NHRA Top Fuel Harley: Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals

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NHRA Mello Yellow drag racing series
60th annual Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals
presented by ProtectTheHarvest.com
Auto Club Raceway at Pomona
February 7-9, 2020

Top Fuel Harley

Randal Andras ended the 2019 NHRA Top Fuel Harley season with a win, and he returns fro the 2020 drag racing season the way he went out. Andras took the top spot in qualifying on Saturday with a 6.224 at 207.85mph to lead the ten bike field at Pomona.

In round one of eliminations Tim Kerrigan, Tii Tharpe, Jay Turner, and Randal Andras all cut better lights and ran six-second passes to move on to round two of eliminations. In round two the competition got tighter with Thapre taking a win over teammate Jay Tunerm and Andras getting the best of Tim Kerrigan.

In the final round, Tii Tharpe has the win/loss percentage in his favor as he takes the tree against Andras. Andras gets the starting line advantage with a .019 reaction time to Tharpe’s’ .044.  Andras starts to drifts to the centerline as he gets down track, but he is able to keep it in his lane to take the win over Tharpe despite Tharpe running his second-best pass of the weekend at 6.569. See more coverage from this weekend by Sandra Alberti over at the NHRA Top Fuel Harley page, click here.


Round 1 Eliminations

Driver Tim Kerrigan – Winner Rickey House
RT .079 .110
60 FT 1.147 1.151
330 FT 2.910 2.999
660 FT 4.310 4.824
660 FT MPH 173.29 124.73
1000 FT 5.572 6.677
ET 6.673 8.495
MPH 201.19 117.06

Kerrigan gets away first and pulls steadily ahead to the finish line on a clan pass for the easy win. House chases, but has the bike drive steadily towards the centerline down track and he has to lift.

Driver Tii Tharpe – Winner Tyler Wilson
RT .000 -.225
60 FT 1.177 1.238
330 FT 2.988 3.085
660 FT 4.401 4.659
660 FT MPH 174.64 142.37
1000 FT 5.641 6.362
ET 6.753 8.154
MPH 198.47 116.08

Wilson goes red by a bunch and Tharpe nails the tree with a perfect light! Tharpe runs clean to the finish line, as Wilson has the chute out before the 1000 foot lights.


Driver Jay Turner – Winner Greg Justice
RT .084 .119
60 FT 1.145 1.251
330 FT 2.918 3.144
660 FT 4.288 4.827
660 FT MPH 180.89 132.58
1000 FT 5.581 6.706
ET 6.948 8.690
MPH 152.54 105.43

Justice is late at the green and dumps early. Turner leaves hard and clicks it early too. He gives up lane choice to Tharpe next round.

Round 2 Eliminations

Driver Randal Andras – Winner Rich Vreeland
RT .053 .212
60 FT 1.146 1.131
330 FT 2.863 3.395
660 FT 4.171 6.372
660 FT MPH 191.05 71.93
1000 FT 5.288 9.866
ET 6.279 13.636
MPH 216.58 54.78

Vreeland is way late and starts coasting early. Another strong pass from #1 qualifier Andras. He will keep lane choice next round.


Driver Tii Tharpe – Winner Jay Turner
RT .047 .075
60 FT 1.134 1.205
330 FT 2.840 3.143
660 FT 4.160 4.667
660 FT MPH 187.99 163.81
1000 FT 5.308 5.957
ET 6.315 7.078
MPH 213.43 196.27

Tharpe finally gets a full pull and makes his best run of the weekend to secure a spot in the final round. Turner was second off the line and sounded to have a struggling engine going down the track.

Driver Randal Andras – Winner Tim Kerrigan
RT .058 -.036
60 FT 1.142 1.120
330 FT 2.878 2.867
660 FT 4.204 4.260
660 FT MPH 188.78 174.32
1000 FT 5.331 5.511
ET 6.354 6.624
MPH 205.91 196.70

Kerrigan red lights, but rides his bike to the finish line under power to make his quickest pass of the weekend. Andras can’t match his prior best, but gets the easy win and a trip to the final round. He gives up lane choice to Tharpe.

FINAL Eliminations

Driver Tii Tharpe Randal Andras – Winner
RT .044 .019
60 FT 1.139 1.117
330 FT 2.846 2.853
660 FT 4.166 4.137
660 FT MPH 184.45 210.64
1000 FT 5.416 5.260
ET 6.569 6.346
MPH 189.02 191.62

This is the first time these two have met in a final round. Tharpe already has ten wins. Andras has three prior runner-ups. Andras has the starting line advantage, but has his hands full down track, as the bikes drifts to the centerline. He just stays i his lane for the win. Tharpe makes his second-best pass of the weekend, but can’t catch a stronger Andras.


FINAL Qualifying

01 Randal Andras 6.224 207.85
02 Jay Turner 6.301 217.6
03 Tii Tharpe 6.630 184.8
04 Rickey House 6.752 210.44
05 Tim Kerrigan 6.807 200.89
06 Tyler Wilson 6.844 167.45
07 Greg Justice 7.186 180.04
08 Rich Vreeland 7.506 147.2
09 Tony Ruggiero 8.303 116.2
10 Mike Scott 8.496 173.74


#1 Qualifier Randal Andras picking up where he left off in Indy last year when he won the 2019 #USNats… can he do it again here in Pomona?Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels#TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Qualifying Round 3 Runs

Q3 (L) Tii Tharpe (R) Tyler a Wilson

Q3 (L) Tii Tharpe (R) Tyler a Wilson#TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Saturday, February 8, 2020


Q3 (L) Rich Vreeland (R) Rickey House

Q3 (L) Rich Vreeland (R) Rickey House#TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Saturday, February 8, 2020


Q3 (L) Jay Turner (R) Randal Andras

TFH #1 and #2 Swap

Q3 (L) Jay Turner (R) Randal Andras#TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Saturday, February 8, 2020


Q3 (L) Mike Scott (R) Tim Kerrigan

Q3 (L) Mike Scott (R) Tim Kerrigan#TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Saturday, February 8, 2020


Q3 (L) Greg Justice (R) Tony Ruggiero

Q3 (L) Greg Justice (R) Tony Ruggiero #TopFuelHarley #CH3NO2 #Winternats #SpeedForAll #NHRAonFOX #GoOnYello

Posted by NHRA Top Fuel Harley on Saturday, February 8, 2020


See more coverage from this weekend by Sandra Alberti over at the NHRA Top Fuel Harley page, click here.

The Mello Yello Drag Racing Series continues on Feb. 21-23 at the NHRA Arizona Nationals at Wild Horse Pass.

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