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NHRA : Maple Grove Pro Stock Motorcycle Coverage

NHRA Mello Yellow drag racing series

Dodge NHRA Nationals
Maple Grove Raceway
September 22-24, 2017

photos by Matt Polito / words by NHRA.com

Krawiec Takes 5th Victory

Krawiec rode to the Pro Stock Motorcycle victory with a 6.852 at 196.70 on his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson to better LE Tonglet on his Nitro Fish Racing Suzuki in the finals. He earned his fifth victory of the season and third consecutive to improve his lead in the points standings.

“Things are definitely on the upswing since we switched back to last year’s chassis, it’s been huge for me and my team at the exact right time,” Krawiec said. “We didn’t start out as strong as we had hoped in qualifying, but we put it all together today and we’re pretty pleased with these results.”

Krawiec qualified fourth before taking down Kelly Clontz, teammate Andrew Hines and No. 1 qualifier Scott Pollacheck en route to the finals. Tonglet was the No. 7 qualifier and bested Angie Smith, teammate Jerry Savoie and Hector Arana Jr. as he finished as the runner-up for only the second time in his seven final rounds this year.

The 2017 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series season continues with the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis on Sept. 29-Oct. 1.


Eliminations Round 1

Matt Smith had the quickest run of an opening round that featured all eight top-half qualifiers advancing. Smith wheeled his Polaris to a 6.865 to defeat Joey Gladstone and set up a second-round match with No. 1 qualifier Scotty Pollacheck, who ran a 6.884 en route to victory over Andie Rawlings. Jerry Savoie (6.872), Eddie Krawiec (6.879), and Hector Arana Jr. (6.889) also were in the 6.8s on their winning passes.

LANE DRIVER RT 60 FT 330 FT 660 FT 660 FT MPH 1000 FT ET MPH
WIN Jerry Savoie .078 1.051 2.855 4.388 159.87 5.727 6.872 195.42
Lance Bonham

1:22 p.m. – Weather conditions: air temperature 83 degrees, relative humidity 58 percent, barometer 29.50 inches, adjusted altitude 2,877 feet, track temperature 109 degrees. Jerry Savoie starts the day with a record of 155 – 82. This is the first start for Lance Bonham in his 28th race. He is the 199th rider to make an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle field. Bonham did not answer the call so Savoie had a single run for the win.

WIN Scott Pollacheck .097 1.060 2.864 4.399 159.61 5.739 6.884 195.31
Andie Rawlings .205 1.204 3.257 4.999 140.21 6.530 7.852 169.53

Scotty Pollacheck went to the final round here in 2014. This is the first time he has started from the number one spot in the qualifying order. He is just the 37th rider to be the top qualifier in the history of the class. This is Andie Rawlings’ eighth race and her first start. She is the 200th rider to qualify for an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle field and the 12th woman to do so. In the 24 years that they have raced the bikes at this track the top qualifier has never lost in the first round. Pollacheck got off the starting line first and pulled away for Rawlings on the track.

WIN LE Tonglet .018 1.058 2.866 4.401 159.34 5.762 7.089 157.96
Angie Smith -.025 1.092 2.903 4.463 156.44 5.834 7.011 189.87

Tonglet is 9 – 1 against Smith in prior events. Smith was too quick at the start and lit the red light. Tonglet got the win but gave up lane choice to Savoie in the next round.

WIN Karen Stoffer .034 1.068 2.890 4.436 158.45 5.786 6.942 193.40
Steve Johnson .034 1.092 2.899 4.440 158.63 5.789 6.950 192.60

Karen Stoffer won this race in 2006. This is her 351st round of racing. Steve Johnson is the only motorcycle rider to have competed at all 25 races at Maple Grove. Stoffer is 13 – 9 against Johnson in prior events. Johnson and Stoffer had identical reaction times but Stoffer pulled ahead on the track to take the win. Karen Stoffer’s incremental margins: 60ft(0.024), 330 ft(0.009), 660ft(0.004), 1,000ft(0.003). MOV: 0.0085 seconds (approximately 2 feet).

