NHRA: Top Fuel Harley Motorcycle Coverage at New England Nationals

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NHRA Mello Yellow drag racing series

NHRA New England Nationals
New England Dragway
July 5-7, 2019

Coverage by Tom McCarthy

Top Fuel Harley

For video coverage from the event, visit our media partner, the NHRA Top Fuel Harley Facebook page, for racing and interview videos. 


On Sunday afternoon, the Top Fuel Harleys took to the race track following the opening ceremony and the fuel cars. The first pair out was Tii Tharpe and Randal Andras, the number five and four qualifiers respectively. Randal was first off the line with a .047 reaction to the tree, but Tii had the quicker motorcycle this round. His 6.375 to Randal’s 6.43 was just what Tii needed for his most important round win of the year, due to the events that immediately followed his pass.

The next pair out was Beau Layne and Tracy Kile, a very important matchup. Beau led Tii by 17 championship points coming into the event. By Tii winning in E-1, this became a must win round for Beau Layne. But a W was not in the cards for Beau this day. His .126 RT to Tracy’s .021 reaction time was his undoing. Tracy clocked in with a 6.66 to Beau’s quicker 6.57, but the RT decided the race on the starting line.

Mike Scott then faced off with Ricky House. Both racers have yet to win an event in 2019 but they are both more than capable of winning on any Sunday. Mike Scott’s .067 RT was just a breeze slower than Ricky’s .066 and they were glued together at the launch. By mid track Mike’s bike developed an issue and slowed, as Ricky House thundered on for the win with a 6.47, his best pass of the event so far.

In the final match-up of the round, Doug Vancil, the number one qualifier lined up with Billy Jack the number eight qualifier sitting on the bump spot. The quickest of the weekend Vs #8 qualifier. Doug launched hard off the line and just after his front end came up, his drive chain broke a link. The chain lay like a dead snake out on the track near the 60’ clock and that was all for that matchup.

Lane Winner
Driver Randal Andras Tii Tharpe
RT .047 .072
60 FT 1.121 1.122
330 FT 2.890 2.837
660 FT 4.247 4.169
660 FT MPH 182.62 184.35
1000 FT 5.410 5.325
ET 6.423 6.375
MPH 221.74 196.93
Andras with the starting line advantage, but Tharpe has the lead by 200 feet. Tharpe starts drifting out of the groove and over by the centerline. He holds on for the win. Tii Tharpe’s MOV: 0.0232 seconds (approximately 8 feet). He runs his quickest pass of the weekend for the win.
Lane Winner
Driver Beau Layne Tracy Kile
RT .126 .021
60 FT 1.153 1.161
330 FT 2.886 2.987
660 FT 4.216 4.395
660 FT MPH 188.28 181.32
1000 FT 5.447 5.605
ET 6.572 6.665
MPH 195.65 204.29
Kile with a great light and the power to hold on for the hole shot win. Tracy Kile’s MOV: 0.0124 seconds (approximately 4 feet).
Lane Winner
Driver Mike Scott Rickey House
RT .067 .065
60 FT 1.136 1.162
330 FT 3.324 2.911
660 FT 5.889 4.284
660 FT MPH 84.42 180.81
1000 FT 8.794 5.458
ET 11.807 6.473
MPH 69.64 218.90
House with a couple of ticks on the tree and then started to drift out of the groove after half track. He holds on for the win with his quickest pass of the weekend for the win. He will have lane choice over Kile in the semifinal. Scott was up in smoke right at the hit
Lane Winner
Driver Doug Vancil Billy Jackson
RT .083 .091
60 FT 2.563 1.128
330 FT 3.129
660 FT 4.757
660 FT MPH 149.22
1000 FT 6.304
ET 7.849
MPH 137.20
Vancil with the slight starting line advantage, but broke the chain and he came to a stop on the track. Jackson’s bike quit after half track, but he coast to the win. He will give up lane choice to Tharpe in the semifinal.

Semi-Final Round

Tii Tharpe in seeking to defend his 2018 championship point’s season came out swinging in his matchup against Billy Jack. Billy had a much quicker reaction time with his .060 RT to Tii’s off-pace .126, but his Jay Turner Racing horsepower was more than enough to run down Billy Jack’s early shut-off run. Tii crossed the finish line first with a 6.55 to Billy’s ten-second elapsed time and his win was electric.

