NHRA Summit ET Pacific Division Finals from LVMS

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NHRA Summit ET Pacific Division Finals from LVMS

The NHRA Summit ET finals for the Pacific Division (D7) were held October 5th to October 8th at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The Sunday winner of the “Summit Showdown” would earn the chance to go to Pomona in November to the 2017 NHRA World Finals to compete against the seven other divisional winners (and a wild card).  Also on the line Saturday was the team competition and “Wally”.  Friday was the conclusion of the “gambler’s race” and also “run for the money” 1/8 mile race.

Thursday was the test and tune day with the “gambler’s race” starting late in the afternoon.  The plan was to get two rounds in before restarting on Friday morning.  The motorcycles had a separate gambler race and 41 bikes and snowmobiles entered. In the final on Friday, Rocky Mountain Raceway teammates, Rick Newport and Jeff Durfey squared off in the final.

Jeff Durfey, West Jordan, UT in the gambler final against RMR teammate Rick Newport, Bluffldale, UT. Rick Newport would win.

Rick Newport got the advantage off the line with a .013 reaction time vs. Jeff Durfey’s .027, but it was a double breakout with Rick running closer to his dial of 8.50 with a 8.483@140.63mph to Jeff’s 9.447@135.80mph on his 9.47 dial.

Friday would be the beginning of those not in the gambler for time trials.  In the second time trial, was the “run for the money” was available for those that wanted to try and qualify.  To qualify for the 1/8th mile race, they would take the top 16 that were closest to their dial without going under.  Reaction time would only be used for the tiebreaker.  There were several breakouts! Here is the list of those that made it in:

  1. 782 Jeremy March, Flagstaff AZ, ’07 Hayabusa                                  0.006
  2. 7024 Steve Harrison, Lehi UT, ’96 H-D                                                0.008
  3. 731 Don Caesar, Antelope CA, ’07 Suzuki GSXR                               0.010
  4. 7066 Anthony De La Torre, Visalia CA, ’07 Kawasaki ZX14             0.011
  5. 738 David Ochoa, Tulare CA, ’12 Kawasaki ZX14                             0.011
  6. 7028 Mike Cragun, Sandy UT, ’79 Kawasaki                                      0.021
  7. 772 Dave Wheeler, Murray UT, ’06 Kawasaki Zx14                        0.023
  8. 7546 D.J. Martin, Glendale AZ, ’05 Hayabusa                                   0.030
  9. 7354 Dave Miller, Whittier CA, ’95 Suzuki GSXR                              0.030
  10. 7771 Jason Garza, Eureka CA, ’01 Kawasaki ZRX                             0.033
  11. 73 Rick Newport, Bluffdale UT, ’95 Suzuki GSXR                           0.041
  12. 747 Brockman Roberts, Rancho Cucamonga CA, ’08 ‘Busa          0.041
  13. 732 Laverk Harper, Fontana CA, ’14 Hayabusa                              0.043
  14. 7755 Brian Howey, Lemoore CA, ’06 Kawasaki ZX14                     0.053
  15. 761 Ken MacHost, Sacramento CA, ’92 Suzuki GSXR                    0.071
  16. 71 Tom Medlin, La Mirada CA, ’93 Suzuki GSXR                           0.074

First round winners were, Jeremy March over Dave Miller, Brockman Roberts over Anthony De La Torre, Dave Wheeler over Ken MacHost, Brian Howey over Mike Cragun, Jason Garza over Steve Harrison, La Verk Harper over David Ochoa, D.j. Martin over Tom Medlin, and Rick Newport over Don Caesar.

In the second round, winners were, Brian Howey over Jason Garza, D.j. Martin over Brockman Roberts, Rick Newport over Dave Wheeler, La Verk Harper over Jeremy March.

Brian Rowey, Lemoore, CA defeats La Verk Harper, Fontana, CA in the Run for the Money final.

In the semifinals, Brian Howey won a close one by .0050 when he ran 6.332@116.96mph on the 6.22 dial to D.j. Martin’s 5.804@119.41mph on the 5.78.  Brian had the reaction time advantage of .085 to .178.  In the other race, La Verk Harper beat Rick Newport running right on his dial at 5.447@126.35mph on the 5.44 with a .035 light.  Rick broke out with a 5.333@125.49 on the 5.34 with a .031 reaction time.