WIN Andrew Hines .049 1.084 2.892 4.424 160.33 5.759 6.901 196.04
Ron Tornow .058 1.073 2.901 4.458 156.68 5.828 7.004 190.46

Andrew Hines has two wins at this race. He set low elapsed time in Charlotte and that was the first time he had the quickest bike in the class since Denver in 2016. Andrew starts the day with 439 round wins and that ties him with Don Prudhomme for 20th place among all pro drivers. This will be Ron Tornow’s first pro start with the NHRA. He became the 198th rider to qualify for an NHRA motorcycle field. Hines was quicker at the tree but trailed at 60 feet. After that, Hines pulled ahead and took the win. Andrew Hines’ incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.002), 330 ft(0.018), 660ft(0.043), 1,000ft(0.078). MOV: 0.1128 seconds (approximately 32 feet).

WIN Eddie Krawiec .025 1.092 2.887 4.414 160.59 5.742 6.879 196.59
Kelly Clontz .063 1.113 2.940 4.504 157.12 5.859 7.023 189.47

Eddie Krawiec is the defending event champion. He also won here in 2009, 2012 and 2014. This is the third national event start for Kelly Clontz. This is the first time Clontz and Krawiec have faced each other in eliminations. Krawiec had this race from start to finish. He’ll have lane choice over Hines in the next round. Eddie Krawiec’s incremental margins: 60ft(0.059), 330 ft(0.091), 660ft(0.128), 1,000ft(0.155). MOV: 0.1825 seconds (approximately 51 feet).

WIN Hector Arana Jr .112 1.072 2.880 4.413 159.95 5.749 6.889 196.33
Charlie Sullivan .007 1.076 2.919 4.487 155.65 5.862 7.044 189.31

Hector Arana Jr. was the 2011 winner here. This is the eighth race and the third start for Charles Sullivan. Arana Jr is 1 – 0 against Sullivan in prior events. Sullivan was a lot quicker at the starting line and led this race to mid track, but then Arana got past him for the win. Arana will race Stoffer in the next round and will have lane choice. Hector Arana Jr’s incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.101), 330 ft(-0.066), 660ft(-0.031), 1,000ft(0.008). MOV: 0.0507 seconds (approximately 14 feet).

WIN Matt Smith .030 1.056 2.857 4.388 160.06 5.723 6.865 196.16
Joey Gladstone .003 1.054 2.884 4.447 156.73 5.815 6.988 191.19

Matt Smith won this race in 2008 and 2013. This is Matt’s 480th round of racing and that is fifth best in the history of the motorcycle class. This is the 17th start for Joey Gladstone. Smith is 2 – 0 against Gladstone in prior events. Gladstone had the quicker start and led the early part of this race, then Smith rode away for the win. Smith will have lane choice over Pollacheck in the next round.


Eliminations Round 2

A pair of teammate battles was among the highlights of the second round of two-wheel competition. The White Alligator Racing duo of Jerry Savoie and LE Tonglet met up in round two for the second straight week, but in a reverse of the Charlotte event, Tonglet came out this time around, leaving the starting line first and outrunning Savoie, whose bike drifted towards the centerline midway through the pass. The Harleys also faced off, a contest in which Eddie Krawiec ran low e.t. of the round, 6.87, to turn on the win light against Andrew Hines. No. 1 qualifier Scotty Pollacheck defeated Matt Smith, and Hector Arana Jr. stopped Karen Stoffer to round out the final four.

LANE DRIVER RT 60 FT 330 FT 660 FT 660 FT MPH 1000 FT ET MPH
WIN LE Tonglet .003 1.078 2.891 4.439 158.11 5.792 6.952 193.46
Jerry Savoie .048 1.060 2.884 4.684 121.67 6.710 8.841 97.88

2:39 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 87 degrees, relative humidity 49 percent, barometer 29.47 inches, adjusted altitude 3,133 feet, track temperature 119 degrees. Tonglet is 7 – 6 against Savoie in prior events. Make that 8-6 now. As soon as Savoie let out the clutch, his motorcycle made a move toward the centerline and he had to back off the throttle.

