NHRA US Nats Raceday – Day 4

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Monday morning the Pro Stock Bike pits have been thinned out with many of the teams that didn’t make the show leaving the night before.  NHRA mandates that if a race team doesn’t leave by early raceday morning, you can’t leave until the race is over.

Eddie and his dad took off Sunday night.  Eddie was pretty dejected although he tried to put a good face on.  Tommy, Dave, Ray and Marco flew out early Monday.  I would have to spend the rest of the event without Marco’s entertainment.  Bummer.  Jack stayed to crew for Chris Bostic, whose regular crew was stuck in Florida due to hurricane Francis.  Chris swapped a motor out Sunday night.

Before he left Dave has his MSD box checked out on-site and it was found to be bad.  They gave him a new one.  He can’t wait until Reading.

It was George Bryce’s 50th birthday and they had a cake for him.  They said the girls came back for another shoot. I missed it but it wouldn’t have been as much fun without Marco.

There was still more talk about Chip and the 7.11 on the Buell.  One knowledgeable person close to the Vance & Hines team thought the NHRA should add another 25 pounds to 60 degree V-twin bikes with fairings.  This is a long way from over.

Round 1

Shawn Gann

Gann came out in the first pair and hit a 7.192 against Johnson which seemed to set a good bar.  Two pairs back Bostic runs a 7.195 to get by Michael Phillips.  Looks like Jack was turning the right screws.

Phillips was pissed after the run.  He felt Bostic was “playing games” in the staging lights.  He pre-staged and Bostic tickled the top bulb and backed out.  Phillips then backed out.  After they went in Bostic got the holeshot.

Phillips let him know his displeasure in the turn-out area and gave Bostic a head-butt.  Things escalated to the point where NHRA officials had to separate the two.  “It was awesome,” said Jack, who was just happy to be in the park.

Drew was next up on the track and raised the bar with a 7.161 to take out Geno.  And then we had Ellis…..

Kurt Matte was brought to the line as Chips’ crew thrashed on the bike.  Kurt got the green as Chip was left in the start box.  It turned out to be a stuck throttle cable.  Jackie would later say that when they brought it back to the pits it worked fine.  A tough end to a stunning weekend for Chip and the G-squared team.

Angelle was the best of the last three pairs with a 7.18 over Helvie.  Other first round winners were Treble, Antron and GT.  The way the ladder works out the two V-Rods will face each other in the next round.

Round 2

Treble trailed Brown through the traps as Gann matched Drew’s previous 7.161 as Kurt shut off early.  Bostic got the holeshot on Angelle and pulled away from her, going to the semifinals 7.20 to 7.33 (Angelle has a 1.15 60 foot time).  Jack seemed to be enjoying himself.  In the final pair GT redlighted as Hines re-established low e.t. of eliminations at 7.145. 

Andrew Hines

More drama at the turnoff as Angelle was visibly upset with her loss.  “I wanted to go and talk to her but she was crying,” said Jack.  “I felt bad.  I’m a big Angelle fan. My daughter Taylor is a big Angelle fan.”

In the semis Gann goes against Drew and Bostic takes on the second Army bike, Antron.


Antron and Bostic left the line with identical .038 reaction times but Chris had the lead buy 60 feet 1.087 to 1.094.  Antron had it made up by 330 feet and went on to win 7.19 to 7.31.  Bostic’s dream weekend came to an end.  As did Jack’s.

The other semi was a close as they come.  Both Hines and Gann had identical .004 reaction times and the bikes were within a few hundredths all the way down the track.  Shawn edged him out by four thousands (7.264) to make his fourth U.S. Nationals final in a row.


The final was almost as good.  Shawn got a slight holeshot the Antron overcame it for his second straight win, 7.21 to 7.23.  Antron gained 40 points on Hines and is now in second place by 153 points.  There might not be enough season left to make it up.

Jack was seen wondering around the winner’s circle grinning the whole time. A last minute trip to Indy ended up being a wild weekend. Dave called on the cell phone to check in and say that he was watching he race on TV.  Even though he didn’t do well he was still in a good mood.  “I had a great time,” he said.  “We just wanted to have fun.  Hey, it was the 50th event and we were there racing.  I will always have that.”

That is what Indy is all about.  Just being there makes it all right.  Just ask Jack.


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