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Orient Express / GB Racing Becomes Official Supplier Of Yamaha Riding School

Orient Express

GB Racing Becomes Official Supplier Of Yamaha Champions Riding School For Protection Systems

GB Racing is pleased to announce that it will be the official provider of protection systems for the fleet of Yamaha motorcycles at the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) beginning immediately. GB Racing has provided secondary engine covers, Bullet frame sliders, swingarm spools, shark fin chain guards, and axle sliders to fit the fleet of late model Yamaha YZF 600 R6, YZF 1000 R1, FZ-1, FZ-09, and YZF 300 R3 motorcycles. These machines are used by both the instructors of YCRS, and select students who chose to rent or demo a motorcycle during the school. GB Racing secondary engine covers are designed to provide the maximum protection for expensive and vulnerable engine covers with no modifications necessary to standard bodywork.


The Yamaha Champions Riding School offers concentrated rider training, with a highly experienced team of instructors which include active racers, former champions, and magazine editors. Instructor and Chief Operating Officer Keith Culver stated “We have been longing for proper engine protection since the school relocated to New Jersey and we always wanted that protection to be from GB Racing. Some of our fleet came with GB Racing protection on the swing arms, the Bullet frame sliders, and the shark fin chain guards, but we really wanted to add the engine protection. As a well-respected school, we have a choice regarding who we partner with and were ecstatic when Skip from Orient Express decided to provide the extra support. We are so impressed with the products and feel so much better knowing how everything is designed to work with each other. A simple low-side with an unprotected bike can create a little damage which can cause a lot of drama if the standard engine cover wears through and spills oil. The GB Racing covers will give me a peace of mind that the chances of this drama will now be near gone.”


GB Racing secondary engine covers are precision injection molded from a proprietary blend of 60% long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite for incredible strength, fracture resistance, and abrasion resistance. They are designed to fit over stock engine covers with a 1mm gap, and absorb crash energy without shattering like other materials. GB Racing Bullet frame sliders are designed to be low profile and aerodynamic, to help reduce the chance of the machine flipping upon impact and causing more damage. A specially developed softer nylon composite material was chosen for the frame sliders so as to be able to absorb energy and slide effectively, without cracking or failing. Swingarm spools, axle sliders, and shark fin chain guards complete the protection systems offered by GB Racing.

For more information regarding the Yamaha Champions Riding School please visit www.ridelikeachampion.com, or you can call the school 855-RIDEYCRS, join them on social media www.facebook.com/ridelikeachampion , or follow @champ_school on twitter, and watch videos of the school at www.youtube.com/ridelikeachampion.

For more information regarding GB Racing Protection Systems and products, please contact Orient Express – the official U.S. importer and distributor – via www.orientexpress.com, email sales@orientexpress.com, or call 800.645.6521. Orient Express is pleased to offer the full range of GB Racing products, and has been providing racers and enthusiasts with the finest in high performance parts and accessories since 1973.

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