13.026 at 124.80 mph (11.39).

Jason Clampitt won over the snowmobile of Cheyanne Duvall by a redlight. Cheyanne had a -.044 but still tried to run her number (9.90) but ran 10.018 at 124.80. Jason was close (10.45) running 10.448 at 122.59mph.

Kirk Walton used a .034 vs .134 light to defeat Tj Stufflebeam. Walton slowed to a 10.387 at 125.54mph (10.36) to Stufflebeam’s 10.233 at 136.01mph break out time. (10.25)

Cameron Belisle won by a close redlight by Byron Kissel (-.003), Cam coasted the rest of the way and Byron ran it through at 10.555 at 131.21mph on the 10.53 dial.

Larry Mota also won on a redlight against Dave “Wheels” Wheeler. Wheeler’s red was -.012, and he ran 9.750 at 136.69mph (9.70). Mota ran it through at 9.607 at 138.12mph (9.56)

Rick Newport had a big reaction time difference against Craig Jensen. (.021 to a .110) and coasted to a 8.652 (8.54) at 137.95mph to Jensen’s 9.252 (9.18) at 138.97mph.
Peyton Hall had the slower reaction time but ran closer to his dial to defeat Bryan Duvall. Hall had a .086 reaction time and ran a 9.490 at 134.95 on the 9.48 dial. Duvall had a .041 light and ran 10.248 at 131.48mph in the .0033 loss.

Corey Brown and Mike Voss had a double breakout race with Brown getting the .038 to .081 advantage at the start. He ran 9.971 (9.98) at 124.96mph against Voss’ 9.888 (9.90) at 130.07mph.

Jeff Durfey had a good bye run with a .002 light and running 9.540 at 136.46mph on the 9.47.

Round 2:
The second round started off with the final two snowmobiles left. Corey Brown won when Keith Jensen took way too much stripe and broke out by -.086. Brown ran a 9.988 at 129.66mph on the 9.95 and a .093 light. Jensen had a .090 light and ran 10.574 at 112.31mph on the 10.66.

Jason Clampitt ran a 10.447 at 121.14mph on the 10.41 dial with a .022 light to Rick Newport’s breakout 8.527 at 143.86mph on the 8.53 with a .039 light.

Peyton Hall edged out Cameron Belisle on the tree, .002 to .016 and held on to a close whole shot win (.0068). Hall ran 9.542 at 134.38mph (9.52) to a 9.454 at 134.48mph (9.44).

Mike Cragun was a little behind on the reaction time against Jeremy Bates (.052 to .020) but Bates took just a bit too much stripe and broke out. Cragun ran 10.746 at 121.67mph on the 10.73. Bates ran 10.075 at 128.75mph on the 10.09.

Kirk Walton won on Jeff Durfey’s redlight (-.010). Both ran it out, Durfey running 9.529 at 139.99mph (9.50) and Walton at 10.383 at 137.90mph (10.35).

Larry Mota beat Cody Cumpton when Cumpton redlighted by -.030. Mota ran it out to check on his dial of 9.56 and clocked a 9.521 at 139.55mph. Cumpton ran 10.958 at 127.91mph. The loss ended Cumpton’s impressive 14 round winning streak at Rocky Mountain Raceway in the Lucas Oil series going back to last season when he swept both races.

The quarterfinals resumed on Sunday, August 26th. Weather was still good but the wind was swirling and very unpredictable, even from the staging lanes to the starting line!

Larry Mota was first up against Peyton Hall. Peyton redlighted with a -.025. Larry wanted to check his dial of 9.54 and ran 9.516 at 139.88mph. Peyton also ran it out to a 9.477 at 131.42 on his 9.53 dial.

Mike Cragun and Kirk Walton both had .00’s for reaction times. Walton with a .001 but couldn’t run the number of 10.32, running a 10.417 at 140.03. Cragun had the .009 light with a 10.760 at 118.03mph on the 10.74.

Jason Clampitt won when Corey Brown redlighted by -.013. Clampitt ran 10.567 at 122.86mph on the 10.44. Brown ran it out to a 10.083 at 118.14mph. Corey had a great race, going more rounds than ever before in a NHRA event.

Another great race in the semifinals. Larry Mota had to run right on his number with an eight to beat Mike Cragun. Cragun had the better light with a .010 to Mota’s .028. But Cragun ran a 10.780 at 121.21mph on the 10.75 dial. Mota’s numbers were 9.528 at 133.84mph on that 9.52. Margin of victory was .0042.

Jason Clampitt had a great reaction time of .002 and coasted through the finish line at 10.517 at 114.88mph on his bye run.

Larry Mota with both Wallys. Photo credit: Tiffany Mota.

In the final, the wind literally switched again to a 15mph tailwind after the pair got into the waterbox! So we all knew it was going to be a double break out race. The only question was who was going to be the closest to the dial. Jason Clampitt had the better reaction time of .011 to Larry Mota’s .038. At the end of the track, it looked like Jason got the bigger push from the wind as he let off and still broke out by a bigger margin than Larry. Jason dialed a 10.47 but ran 10.372 at 115.78. Larry ran 9.448 at 141.02mph on his 9.51.

So like Cody Cumpton did last year at these two races, Larry Mota doubles up on the wins. Larry Mota added, “This was a very sentimental race for a lot of us. I saw multiple people shedding tears through the weekend including racers, spectators, RMR crew, and even NHRA officials, but not me, I’m a man, I don’t do that crap, I have more self control than that, after both wins I only stayed at the end of the track so long because I needed to catch my breath and take it all in. . .

It was soooooo hot too. It was so hot that my eyeballs were sweating. BUT I WASN’T CRYING!!! Now that I think about it it must have been hot everywhere today because they were sweating when I got back to my AMAZING crew chief and wife Tiffany Donaldson Mota, and again when we got all of the winners, competitors and employees together for victory pics. There was a lot of sweating eyes there.

2 more very quick things. 1st I want to thank Mo Rider for helping me with the tune on the bike last week, as well as Rick Newport for helping me with my new clutch setup.

Larry Mota with both Wallys. Photo credit: Tiffany Mota.

And lastly we had a family/race team that was on their way to the race from out of state (can’t remember if it was Idaho or Washington or where for sure) but it was the Woodard family. They had a front tire blowout that sent the hauler and trailer with their race car and all of their equipment off of a ravine into the river. Not sure of the extent of injuries, but please keep them in your thought and prayers.

Once again thank you, everybody, for everything!”

The double win puts Mota into first place just ahead of Anthony Vanetti and Rick Newport. It should be a great final race in Las Vegas in November. Here are the points standings – click here.

Thanks again to the NHRA Pacific Division for the unique chrome “Wally” for the final NHRA Lucas Oil race at RMR. But more importantly, thanks to all the NHRA and RMR crew, Racers for Christ, and all the competitors and crews (which is a very impressive list!) that have raced here at Rocky Mountain Raceways over the past 50 years!

Larry Mota with whole crew, win #2. Photo credit: Creative Resource & Design