NHRA: Pro Stock Motorcycles Coverage from Sonoma

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NHRA Mello Yellow drag racing series

NHRA Sonoma Nationals
Sonoma Raceway
July 26-28, 2019

Pro Stock Motorcycle

Pro Stock Motorcycle points leader Andrew Hines made it a double-win weekend by earning his seventh victory of 2019 and 55th in his career with a 6.790 at 198.00 on his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson FXDR in the final round to beat Matt Smith’s 6.822 at 197.36. It follows Hines’ win in the Mickey Thompson Pro Bike Battle on Saturday, and gives the winningest rider in class history the Pro Stock Motorcycle version of the Western Swing sweep. Hines won last weekend in Denver and the class doesn’t race next weekend in Seattle. The seven victories are also a career-best in a single season for Hines.

He beat Kelly Clontz, Scotty Pollacheck and Jerry Savoie en route to the final round, while defending world champ Smith beat Jianna Salinas, Ryan Oehler and Hector Arana to advance to his 53rd final round. Eddie Krawiec, Smith and Hector Arana Jr. all clinched berths in the Countdown to the Championship this weekend.

“It’s absolutely mind-boggling what we’ve been able to achieve this year,” said Hines, a three-time winner in Sonoma. “The confidence with my motorcycle and my team, and the level of performance and professionalism the guys bring to the starting line every single time, it’s unsurpassed right now. I can sit on that starting line with confidence and it’s just unreal. I feel I’m probably riding the best in my career and I just want it that much more.”

The Mello Yello Drag Racing Series continues Aug. 2-4 with the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways. It is the final race of the NHRA Western Swing.

Round 1 Eliminations

Driver Hector Arana Jr Katie Sullivan – WIN
RT -.041 .015
60 FT 1.141 1.098
330 FT 2.983 2.912
660 FT 4.520 4.441
660 FT MPH 159.44 160.21
1000 FT 5.859 5.777
ET 7.002 6.927
MPH 195.68 194.21

12:15 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 80 degrees, relative humidity 54 percent, barometer 29.89 inches, adjusted altitude 2,196 feet, track temperature 110 degrees.Hector Arana Jr. won here in 2013. He is making his 325th round of racing with a 72% round one win record. He is currently third in the points. This is Sullivan’s 32nd round of racing. Arana Jr is 3 – 1 against Sullivan in prior events. Arana goes red and gives Sullivan a free pass to round two. She makes a strong pass to boot!

Driver Cory Reed Ryan Oehler – WIN
RT -.005 .049
60 FT 1.104 1.079
330 FT 2.918 2.891
660 FT 4.442 4.419
660 FT MPH 160.63 160.29
1000 FT 5.775 5.752
ET 6.924 6.892
MPH 194.52 196.22

This is Oehler’s thirty-third round of racing and he is currently seventh in points. Just two rounds out of sixth. This will be Reed’s 55th round of racing, with twelve first-round wins. This is the first time Reed and Oehler have faced each other in eliminations. Reed goes red by just -0.005 and gives the easy win to Oehler.

Driver Hector Arana – WIN Angie Smith
RT .016 .053
60 FT 1.069 1.087
330 FT 2.874 2.896
660 FT 4.397 4.421
660 FT MPH 160.61 160.23
1000 FT 5.730 5.762
ET 6.868 6.914
MPH 197.02 194.04

Angie Smith is starting from the top half of the field for the 5th consecutive race. She is making her 211th round of racing with a 36% round one win record. This is the 319th race for Hector Arana with 480 rounds of racing and is in 9th place, less than a round behind Sampey in 8th. Arana is 8 – 4 against Smith in prior events. Terrific improvement for Arana. He is first off the line and makes his best pass of the weekend for the win.

Driver Karen Stoffer Scott Pollacheck – WIN
RT -.015 .087
60 FT 1.068 1.078
2.858 3.135
660 FT 4.369 5.662
660 FT MPH 161.92 86.30
5.695 8.489
ET 6.836 11.395
MPH 196.27 72.34

Stoffer is currently fifth in the points chase and has completed over 388 rounds of racing with a 45% win record. She has a 50% round one win history.Pollacheck is just 12 points out of the top ten and has a 53% round one win record.This is the first time Stoffer and Pollacheck have faced each other in eliminations. Another red light and then Stoffer makes her best run of the weekend. That has to hurt. Pollacheck’s engine is unhappy and he is coasting to the win.