During the run, Tii had a spark plug wire come loose and it started to discharge through the motorcycle’s frame. Tii being hot and sweaty had soaked through leathers, which made him a bit of a lightening-rod as the ignition discharging, zapping Tii for much of the run. This prompted Tii to actually get up off the metal seat of the bike, as he was receiving shocks to his hip contact points – he was literally in the hot seat!

In the next pair out to set up the final round, Tracy Kile and his Bad Apple racing team had some starting difficulties, but Ricky House waited for Tracy and they eventually got his bike fired up. When the tree went green, Tracy’s .061 was quicker than Rickey’s .091, but Mr. House dropped the whole house on T.K. running 6.39 @ 220 MPH to Tracy’s 7.33 @ 204 MPH effort. This will pair up Sharkey and the Champ, Tii Tharpe to decide the winner of this race.

Lane Winner
Driver Tii Tharpe Billy Jackson
RT .126 .060
60 FT 1.137 1.127
330 FT 2.878 3.353
660 FT 4.215 5.674
660 FT MPH 186.07 97.64
1000 FT 5.412 8.078
ET 6.554 10.419
MPH 196.76 91.27
Jackson with the starting line advantage, but was up in smoke right at the hit. Tharpe is straight down the groove for the win. After the win, the spark plug wire comes off and he is wanting to get off the bike in a hurry.
Lane Winner
Driver Tracy Kile Rickey House
RT .061 .091
60 FT 1.242 1.135
330 FT 3.412 2.865
660 FT 4.965 4.215
660 FT MPH 165.60 182.70
1000 FT 6.244 5.381
ET 7.333 6.391
MPH 204.32 220.08
Kile with the starting line advantage, but he is up in smoke. House with another great pass for the win. He will have lane choice over Tharpe in the final.

Final Round

Rickey House and Tii matched up for the final round and it was Ricky House with the starting line advantage .033 to .049. But that was the only time in the race House would lead Tii Tharpe. From the starting line tree on down track, Tharpe just powered away from Sharkey and crossed the finish line first, 6.39 to 6.42. It was a very good, wheels-up drag race for 1320 feet for the fans, but it was all Tii Tarpe, all the way.

Lane Winner
Driver Tii Tharpe Rickey House
RT .049 .033
60 FT 1.132 1.152
330 FT 2.862 2.881
660 FT 4.194 4.238
660 FT MPH 184.88 181.79
1000 FT 5.357 5.409
ET 6.393 6.424
MPH 214.69 219.61
Weather conditions: air temperature 85 degrees, relative humidity 44 percent, barometer 29.76 inches, adjusted altitude 2,572 feet, track temperature 130 degrees. House with the starting line advantage, but Tharpe has the lead by the time they go by the Christmas tree and never trails from there on for the win. Tii Tharpe’s MOV: 0.0152 seconds (approximately 5 feet). He wins his third consecutive event this season. He wins his 10th career Wally.


This gives Tharpe a solid lead in NHRA championship points as the NHRA launches into its western swing. The NHRA TFH will race again in Seattle on August 2-4, for the North West Nationals with three races remaining in their 2019 schedule.


On Saturday afternoon of the New England Nationals, 2019, the qualifying sessions for the day were moved up from the very start of operations by the NHRA as they knew a bad weather front was moving in during the afternoon hours. Q-3 of the four qualifying sessions happened just after 2PM for the Top Fuel Harleys and it would be the last session of the day due to that weather front washing out Q-4.

During Q-3, Randal Andreas turned in a fine 6.49 @ 213 MPH to move from the 11th position to the bottom half of the ladder and Jay Turner who improved from a 7.27 to a 6.98 elapsed time. This improved Jay from 11th place to #9, but this still had Jay outside the bump for the 8 bike field.

Beau Layne turned in a 6.52 which did not improve his previous 6.47, but Beau could see he was likely still in the show. And with a 133 degree track temp, and 3,481 foot corrected altitude, all things considered, not a bad run. In the other lane, Peter Giess ran a 6.94, a big improvement from his previous 12 second elapsed time, but still Pete was outside looking in.

Rich Vreeland then ran a high-wheel-standing 6.65, carrying the front tire high past the 660’ mark, almost to 1,000’. His 6.65 was a big improvement from the 7.25, but it was oh-so-close. In the lane beside Rich was Bobby Malloy who’s 7.60 was no help for his previous 7.58, as Bob was just not having his best weekend of racing.