WIN Hector Arana Jr .044 1.068 2.871 4.415 158.13 5.766 6.922 194.04
Karen Stoffer .020 1.077 2.906 4.464 156.99 5.827 6.993 191.89

Arana Jr is 7 – 0 against Stoffer in prior events. Stoffer had the advantage getting off the starting line but Arana had the advantage on the track. He passed her before they reached 330 feet then drove away to take the win. Arana will have lane choice over Tonglet in the next round. Hector Arana Jr’s incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.015), 330 ft(0.011), 660ft(0.025), 1,000ft(0.037). MOV: 0.0478 seconds (approximately 13 feet).

WIN Eddie Krawiec .019 1.073 2.859 4.382 160.40 5.721 6.870 194.88
Andrew Hines .026 1.082 2.879 4.417 158.95 5.766 6.920 194.58

Krawiec was quicker getting out of the gate and used that advantage to take the win. Eddie Krawiec’s incremental margins: 60ft(0.016), 330 ft(0.027), 660ft(0.042), 1,000ft(0.052). MOV: 0.0574 seconds (approximately 16 feet).

WIN Scott Pollacheck .037 1.070 2.878 4.416 159.12 5.758 6.905 195.22
Matt Smith .039 1.081 2.905 4.447 158.78 5.792 6.943 194.63

Pollacheck got out of the gate just 0.002 before Smith but pulled ahead to take the win. Pollacheck will move on to the next round but gave up lane choice to Krawiec.


Eliminations Round 3

Eddie Krawiec will try to pick up his third straight win and second consecutive at this event after he got around No. 1 qualifier Scotty Pollacheck in the semi’s. Krawiec, winner of the Chevrolet Performance Nationals over Labor Day weekend and the NHRA Carolina Nationals last weekend, used a .016 to .054 lead at the Tree to win on a slight holeshot, 6.89 to 6.88. Krawiec will have lane choice against LE Tonglet, who rode his Nitro Fish Suzuki to a 6.94 victory over Hector Arana Jr., who slowed to a 7.10.

LANE DRIVER RT 60 FT 330 FT 660 FT 660 FT MPH 1000 FT ET MPH
WIN LE Tonglet .031 1.076 2.895 4.442 158.56 5.791 6.945 194.44
Hector Arana Jr .061 1.075 2.955 4.545 154.92 5.917 7.104 183.54

3:44 p.m. – Weather conditions: air temperature 91 degrees, relative humidity 45 percent, barometer 29.46 inches, adjusted altitude 3,421 feet, track temperature 121 degrees. Tonglet is 9 – 6 against Arana Jr in prior events. Tonglet was first out of the gate and led this race the whole way down the track. Arana lost any chance he had to get the win when he had a bad shift and sat up a bit at 330 feet. After the race, the two crews had words with each other over the length of time it took Arana to stage his motorcycle.

WIN Eddie Krawiec .016 1.076 2.863 4.405 158.78 5.749 6.897 195.28
Scott Pollacheck .054 1.063 2.867 4.396 159.97 5.736 6.886 194.52

Krawiec got the holeshot win and will have lane choice over Tonglet in the final round. Eddie Krawiec’s incremental margins: 60ft(0.025), 330 ft(0.042), 660ft(0.029), 1,000ft(0.025). MOV: 0.0277 seconds (approximately 8 feet).


Final Round 

Eddie Krawiec extended his points lead when he bested No. 2 points runner LE Tonglet in the final. The pair launched at the same time with matching .027 lights, but the race was over shortly after that when Tonglet’s Suzuki experienced troubles about 100 feet out, and he was forced to click it off. Krawiec would have been tough to beat anyway because he clocked a 6.852, low e.t. of race day, on his victory pass.

The run continued a string of strong 6.8s throughout eliminations. Krawiec began with a pair of 6.87s against Kelly Clontz and teammate Andrew Hines, then posted a 6.89 in the semifinals against Scotty Pollacheck. The win is Krawiec’s third straight and his fifth of the season, tying Tonglet for most wins in the class in 2017. It is also his second consecutive at the Dodge NHRA Nationals and fifth overall at the Reading race. Krawiec leaves Maple Grove Raceway with a 71-point advantage, the biggest lead in any Pro category.