In the final, Brian Rowey ran right on his dial, 6.229@117.00mph with a .034 light to La Verk’s .037 reaction time and a 5.468@122.79mph on the 5.44 dial.  Congratulations to Brian on the Run for the Money win!

Saturday saw 66 bikes and snowmobiles going for the team race and a “Wally”.  Also if the winner was not part of the roster of the “Summit Showdown” race of champions, they would get into that as well.

This year again saw the return of the buyback round for the losers in the first round.  They would have to buyback and race each other to get into the 2nd round later.  There were a ton of breakouts in the first round and a few redlights as well.  Kirk Walton had the closest race and run to the dial in running 10.180@141.53mph on the 10.18 over Sean Conner who ran 8.812@136.65mph with Conner having the reaction time advantage, .063 vs .069.

Thirty one of the first round runner-up contestants bought back into the race.  The closest race was between Ken MacHost and Jeff Durfey.  Durfey had a .026 package but lost to Ken’s .023.  Ken had a .004 vs Jeff’s .025 and ran 10.199@127.71mph on the 10.18 dial.  Jeff ran right on with a one at 9.431@133.14mph.

In the second round, Bryan Duvall on a borrowed Suzuki, had the closest run and ran right on his dial of 9.71 with a 9.717@131.73mph to defeat D.j. Martin’s 9.149@145.93mph on his 9.11.

The third round, the best reaction time was by Aaron Pine with a .001 to beat Kahea Woods .015 and stretched out the win, 9.001@145.53mph (8.97) vs 8.831@150.41mph (8.76).  Freddie Camarena ran closest to the dial after Jay Thompson redlighted, running a 7.958@170.43mph on the 7.94.

In round four, Ed Bradell had the best package of the round with a .014 running 9.733@134.48mph with a .011 reaction time on the 9.73 dial to defeat Mike Cragun who also ran right on with a 10.235@126.18mph (10.23) but a .064 reaction time.

Allan Engvall beat John Toler, when John redlighted by -.016.

Thomas “Bud” Price defeated Sean Conner by running a 10.033@125.79mph on his Polaris snowmobile (9.95 dial) to 8.942@145.64mph on the 8.85 dial.  Sean was on Gary Oaks Kawasaki all weekend.

Paul Silvas ran a competition by when Dave Miller didn’t make the line.  He ran 9.836@144.41mph on the 9.60 dial with a .017 reaction time.

Bryan Duvall had the best light of the round with a .005 and ran 9.752@135.58mph on the 9.69 dial to beat Fast Freddie Camarena’s 8.027@168.22mph on the 7.93.

Saturday Team Winner, Leo Shaver and his ’87 Kawasaki.

Las Vegas racer, Leo Shaver beat Sacramento’s Michael O’Neil in a good one with a 8.971@146.15mph (8.95) and .038 reaction to a 9.127@140.27mph (9.08) and a .024 reaction time.

Aaron Pine drew the bye run and ran 8.974@148.76mph on the 8.96.

The quarterfinals in round 5, had Ed Bradell beating Bud Price.  Ed had the reaction time advantage with a .027 to .083, and ran 9.754@126.78mph on the 9.69 to Bud’s 10.023@125.40mph on the 9.98/

Aaron Pine won on a redlight by Allan Engvall (-.033).  Aaron ran it out to 8.949@149.15mph on the 8.97.

Leo Shaver also won on another red by Paul Silvas’ -.046.  Leo also ran it out to a 8.971@145.96mph on the 8.96 dial.

Bryan Duvall had the single run and ran 9.723@138.84mph on the 9.71.

In the semifinals, of round 6, Bryan Duvall redlighted by -.018 to give Aaron Pine the win.  Aaron ran right on with a 8.951@148.46mph on the 8.95 with a .040 light.

Leo Shaver forced Ed Bradell into a breakout with the starting line advantage of .026 vs .069.  Ed ran 9.638@137.64mph on the 9.67 dial in time.  Leo ran 9013@144.74mph on the 8.96 dial in.