Ricky House then shuffled the deck by running a 6.61 and moved from the bump to 7th place. As he did that, Billy Jack stepped up with a 6.651 to nuzzle into the show, while running in the lane next to Sharkey.

Doug Vancil, with his Mike Romine power then showed everyone how it’s done in the heat of the day with a stellar 6.33 at a thundering 229 MPH as he went straight to the head of the class. In the lane next to Doug was Tracy Kile on the Bad Apple Racing bike and TK had something happen early in the run and just motored down the 1320 so as not to hold up the show.

The last pair out was Mike Scott with a 6.97 which was trumped by his earlier 6.36 on Friday, so Mike was solid in the show no matter what. Last year’s #1 champ, Tii Tharpe clocked in with a final run 6.53 and that was a tad batter than his previous best, 6.54, so this assured Tii a slot in the eight bike ladder for Sunday.

With Doug Vancil in the #1 qualifying spot (6.33) Doug has Billy Jack in round one. Randal Andras has teammate Tii Tharpe, Mike Scott faces Ricky House, and Beau Layne has Tracy Kile. The Mickey Thompson Tires Top Fuel Harleys will run on Sunday, close to 12 noon, EST right after Top Fuel and the Funny Car sessions.

Qualifying Round 3

01 Doug Vancil 6.332 229.16
02 Mike Scott 6.366 220.8
03 Beau Layne 6.474 219.9
04 Randal Andras 6.492 213.67
05 Tii Tharpe 6.547 205.41
06 Tracy Kile 6.553 198.7
07 Rickey House 6.611 218.72
08 Billy Jackson 6.651 207.85
09 Rich Vreeland 6.657 211.69
10 Peter Geiss 6.946 171.99
11 Jay Turner 6.982 214.18
12 Bob Malloy 7.581 149.1



Lane Left Right
Driver Randal Andras Jay Turner
RT .024 .147
60 FT 1.153 1.134
330 FT 2.942 2.873
660 FT 4.307 4.524
660 FT MPH 182.21 142.34
1000 FT 5.475 5.909
ET 6.492 6.982
MPH 213.67 214.18

Andras with a good looking pass, straight down the groove into the top half of the show. Randal
Andras’ incremental times: 60ft-1.153 sec., 330ft-2.942, 660ft-4.307/182.21 mph, 1,000ft-5.475.
Turner with his quickest pass of the weekend, but will not get in the show.

Lane Left Right
Driver Beau Layne Peter Geiss
Dial In
RT .043 .087
60 FT 1.166 1.198
330 FT 2.975 3.040
660 FT 4.353 4.477
660 FT MPH 180.72 176.84
1000 FT 5.526 5.719
ET 6.529 6.946
MPH 227.46 171.99

Layne with a clean pass, the fastest pass of the weekend. He will not improve. Beau Layne’s
incremental times: 60ft-1.166 sec., 330ft-2.975, 660ft-4.353/180.72 mph, 1,000ft-5.526. Geiss with his quickest pass of the weekend, but will not get in the show.

Lane Left Right
Driver Rich Vreeland Bob Malloy
Dial In
RT .186 .151
60 FT 1.186 1.079
330 FT 3.010 2.802
660 FT 4.403 4.378
660 FT MPH 176.74 145.25
1000 FT 5.607 5.982
ET 6.657 7.602
MPH 211.69 129.92

Vreeland is straight down the groove to get in the show. Rich Vreeland’s incremental times:
60ft-1.186 sec., 330ft-3.010, 660ft-4.403/176.74 mph, 1,000ft-5.607. Malloy will not improve and is down to one shot to get in the show.

Lane Left Right
Driver Rickey House Billy Jackson
Dial In
RT .126 .137
60 FT 1.134 1.137
330 FT 2.947 2.945
660 FT 4.390 4.373
660 FT MPH 174.57 175.94
1000 FT 5.590 5.599
ET 6.611 6.651
MPH 218.72 207.85

House launched hard and kept it hooked up to move up the ladder one spot. Rickey House’s
incremental times: 60ft-1.134 sec., 330ft-2.947, 660ft-4.390/174.57 mph, 1,000ft-5.590. Jackson was straight down the groove to get in the show.