LANE DRIVER RT 60 FT 330 FT 660 FT 660 FT MPH 1000 FT ET MPH
WIN Eddie Krawiec .027 1.077 2.863 4.385 160.86 5.714 6.852 196.70
LE Tonglet .027 1.067 3.788 7.611 55.66 12.120 17.593 31.71

4:31 p.m. – Weather conditions: air temperature 93 degrees, relative humidity 40 percent, barometer 29.45 inches, adjusted altitude 3,536 feet, track temperature 119 degrees. Coming into this race, Krawiec has 40 wins and 28 losses in final rounds. He has four wins and one loss this year. Tonglet has five wins and one loss this year, and a 15-5 record in his career. Krawiec is 19 – 8 against Tonglet in prior events and this is the first time they have faced each other in a final round. Tonglet and Krawiec had identical reactions times but when they each went to shift gears, Tonglet’s motorcycle missed the shift and he sat up. Krawiec went down the track to take his fifth win here at Maple Grove. With the 20 points he gets for this win, Krawiec has extended his lead in the points and now has a 71 point lead over Tonglet, who sits in second place.


Pollacheck moved atop the Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying order with a 6.822 at 196.76 on his Suzuki Extended Protection Suzuki in the final qualifying session on Saturday. It is the first No. 1 qualifier of his career. Pollacheck is set to take on Andie Rawlings in the first round.

“In the first round, we blew our motor so we had to put a new one in, but I have such an incredible team that we were able to get back out there and have some great runs today,” Pollacheck said. “Nothing is ever easy for us, but to get our first No. 1 ever is such a huge deal.”

Reigning world champ Jerry Savoie moved up to second after a 6.824 at 196.76 on his White Alligator Racing Suzuki and is slated to race Lance Bonham in the first elimination round. Hector Arana Jr. dropped to third after his preliminary No. 1 pass of 6.834 at 196.76 did not hold up on Saturday. He will take on Charlie Sullivan in the first round on Sunday.

01 Scott Pollacheck 6.822 196.76
02 Jerry Savoie 6.824 196.76
03 Hector Arana Jr 6.834 196.76
04 Eddie Krawiec 6.841 195.45
05 Andrew Hines 6.861 197.51
06 Karen Stoffer 6.862 194.02
07 LE Tonglet 6.864 195.82
08 Matt Smith 6.869 193.4
09 Joey Gladstone 6.878 194.97
10 Angie Smith 6.895 193.35
11 Steve Johnson 6.947 193.65
12 Ron “Rat” Tornow 6.953 192
13 Kelly Clontz 6.956 193.32
14 Charlie Sullivan 7.008 189.58
15 Lance Bonham 7.203 185.77
16 Andie Rawlings 7.786 170.95



Arana Jr. finished atop the Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying order with a 6.834 at 196.76 in his Lucas Oil Buell during his second pass on Friday after not making it down the track in the first session. He has one previous No. 1 this season.

“We had some data for the track despite a rough first run, and we trusted our combination to be fast and we ended up really well,” Arana Jr. said. “We know how important these qualifying points are, so we were pretty excited to see we held onto the top spot today.”

Points leader Eddie Krawiec earned the second position with a 6.841 at 195.45 on his Screamin’ Eagle / Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson. Scotty Pollacheck took the third spot after a 6.850 at 195.90.

Qualifying at the 33rd annual Dodge NHRA Nationals continues at 12:45 and 3:15 p.m. on Saturday.

01 Hector Arana Jr 6.834 196.76
02 Eddie Krawiec 6.841 195.45
03 Scott Pollacheck 6.85 195.9
04 Andrew Hines 6.861 197.51
05 Karen Stoffer 6.862 194.02
06 Matt Smith 6.869 193.4
07 Joey Gladstone 6.878 194.97
08 Angie Smith 6.895 193.35
09 LE Tonglet 6.896 194.46
10 Jerry Savoie 6.899 193.13
11 Ron “Rat” Tornow 6.953 192
12 Kelly Clontz 6.956 193.32
13 Steve Johnson 7.003 178.14
14 Charlie Sullivan 7.013 189.82
15 Lance Bonham 7.203 185.77
16 Andie Rawlings 7.786 170.95

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