Driver Eddie Krawiec Angelle Sampey – WIN
RT .078 .040
60 FT 1.095 1.065
330 FT 2.899 2.863
660 FT 4.416 4.392
660 FT MPH 161.50 159.36
1000 FT 5.738 5.734
ET 6.874 6.886
MPH 197.02 194.44

This is only the 3rd time that Angelle and Eddie have faced each other in the first round Angelle leads 2 -1 in those races. Eddie Krawiec is a perfect 12 – 0 in round 1 at this race and he has 3 wins here. Angelle Sampey is currently eighth in points and has a 76% round one win record. Sampey is 6 – 5 against Krawiec in prior events. Krawiec is late and it costs him, as Sampey makes her best run of the weekend to score the hole shot win. Arana will have lane choice next round.

Driver Andrew Hines – WIN Kelly Clontz
RT .049 .106
60 FT 1.069 1.080
330 FT 2.854 2.916
660 FT 4.361 4.520
660 FT MPH 162.78 154.58
1000 FT 5.676 5.891
ET 6.807 7.060
MPH 197.62 191.38

Andrew Hines is 16 -1 in the first round here. He won here in 2005 & 2009 and was runner-up 6 times including last year. He is currently number one in the points with a huge 113 point lead over his team mate, Krawiec. Clontz is tied for 13th in the points with Cory Reed. She has one first round win in her prior sixteen appearances. This is the first time Hines and Clontz have faced each other in eliminations. Clontz is late, but Hines is long gone and hard to find on a great looking pass. He will keep lane choice over Pollacheck next round.

Driver Jianna Salinas Matt Smith – WIN
RT .021 .092
60 FT 1.090 1.069
330 FT 3.000 2.871
660 FT 4.572 4.402
660 FT MPH 157.21 159.70
1000 FT 5.928 5.739
ET 7.096 6.878
MPH 191.48 196.47

Matt Smith won this race in 2007. This is the 34th time that he has qualified #1. The #1 qualifier in the bike class is 16 – 1 in round 1 here. He is currently number four in bike points. This is the 3rd start for Jianna Salinas with one first round win. This is the first time Salinas and Smith have faced each other in eliminations. Smith is late at the green and has to chase Salinas to near the 330 lights before be gets on by for the win. He keeps lane choice over Oehler next round.

Driver Joey Gladstone Jerry Savoie – WIN
RT .044 .068
60 FT 1.059 1.066
330 FT 2.861 2.862
660 FT 4.393 4.374
660 FT MPH 159.64 162.10
1000 FT 5.738 5.694
ET 6.898 6.827
MPH 192.74 197.39

Savoie is making his 257th round of racing. He is currently 12th in the points, just one point behind Pollacheck. Less than a round out of the top ten.Gladstone is 10th in points. This will be his 59th round of Championship racing and has a 30% round one win record. Savoie is 3 – 0 against Gladstone in prior events. Gladstone is away first and stays there until after half track, where Savoie finally gets on by for the win. He will have lane choice over Sullivan later.


Round 2 Eliminations

Driver Matt Smith – WIN Ryan Oehler
RT .027
60 FT 1.078
330 FT 2.952
660 FT 5.115
660 FT MPH 101.39
1000 FT 7.496
ET 9.900
MPH 88.18

Smith is 1 – 0 against Oehler in prior events. Oehler’s bike loses fire at the end of the burnout and will not restart. Smith will get a single to round three. Smith leaves hard and then had the engine up on the limiter in third gear. He has to lift and coast on down!

Driver Angelle Sampey Hector Arana – WIN
RT -.008 .032
60 FT 1.347 1.077
330 FT 5.433 2.901
660 FT 11.196 4.427
660 FT MPH 36.70 160.81
1000 FT 18.114 5.752
ET 25.990 6.882
MPH 24.81 198.12

Sampey is 9 – 3 against Arana in prior events. Sampey goes red by eight and gives Arana the easy win. He will have lane choice over Smith in the next round.

Driver Katie Sullivan Jerry Savoie – WIN
RT .016 .020
60 FT 1.085 1.064
330 FT 2.906 2.849
660 FT 4.446 4.357
660 FT MPH 158.95 162.67
1000 FT 5.790 5.670
ET 6.938 6.794
MPH 194.72 198.96

Savoie is 1 – 0 against Sullivan in prior events. Just 0.004 difference in RT and Savoie makes his best pass of the weekend to take the easy win.

Driver Andrew Hines – WIN Scott Pollacheck
RT .041 .040
60 FT 1.060 1.065
330 FT 2.842 2.898
660 FT 4.356 4.426
660 FT MPH 161.83 160.77
1000 FT 5.674 5.757
ET 6.801 6.896
MPH 198.67 196.36

Hines is 21 – 5 against Pollacheck in prior events. Just 0.001 difference in RT’s this time! Hines is out in front and stays there for the big win. He gives up lane choice to Savoie in the next round though.