Lane Left Right
Driver Doug Vancil Tracy Kile
Dial In
RT .078 .145
60 FT 1.102 1.185
330 FT 2.817 3.430
660 FT 4.163 6.052
660 FT MPH 182.23 84.63
1000 FT 5.329 8.794
ET 6.332 11.377
MPH 229.16 84.38

Vancil launched hard and kept it hooked up to go to the number one spot. Doug Vancil’s incremental
times: 60ft-1.102 sec., 330ft-2.817, 660ft-4.163/182.23 mph, 1,000ft-5.329. Kile smoked the tire and clicked it off.

Lane Left Right
Driver Mike Scott Tii Tharpe
Dial In
RT .098 .051
60 FT 1.257 1.160
330 FT 3.171 2.953
660 FT 4.652 4.339
660 FT MPH 168.05 177.49
1000 FT 5.911 5.552
ET 6.975 6.653
MPH 217.14 197.05

Scott labored of the starting line… Tharpe clicked it off early and will not improve.


The weather for qualifying was brutally hot. Air temp was 94, track temp 137, and the adjusted altitude was 3,071 feet for a race track that is actually only 90’ above sea level. Ambient conditions were just a nightmare Even the best NHRA car teams were 2-3 tenths off their normal numbers.

Qualifying for Q-1 and Q-2 took place at 4PM and 5:44 PM. While the teams were struggling (understandably so) with tough conditions, of the 12 teams entered, the eight bike field after two sessions emerged with Mike Scott in the top spot with a very respectable 6.36 @ 220, followed by Beau Layne & Doug Vancil both with 6.47 elapsed times, thanks to Romine Racing tune-ups.

Tii Tharpe stepped up to a 6.54 and Tracy Kile of Bad Apple Racing 6.55. Ricky House 6.73, Billy Jack 6.94 and Rich Vreeland 7.25 sits on the bump spot.

For the moment with end of qualifying on Friday, Jay Turner, Bob Malloy, Randal Andras, and Peter Geiss are all on the outside looking in from the DNQ list of Friday. Saturday qualifying will likely shuffle the overall order greatly.

Qualifying Round 2

01 Mike Scott 6.366 220.8
02 Beau Layne 6.474 219.9
03 Doug Vancil 6.478 221.05
04 Tii Tharpe 6.547 205.41
05 Tracy Kile 6.553 198.7
06 Rickey House 6.739 216.2
07 Billy Jackson 6.945 167.24
08 Rich Vreeland 7.259 205.6
09 Jay Turner 7.279 166.11
10 Bob Malloy 7.581 149.1
11 Randal Andras 8.964 109.55
12 Peter Geiss 10.500 81.99



Lane Left Right
Driver Rich Vreeland Tracy Kile
Dial In
RT .097 .309
60 FT 1.173 1.116
330 FT 3.270 2.856
660 FT 4.848 4.244
660 FT MPH 159.42 182.28
1000 FT 6.146 5.458
ET 7.259 6.553
MPH 205.60 198.70

Vreeland is straight down the groove. Rich Vreeland’s incremental times: 60ft-1.173 sec.,
330ft-3.270, 660ft-4.848/159.42 mph, 1,000ft-6.146.
Kile kept it hooked up… Tracy Kile’s incremental times: 60ft-1.116 sec., 330ft-2.856,
660ft-4.244/182.28 mph, 1,000ft-5.458.

Lane Left Right
Driver Mike Scott Tii Tharpe
Dial In
RT .114 .054
60 FT 1.133 1.119
330 FT 2.868 2.862
660 FT 4.198 4.231
660 FT MPH 185.23 175.73
1000 FT 5.357 5.463
ET 6.366 6.547
MPH 220.80 205.41

Scott launched hard and was straight down the groove. Mike Scott’s incremental times: 60ft-1.133
sec., 330ft-2.868, 660ft-4.198/185.23 mph, 1,000ft-5.357.
Tharpe with a good clean pass to go to the number three spot. Tii Tharpe’s incremental times:
60ft-1.119 sec., 330ft-2.862, 660ft-4.231/175.73 mph, 1,000ft-5.463.

Lane Left Right
Driver Rickey House Peter Geiss
Dial In
RT .248 .677
60 FT 1.171 1.268
330 FT 3.015 3.321
660 FT 4.470 5.461
660 FT MPH 170.95 101.13
1000 FT 5.700 7.918
ET 6.739 10.500
MPH 216.20 81.99

House is straight down the groove to get in the show.
Geiss labored off the starting line and then was out out of the groove and took out a centerline
cone. This will cost him five points.

