OSCR: Strong Showing of Pro Street Motorcycles

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Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion V
Beech Bend Raceway Park

Bowling Green, KY
April 18-21, 2018

Strong Showing of Pro Street Motorcycles

by Tom McCarthy

For the second year in a row, the Pro Street motorcycles gave a very strong show at Tyler Crossnoe’s Outlaw Street Car Reunion event. 2018 was year V (5) for the event which is growing stronger every year. The Pro Street motorcycles, the fastest and quickest street-type motorcycles in racing today, showed up 27 entries strong to Beech Bend, Kentucky’s magnificent old Dragway, to do battle for close to $10,000 in total winnings. This event was sponsored in part by Great Lakes Racecraft, McIntosh Grayson Motorsports, Franklin Performance, Concepts, Kinda Krazy Kustoms, and NLR Motorsports Electronics.

The Pro Street motorcycle racers came from far and wide across the USA for this event. Brad Christian from Illinois, Doug Gall from Ohio, Jake Henderson of Texas, Mike Bayes of MO, Tom Ivy of Florida, Justin Shakir of Connecticut and Jeff Lindeman of Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan are but some of the long-distance travelers who made the trek to Bowling Green Kentucky.

The Pro Street. bikes first appeared at the OSCR event in 2017, when the race was held at Memphis Motorsports Park. Last year when the Pro Street motorcycles showed up, Rodney Williford produced a jaw dropping 6.68 elapsed time and stormed through the filed-on Sunday to win it all against his team mate Ehren Litten.

This year Rodney qualified 17th out of 27 entries and went out first round. As Top Fuel Harley racing legend Jim McClure once said to me, about drag bikes, “Just when you think you have these things figured out” and he shook his head side-to-side. Jim was a very wise man.

Final Qualifying/Ladder

Weather had a huge impact on the racing at this event. Drastic dropping temps from a high of near 60 to a low in the 30’s, with significant cloud cover, greatly impacted all who attended. It was not as simple as people freezing their body parts off, but without sunshine and exponentially so after dark, track surface temps made things more challenging than usual. Because of weather, the normal four-day event was shortened to a three day condensed marathon, knowing the Sunday forecast was looking like solid rain for the back half of the day.

At one point on Friday night, well into the late evening hours, the Pro Street motorcycles were in the lanes for an extended period due to on-track-delays and suddenly is was well after full darkness and the track temps were just not safe for the single tire, Pro Street bikes, which generate close to 650 HP and have to slow down from over 200 MPH on one skinny little front tire.

With 7.5 hours of downtime on the track, a decision had to be made to stay on schedule. Hat’s off to Tyler Crossnoe who made the call to cancel Q-3 for the motorcycles. It was a disappointing call for the racers who were in leathers, in the lanes for a very long time, but when on track incidents necessitate extended clean up time and the sun just drops below the horizon, then Mother Nature lets in significant cold air: well 27 motorcycle racers who qualified during two rounds were still race ready on race day, thanks to Tyler’s call.

As Kent Stotz and I exchanged on this “A leather racing suit is not much of a roll cage when things go wrong.” Myself, as Senior Editor at Dragbike.com, I believe Tyler made the right call.

Chris Connelly had a great weekend taking out Joey Gladstone, Jimmy Murray and running his personal best of a 6.83 at 217mph!

Saturday, on race day, #1 qualifier Frankie Stotz of Schaumburg, Ill turned the OSCR V event into the Frankie Stotz show. He not only was the low qualifier and won the event, together with his dad, Pro Street motorcycle racing pioneer Kent Stotz, they proved that you don’t have to race a Suzuki Hayabusa to win in Pro Street motorcycle.

In a world of Suzuki motorcycles, for them, it was good to be the Honda! Frankie’s 6.70 was the low number in qualifying and Gabe Fredrick posted a stout 219.58 MPH run as the fastest Pro Street motorcycle on the property. But during eliminations, Frankie Stotz was on a roll like a steam-roller.

On his way to the winner’s circle, Frankie defeated Sydney Marshall, Doug Gall, Devin Ragland and Jeremy Teasley for the victory. In the final match up, Frankie’s .083 reaction time was good against Jeremey’s .099 launch, then by half-track, Jeremey’s Suzuki faltered and the Honda stormed on by for the win.

Team Stotz has been methodically picking away at their motorcycle’s performance and the refinement of the race bike is working. As they continue to unlock the potential of the Honda, they prove a very important point in Pro Street motorcycle drag racing: you don’t have to race a Suzuki Hayabusa to win.



Friday morning racing began at the intended 9:30 AM projected start. The run order today is 7.0, 6.0, Mid Western P/Mod, LDR, UL/St, 7.0, 6.0, RvW, Pro/St Motorcycle.

We were into the Pro Mod run session this morning and: drag racing happened. We have been down for a while now and will resume ASAP. As of 11:30AM, Pro Street Q-1 has not run. We are still in Pro Mod Q-2. There will be an update later today as time and circumstance permit.

Devin Ragland’s first qualifying run on the Ronnie Mitchell Racing Pro Street Bike yielded him a 6.95 and a spot on the Pro Street GOAT List. Ronnie Mitchell’s like Disneyland – ‘Making Dreams Come True’ and getting racers on the GOAT List.


Morning Report: 7-8 AM, Central Time

Good morning from the tower at Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, KY and the Outlaw Street Car Reunion V event. As of Thursday morning, April 19th, 2018, at around 7:30am, the skies were gray, the current temp was a very chilly 42 degrees Fahrenheit and we are off to a cold start today.  The racer pit gates opened at 7AM and a long line of trailers began the procession into the already very full pit area.  By this days end we will be packed in like Sardines in a can.

Because of weather concerns for Sunday, this event has been changed to a 3 day race, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: with the race to conclude by Saturday night. A condensed racing schedule has been adjusted to reflect this, all racers and fans need to be aware of this.  Word was put out early on Wednesday, the OSCR event has done everything it can to get the message out to the racers.

Today being Thursday, the adjusted race schedule has first call to the lanes to be at 9:30AM, Pro Street Motorcycle is due for a call at close to 11:15, local time for T-1, and the T-2 is slated for close to 1:15, subject to prevailing racing conditions.  Q-1 for Pro/St MC is projected for close to 7:30PM, tonight

All of the aforementioned times are subject to change and will change as racing conditions dictate what will actually happen when. As of 8AM Central time, track grooming operations are in progress.

Information on Event and Rules – Click Here