In the final, round 7, the dial ins would be close. Leo at 8.99 and Aaron at 8.96.  Aaron redlights by just -.005 to give Leo the win.  He ran dead on too. 8.961@146.mph on the 8.96.  Leo ran it out and had a .024 light and 8.963@145.91 on the 8.99.

Leo Shaver, Las Vegas, NV defeated Aaron Pine, La Mirada, CA in the Team Final race on Saturday night.

After it was all done on Saturday, Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA won the team championship with 68 points.  Just behind with 67 was Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sacramento Raceway with 59, Rocky Mountain Raceway (Salt Lake City) with 54, and Auto Club Dragway (Fontana, CA) with 50 to cap off the top five.

Sunday went directly into the “Summit Showdown” or race of champions.  In the Pacific Division, this race determines who makes it to Pomona as the D7 champion.  In this race, the top 5 points placers for the season are invited with one more 100% attender added.  If someone can’t make the race, the next one in line steps up.  Also with the 45 entries, some tracks had two teams and some had none, so that’s why the numbers are a little different.

Everyone was a bit nervous or couldn’t figure out the dial in times.  There weren’t very many close to the dial runs!  Full results for first round are available at http://www.dragracecentral.com/DRCStory.asp?ID=333486&Filter=100#indextop

In round 2, most everyone settled back into their normal routines and ran some better numbers. 

Rick Newport had the best light at .010 against Aaron Pine, and La Verk Harper had the closest dial in with 8.651@151.20mph on the 8.64 with a .028 light defeating Michael O’Neil with the 9.116@140.42mph on the 9.10 and .034 reaction.


In round 3, Kahea Woods had the best run of the group with a .001 and 8.923@132.71mph on the 8.91 vs Shannon Wisdom’s .089 and 8.750@149.18mph on the 8.64. Other winners were, Rick Newport, Don Caesar, Dave Miller, Ken MacHost, Kirk Walton.


The quarterfinals in round 4, saw Don Caesar getting the win over Kirk Walton with a big reaction time advantage, .033 vs .104 and running 9.379@143.72mph on the 9.35.  Walton broke out on the brakes with 10.049@127.9mph on the 10.17.

eammates Kahea Woods, Las Vegas, NV (near lane) vs Rick Newport in the “Summit Showdown” final on Sunday.

Rick Newport got the slight reaction time advantage over Ken MacHost with a .022 to a .023.  The margin of victory was .0060 when Rick ran 8.513@143.08mph (8.42) to 10.328@127.67mph (10.23).

Kahea Woods beat Dave Miller with a .016 light and a 8.881@146.51mph run on the 8.86 to a 8.267@153.95mph on the 8.22 dial for Dave.


Rick Newport with the NHRA Summit ET Pacific Division Wally with teammate and runner-up Kahea Woods.

In the final round, it was the two teammates.  Rick Newport races for Rocky Mountain Raceway and lives in Bluffdale, Utah and Kahea Woods races for Las Vegas Motor Speedway and lives in North Las Vegas.  But Kahea is Rick’s engine builder so a lot of the racers were joking around that Rick might “have problems” in the final.  But it was a breakout for Kahea that gave Rick Newport the win and his first trip to Pomona for the World Finals.  Rick had the advantage off the line with a .033 vs .068 reaction time.  Rick ran right on with a 8.472@149.95mph (8.47) to Kahea’s 8.842@149.81 mph (8.87).

Kahea spoke for both riders with the list of sponsors to thank.

Newport/Woods Motorsports made it a All Team final in the Sportsman Motorcycle ROC at the Division 7 ET finals.

It was bitter sweet, Rick got the better of me for the win.

Newport/Woods Motorsports, going to Pomona.

Thank you to all our sponsors

Thank you to the hard working crew at division 7 Mike Rice

And the hardest working man In Drag racing. Jeff Foster and the LVMS crew.


Thanks again to everyone for a great weekend of racing and fun!

The Summit ET Divisional winners and wild card will race on the NHRA World Finals weekend, November 9-12, 2017.

 – Kirk Walton, Team RMR

Photos by Bob Johnson Photograph

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