Lane Left Right
Driver Randal Andras Bob Malloy
Dial In
RT .043 .133
60 FT 1.369 1.083
330 FT 5.322 2.828
660 FT 9.573 4.444
660 FT MPH 52.41 142.15
1000 FT 14.285 6.066
ET 19.215 7.581
MPH 42.41 149.10

Andras was up in smoke right at the hit and clicked it off.
Malloy clicked it off early.

Lane Left Right
Driver Doug Vancil Billy Jackson
Dial In
RT .051 .180
60 FT 1.135 1.160
330 FT 2.890 2.990
660 FT 4.266 4.426
660 FT MPH 178.73 174.93
1000 FT 5.459 5.693
ET 6.478 6.945
MPH 221.05 167.24

Vancil is straight down the groove to get in the show. Doug Vancil’s incremental times: 60ft-1.135
sec., 330ft-2.890, 660ft-4.266/178.73 mph, 1,000ft-5.459.
Jackson with a clean pass to move up the ladder one spot. Bill Jackson’s incremental times:
60ft-1.160 sec., 330ft-2.990, 660ft-4.426/174.93 mph, 1,000ft-5.693.

Lane Left Right
Driver Beau Layne
Class TFH
Dial In
RT .049
60 FT 1.179
330 FT 4.438
660 FT 8.036
660 FT MPH 64.28
1000 FT 11.526
ET 14.655
MPH 70.84

Layne smoked the tire right at the hit and clicked it off.

Qualifying Round 1

01 Beau Layne 6.474 219.9
02 Jay Turner 7.279 166.11
03 Billy Jackson 7.378 142.63
04 Doug Vancil 7.510 134.04
05 Bob Malloy 7.984 117.93
06 Randal Andras 8.964 109.55
07 Rickey House 9.439 100.25
08 Peter Geiss 12.757 65.47
09 Tii Tharpe 14.453 89.7
10 Tracy Kile 16.176 65.73
11 Mike Scott 16.474 75.91
12 Rich Vreeland 18.077 57.26



Lane Left Right
Driver Peter Geiss Rich Vreeland
Dial In
RT .155 .168
60 FT 1.193 1.456
330 FT 3.541 5.429
660 FT 6.371 9.850
660 FT MPH 76.39 51.81
1000 FT 9.535 14.196
ET 12.757 18.077
MPH 65.47 57.26

Weather conditions: air temperature 94 degrees, relative humidity 39 percent, barometer 29.90
inches, adjusted altitude 3,071 feet, track temperature 137 degrees.
Geiss is making his first pass of the season on the NHRA tour. He starts to lose traction and
clicks it off.
Vreeland with problems right at the hit.

Lane Left Right
Driver Tracy Kile Randal Andras
Dial In
RT .140 .089
60 FT 1.384 1.223
330 FT 5.265 3.201
660 FT 9.129 5.017
660 FT MPH 60.86 121.13
1000 FT 12.827 7.003
ET 16.176 8.964
MPH 65.73 109.55

Kile lost traction and clicked it off.
Andras started to haze the tires and clicked it off.

Lane Left Right
Driver Billy Jackson Mike Scott
Dial In
RT .222 .168
60 FT 1.155 1.781
330 FT 2.960 6.246
660 FT 4.402 10.005
660 FT MPH 162.37 63.11
1000 FT 5.887 13.481
ET 7.378 16.474
MPH 142.63 75.91

Jackson clicked it off on the top end, but still with the quickest pass of the session.
Scott lost traction right at the hit.

Lane Left Right
Driver Jay Turner Rickey House
Dial In
RT .231 .145
60 FT 1.220 1.130
330 FT 3.137 3.064
660 FT 4.667 5.108
660 FT MPH 161.36 108.57
1000 FT 5.998 7.297
ET 7.279 9.439
MPH 166.11 100.25

Turner clicked it off early but still makes the quickest pass of the session.
House started to lose traction and clicked it off.

Lane Left Right
Driver Bob Malloy Doug Vancil
Dial In
RT .099 .070
60 FT 1.078 1.115
330 FT 2.846 2.863
660 FT 4.463 4.390
660 FT MPH 139.96 155.08
1000 FT 6.199 5.933
ET 7.984 7.510
MPH 117.93 134.04

The first side-by-side drag race of the session, but both shut off early.

