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NHRA : Pro Stock Motorcycle Results from Reading

NHRA Mello Yellow drag racing series

Dodge NHRA Nationals
Maple Grove Raceway
September 30 – October 2, 2016

Antron Brown (Top Fuel), Vincent Nobile (Pro Stock) and Eddie Krawiec (Pro Stock Motorcycle) were also victorious in their respective categories at the 21st event of 24 on the 2016 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series schedule. The Dodge NHRA Nationals is the third race of the six-race NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship playoffs. 


Eddie Krawiec rode his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson to a 6.818 at 193.88 to outlast rookie Cory Reed’s 6.958 at 186.43 on his Precision Service Equipment / Star Racing Buell in the final round. This is Krawiec’s 35th career victory, fourth of 2016 and fourth at Maple Grove Raceway. The three-time world champion started the weekend fifth in points and moved up to second behind teammate Andrew Hines. Krawiec rode past Englishtown, N.J., winner Angelle Sampey, Karen Stoffer and Sonoma, Calif., winner LE Tonglet to make it to the final round.


“My main goal this weekend here was to come win,” Krawiec said. “If you win races in the Countdown, you’re going to be fighting for the championship when you get to Pomona. This was a big day for all of our team actually, Andrew and myself getting past the first round. When you draw Angelle and Chip Ellis in round one, you don’t say, ‘Well, this should be easy. This should be no problem this weekend.’ For me, I was on a mission first round because I knew if I went past first round I could keep the momentum and keep it rolling.”

Reed beat fellow rookie Melissa Surber, Hector Arana and reigning world champ Hines in the earlier rounds.

Sampey is third in points and followed by Chip Ellis and alligator farmer Jerry Savoie in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Elimination Round 1

(W) Karen Stoffer (Big St Charles Motorsports) 0.064 6.953 192.71
(L) John Hall (MSR/NITRO FISH Buell) 0.041 6.989 189.87
Karen Stoffer was the event champion here in 2006. Stoffer is 1 – 0 against Hall in prior events. Hall was quicker at the tree and led this race to 1,000 feet before Stoffer got by him to take the win.


(W) Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell) -0.045 6.928 194.86
(L) Hector Arana Jr (Lucas Oil Racing TV Buell) -0.056(R) 6.844 195.34
Hector Arana, Jr. won here in 2011. Arana is 11 – 9 against Arana Jr in prior events. A red light by Junior gives the win to the senior Arana. The older Arana left early too but Arana Jr. left the starting line first to get the foul.

(W) Jerry Savoie (Savoie’s Alligator Farm Suzuki) 0.048 6.913 195.79
(L) Scotty Pollacheck (NitroFish Buell) 0.044 10.617 76.45
Jerry Savoie started the day number four in the points standings. Savoie is 7 – 3 against Pollacheck in prior events. Pollacheck’s motorcycle slowed at mid track.

(W) Cory Reed (Precision Service Equipment Buell) 0.063 6.866 192.60
(L) Melissa Surber (Kosman Specialties Buell) 0.050 6.950 189.66
This is Melissa Surber’s ninth career start. Today’s number four is her highest qualifying position so far. This is the first time Surber and Reed have faced each other in eliminations. Reed was second coming off the starting line but caught up to Surber at 60 feet. After that, he pulled away to take the win and earn lane choice over Arana in the next round.


(W) Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines) 0.002 6.760 196.19
(L) Angelle Sampey (Precision Service Equipment 0.101 6.863 193.18
Angelle Sampey won her first race here in 1996. She won this event five more times and has more wins at Maple Grove than any other motorcycle racer. She is starting this race from the number 15 spot in the order, after only one qualifying session. Riders who started in the 15th spot have only two wins in the 22 years that Pro Stock Motorcycle has been contested here. Eddie Krawiec has won this race three times and is number five in the points standings. Sampey is number two in the standings. Sampey is 5 – 2 against Krawiec in prior events. This time, Krawiec was quicker at the starting line and quicker on the track to take the win. Krawiec will have lane choice over Stoffer in round two.


(W) LE Tonglet (Nitro Fish Suzuki) 0.042 6.846 195.93
(L) Joey Gladstone (Awesome Engines Suzuki) 0.040 7.069 192.03
This is the first time Tonglet and Gladstone have faced each other in eliminations. Tonglet and Gladstone came off the starting line at almost the same time but Tonglet pulled ahead to take the win.


(W) Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines) 0.004 6.772 196.87
(L) Chip Ellis (PiranaZ Buell) 0.067 NT-Broke After Staging
Andrew Hines is the defending event champion and has won here a total of two times. This is only the third time in his career that Ellis has started from the number 16 spot in the qualifying order. No rider has ever won the first round here when he or she has started in the 16th spot. Coming into this race, Hines was number one in the points standings and Ellis was number three. Ellis’ motorcycle launched and shut off as soon as he let the clutch out. It did the same thing yesterday in the only qualifying session. Hines will have lane choice over Savoie in the next round.


(W) Matt Smith (Victory Motorcycles Victory) 0.057 6.876 193.88
(L) Angie Smith (Victory Motorcycles Victory) 0.058 6.944 189.71
Matt Smith has won here in 2008 and 2013. He has six wins and two losses against his wife, Angie Smith, in first round competition. Matt Smith started the day in 10th place in the points standings. M. Smith is 7 – 3 against A. Smith in prior events. Mr. and Mrs. Smith came off the starting a the same time but Mr. Smith got to the finish line first for the win. He gave up lane choice to Tonglet in round two.