Driver Hector Arana Matt Smith – WIN
RT .058 .034
60 FT 1.131 1.086
330 FT 2.969 2.891
660 FT 4.499 4.418
660 FT MPH 160.10 159.97
1000 FT 5.836 5.749
ET 6.976 6.880
MPH 196.93 198.06

Smith is 20 – 10 against Arana in prior events. Arana is late and can’t match the pace. Smith will go to his third final of the year on another great looking pass.


Driver Andrew Hines – WIN Jerry Savoie
RT .033 .051
60 FT 1.057 1.060
330 FT 2.838 2.848
660 FT 4.355 4.360
660 FT MPH 161.61 162.06
1000 FT 5.676 5.678
ET 6.805 6.807
MPH 198.23 197.88

Hines is 14 – 8 against Savoie in prior events. We get a staging duel and Hines goes in first. He gets a big starting line advantage and holds off Savoie for the six-foot win. He will have lane choice in his seventh final of the year.


Driver Andrew Hines – Winner Matt Smith
RT .037 .025
60 FT 1.051 1.068
330 FT 2.828 2.853
660 FT 4.339 4.366
660 FT MPH 161.92 161.59
1000 FT 5.660 5.689
ET 6.790 6.822
MPH 198.00 197.36

.Hines is 33 – 12 against Smith in prior events and Hines is 5- 0 against Smith in prior final rounds. This is the first time number one and number six qualifiers meet in the final round. Smith gets a small lead at the green, but Hines is immediately out in front to pull steadily ahead for the six-foot win. Hines gets the Double Up bonus with a win in The MT PSB Shootout and the PSB final. This is his seventh win of the year. He has a career fifty-five wins and thirty-eight runner-ups.




Andrew Hines WINS Mickey Thompson Pro Bike Battle 

Andrew Hines added another impressive achievement to his dominant 2019 season, racing to his third NHRA Mickey Thompson Pro Bike Battle win during the 32nd annual NHRA Sonoma Nationals at Sonoma Raceway on Saturday. Hines earned a $25,000 payday in the all-star bonus race that featured eight top riders in Pro Stock Motorcycle.

Hines, the current points leader and winner of six races this season, knocked off teammate Eddie Krawiec in the final round with a run of 6.912-seconds at 193.24 mph on his new Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson FXDR the team debuted a week ago in Denver. Hines, who also won last weekend, beat Hector Arana Jr. and Smith to reach the finals against Krawiec, and will now look to win in Sonoma for the third time.

“Racing through this year and racing here at the Mickey Thompson Pro Bike Battle, I had my focus,” Hines said. “We had a tune-up we could rely on. I’ve always been the guy to put too much pressure on myself, and you take the points out of the equation (for a bonus race), and it always seemed to work out for me and today was no different. Mickey Thompson supporting this for the past three years has been phenomenal. They’re a great partner for the entire class and do so much great promotion for us.”

Defending Pro Stock Motorcycle world champion Matt Smith raced to the No. 1 position for the second straight race on his Denso/Stockseth/MSR EBR thanks to the 6.779 at a track record speed of 200.83 from Friday. It is his 34th career No. 1 qualifier and third this year, and he will take on Jianna Salinas in the first round on Sunday. Jerry Savoie qualified second with a 6.801 at 198.20, while Hines took third in qualifying thanks to his 6.829 at 197.74.

“We’re going to try to get two hats this weekend,” Matt Smith said. “We got the green one (for qualifying No. 1), now we want to get the yellow one (for winning the race). We just have to go back and reset, and we’ll go back out there and see what we can do tomorrow. We’ll be ready.”

01 Matt Smith 6.779 200.83
02 Jerry Savoie 6.801 198.2
03 Eddie Krawiec 6.838 199.85
04 Angie Smith 6.843 199.23
05 Karen Stoffer 6.844 193.9
06 Hector Arana Jr 6.856 197.02
07 Andrew Hines 6.889 198.7
08 Cory Reed 6.890 195.11
09 Katie Sullivan 6.890 194.24
10 Scott Pollacheck 6.910 196.07
11 Hector Arana 6.928 193.29
12 Angelle Sampey 6.942 184.47
13 Kelly Clontz 6.951 193.65
14 Ryan Oehler 6.956 194.97
15 Joey Gladstone 7.046 185.21
16 Jianna Salinas 7.064 189.87
17 Dylan Hendrix 7.121 188.99
18 Scott Bottorff 7.145 183.47
19 Michael Ray 7.158 187.31
20 Melissa Surber 7.217 189.76
21 James Surber 7.267 184.07


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