Lane Left Right
Driver Tii Tharpe Beau Layne
Dial In
RT .133 .035
60 FT 1.387 1.135
330 FT 5.612 2.920
660 FT 9.096 4.300
660 FT MPH 73.31 180.26
1000 FT 11.970 5.469
ET 14.453 6.474
MPH 89.70 219.90

Tharpe lost traction right at the hit and clicked it off.
Layne is straight down the groove to the number one spot. Beau Layne’s incremental times:
60ft-1.135 sec., 330ft-2.920, 660ft-4.300/180.26 mph, 1,000ft-5.469.


As the 4th of July weekend unfolds, the Mickey Thompson Top Fuel Harleys have rolled into New England Dragway, in Epping, NH for the 7th annual New England Nationals. It’s hard to believe the NHRA Mello Yello series has been bringing the big show to NED for seven years now but there it is.

Back in 2013 the first ever running of the event, NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle was the feature for the two-wheel sect. John Hall was the winner that year and Angie Smith won in PSM the following year. Motorcycle drag racing, especially the Top Fuel bikes go way back here at NED. Once upon a time it was Dave Bourbeau and Danny Cooper in Top Fuel motorcycle, now it’s the likes of Jay Turner, Bobby Malloy and Rich Vreeland rocking the house.

Back in the late 1990’when the Top Fuel Harleys really started to gain attention here at NED, it was Bobby Spina and Bill Furr battling it out with folks like Jim McClure, Johnny Mancuso, Mark Conner, Doug Vancil, heck – all the greats of TFH have raced at New England Dragway at one time or another.

Coming into this race, in Mickey Thompson Top Fuel Harley championship points: Beau Layne is leading the pack with 376 points in this the 7th race of a ten race series. Last year’s champion, Tii Tharpe is in the number two spot with 359 points and Doug Vancil is currently in third place with 308 on the board. Bobby Malloy, Jay Turner and Ricky House are all still within striking distance, but they would need a decisive win here at Epping to pull into serious contention. Only three races remain for the big thunder bikes: Seattle, Brainerd and Indy. Anyone making a serious points move up from the depths will have to do it at this race, or simply fight the good fight.

12 Top Fuel Harley teams have entered the event including, Tii Tharpe, Doug Vancil, Rickey House, Tracy Kile, Jay Turner, Beau Layne, Peter Geiss, Randal Andras, Mike Scott, Billy Jack, Bob Malloy and Rich Vreeland. As of Thursday, July 4th, most of the teams and their machines are already in the pits ready to fire up.

Bad Apple Racing, the Tracy Kile, Frank Capone venture is heating things up with Frank in the house working crew duties helping out TK. And Frank has announced he will return to action at the end of the AMRA season in Rockingham with pilot Craig Fischer piloting his old bike. Craig raced for many years with the old AHDRA sanction and has been to many an AMRA event as well as a sportsman racer. It’s good to see the old combination of Frank Capone, Mark Godin, Lorne Buchanan back in the pits again, get’n dirty.

Also in the house this weekend, Janette Thornley, Buddy Foss, Mark Conner and more to come! Qualifying is slated to begin on Friday, 5 July at 4 PM, followed by Q-2 at 5:45 PM. On Saturday Q-3 is slated for 1:45 and Q-4 set for 4:15 PM EST. All times are subject to racing conditions.


1 – Tii Tharpe
2 – Doug Vancil
4 – Rickey House
13 – Tracy Kile
63 – Jay Turner
76 – Beau Layne
100 – Peter Geiss
204 – Randall Andras M
602 – Mike Scott
711 – William Jackson H
1039 – Robert Malloy
6640 – Richard Vreeland


Tom McCarthy Until Next time…

– Tom McCarthy

Headquartered in Glendora, Calif., NHRA is the primary sanctioning body for the sport of drag racing in the United States. NHRA presents 24 national events featuring the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Racing Series. NHRA provides competition opportunities for drivers of all levels in the NHRA Summit Racing Series and the NHRA Drags: Street Legal Style presented by AAA. NHRA also offers NHRA Jr. Street program for teens and the Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League for youth ages 5 to 17. In addition, NHRA owns and operates four racing facilities: Atlanta Dragway in Georgia; Gainesville Raceway in Florida; Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis; and Auto Club Raceway at Pomona in Southern California. For more information, log on to NHRA.com