Results for Elimination Round 2

(W) Cory Reed (Precision Service Equipment Buell) 0.028 6.913 188.73
(L) Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell) 0.096 6.899 195.25
Reed got this win on a hole shot. He got out of the gate first by a good bit of time. Arana started to close the gap but ran out of track so Reed will move on to the next round.

(W) LE Tonglet (Nitro Fish Suzuki) 0.045 6.838 195.48
(L) Matt Smith (Victory Motorcycles Victory) 0.020 10.345 80.13
Smith was quicker off the starting line but hit the rev limiter at mid track and the motorcycle shut down. Tonglet had a good ride going and took the win.

(W) Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines) 0.015 6.794 196.36
(L) Jerry Savoie (Savoie’s Alligator Farm Suzuki 0.048 6.908 194.60
Hines was first off the starting line and first to the finish line. He got the win and will have lane choice over Reed in the third round. As soon as these two crossed the finish line, race officials put racing on hold because of rain.


(W) Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines) 0.024 6.774 194.16
(L) Karen Stoffer (Big St Charles Motorsports/S 0.018 8.653 100.66
3:57 p.m. – We’re back racing after a 20-minute delay because of light rain. Stoffer was first off the starting line but she slowed and sat upright at mid track. Krawiec had a good ride to take the win and get lane choice over Tonglet in the third round.

Elimination Round 3

(W) Cory Reed (Precision Service Equipment Buel 0.019 6.909 187.96
(L) Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 0.083 6.856 194.24
Hines is 3 – 0 against Reed in prior events. Reed will be in his first final round thanks to this holeshot win against Hines.


(W) Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hine 0.019 6.783 195.11
(L) LE Tonglet (Nitro Fish Suzuki) 0.021 6.835 195.99
The Pro Stock Motorcycle final will be Krawiec vs. Reed, with Krawiec having lane choice.

Final Round

(W) Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hine 0.026 6.818 193.88
(L) Cory Reed (Precision Service Equipment Buel 0.015 6.958 186.43
This was Reed’s first final round in his career, and Krawiec’s sixth final round this season. Reed was a little bit quicker coming off the starting line but Krawiec got by him right away and pulled away to take his fourth national event win this season and the 35th win of his career.




Five-time and reigning world champion Andrew Hines rode his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson to a 6.784 at 196.22 to secure the 38th No. 1 qualifier of his career and second of the year. The five-time 2016 event winner and points leader is paired with Charlotte-winner Chip Ellis, who entered the event 17 points behind Hines.

“This could be huge in the long run,” said Hines, a two-time Reading winner. “Championships have come down to just a couple of little points here in the last few years, going back the last seven or eight years since the little points were implemented. I’m going to take it right now and run with it. It was nice to bring my Harley here and make a nice, clean, straight run. It obviously puts up a big run when it goes down the track straight.” 

Hines’ Harley-Davidson teammate Eddie Krawiec is second with a 6.811 at 191.29. Krawiec, a three-time winner at Maple Grove, has three wins this year in five final round appearances. He will open eliminations against Angelle Sampey, who leads the category with six career wins at the Dodge NHRA Nationals. Sampey is currently second in points behind Hines. 

Sonoma winner LE Tonglet is third and paired with Joey Gladstone. Rookie Melissa Surber qualified a career-best fourth and will face fellow rookie Cory Reed on Sunday.

Qualifying Round 1

1. Andrew Hines Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 6.784 196.22
2. Eddie Krawiec Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 6.811 191.29
3. LE Tonglet Nitro Fish Suzuki 6.828 195.39
4. Melissa Surber Kosman Specialties Buell 6.873 191.76
5. Hector Arana Jr Lucas Oil Racing TV Buell 6.880 193.02
6. Matt Smith Victory Motorcycles Victory 6.901 191.13
7. Karen Stoffer Big St Charles Motorsports/SEP 6.925 193.88
8. Jerry Savoie Savoie’s Alligator Farm Suzuki 6.959 192.58
9. Scotty Pollacheck NitroFish Buell 6.975 185.33
10. John Hall MSR/NITRO FISH Buell 7.013 188.75
11. Angie Smith Victory Motorcycles Victory 7.081 188.04
12. Hector Arana Lucas Oil Buell 7.175 194.91
13. Cory Reed Precision Service Equipment Bu 7.280 146.40
14. Joey Gladstone Awesome Engines Suzuki 7.439 187.13
15. Angelle Sampey Precision Service Equipment Bu 9.986 81.35
16. Chip Ellis PiranaZ Buell NT
——— Not Qualified ———
17. Steve Johnson Slick 50 Suzuki DQ




NHRA officials cancelled the first two rounds of qualifying at the 32nd annual Dodge NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway on Friday, Sept. 30, after rain and persistent mist. The Dodge NHRA Nationals is the third race of the NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship, NHRA’s six-race playoffs that will decide the 2016 world champions.

Officials consistently worked throughout the day to dry the track but as the temperature dropped and misting continued, racing for the day was called at 4:25 p.m. NHRA Mello Yello Series qualifying is set to begin as scheduled on Saturday, Oct. 1, at 11:15 a.m.

Coverage of the Dodge NHRA Nationals on NHRA All Access will begin at 8:45 a.m. ET. Qualifying coverage on FOX Sports 1 (FS1) will be at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2. Live finals on FS1 will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday.


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