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Orient Express : Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels

Orient Express

Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels

These are among the lightest motorcycle wheels on the market, and will reduce weight from your bike. More importantly, the carbon fiber CA5 wheels provide a tremendous and noticeable improvement in handling and suspension performance with ultra low Moment of Inertia – unmatched by any other wheel!



NOW AVAILABLE! Optional color anodized hubs, sprockets, and sprocket carriers! Six colors to choose from, includingblack, silver, gold, red, blue, orangeand purple! Add a dash of bling to your wheels when you order! Please call 800.645.6521 to ask about your application!

Orient Express Dymag Wheels



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Orient Express Racing
28 Grand Blvd. North
Brentwood, NY 11717
phone 631-231-9552
outside NY 800-645-6521
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Established in 1973, Orient Express is celebrating its 41st year as a high performance motorcycle parts distributor and race shop. Orient Express offers engine and motorcycle building services, precision machine work, suspension servicing, and dyno tuning services. Orient Express has an extensive history of racing, including support of both professional and amateur race series and individuals. For more information regarding Orient Express, or to find out what Orient Express can do for your racing success, please call 800.645.6521 or 631.231.9552 (NY/International), visit http://www.orientexpress.com or join them on Facebook at

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