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PDRA : 2014 Pro Extreme Motorcycle Rules – UPDATED

PDRA Professional Drag Racers Association

PDRA Pro Extreme Motorcycle Rules

DESIGNATION: Pro Extreme Motorcycle or PXM followed by bike number. Numbers must be at least 3” tall and on both sides of body or wheelie bars panels.

FIELD: 16 bike qualified field.

Minimum weight at conclusion of run, including rider 625 lbs (595 lbs for any late model Hayabusa or ZX-14 powered entry.).
Motorcycle entries with 50 inches or less from centerline of crankshaft to centerline of rear wheel, must be stock stroke weight 595 lbs.
All rules subject to change at the sole discretion of the PDRA Technical Services Department.


APPEARANCE: All bikes must be professionally finished, painted, lettered, numbered and decaled.

BODY: One piece body representing original manufacturers design. Full fairing, half fairing, headlight permitted.


BATTERY: Must be securely fastened within the frame parameter.

BRAKES: Front single 10” rotor or dual 8” rotors. Rear single 10” rotor. Must be fully operational when applied.

FRAME: All Frame components except bracing and brackets should be constructed using a minimum of 1.00” x .058” 4130 chromemoly tubing unless the design has been submitted to the PDRA technical services department for approval prior to construction. This includes both upper and lower framerails back to the axle block as well as the box between the engine and the rear tire.

GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum 2” ground clearance with rider seated on the bike and no more than 10 lbs rear tire pressure.

TIRES: Maximum tire width, regardless of temperature or wear, not to exceed 11” as measured with motorcycle off of the ground at 8 lbs of air pressure. Manufacturer, model and size information must be clearly designated.

WHEEL BASE: Maximum wheelbase of 90”, Minimum wheelbase of 50”.

WHEELIE BARS: Required. Non-metallic wheels required.

WHEELS: Beadlock style rear wheel required. A flat shield must be incorporated into the front wheel and painted flat black. This shield should extend to at least 5 ½” above the ground.


CHAIN GUARD: Must cover entire length and width of drive chain. Extended chain guard recommended.

FORCED INDUCTION: The use of any type of supercharger or turbocharger is strictly prohibited.

FUEL: Gasoline allowed. The use of alcohol, methanol or nitromethane is strictly prohibited.

INDUCTION: Mechanical fuel injection, electronic fuel injection or carburetors permitted.

MAXIMUM ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 1800 cc for inline 4 cylinders, 2640 cc maximum for v-twins.

TRANSMISSIONS: Rider/ Driver shifted only. Auto Shifters Prohibited.



CREDENTIALS: A valid competition license is required.
A valid NHRA or IHRA competition license will be accepted and may be transferred when presented with a current physical.

COMPUTER: Allowed.


PUSH VEHICLES: Allowed. A valid driver’s license is required to operate any type of push vehicle. Posted pit speeds must be obeyed at all times. If pit speed is not posted, maximum pit speed will be 5 mph.


CARBURETORS AND THROTTLE BODIES: Carburetor restraint / backfire strap is required.

ENGINE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: PDRA accepted engine containment system required.

FIRE SYSTEM: Minimum .5 lb PDRA accepted fire suppression system required.

FUEL LINES: Must use AN fitting or be fastened using metal clamp or tie wrap.

HELMET: SN-2005 or newer required. Use of open face helmet prohibited. Eject Helmet Removal System (Part # SDR 890-01-30) or equivalent required.

KILL SWITCH: Required. Must be installed so that the rider can activate with both hands on the handle bars. Must use ignition cut-off switch securely attached to rider. Ignition, fuel pump and solenoids must deactivate. Lanyards must be constructed of leather, metal or nylon. Plastic lanyards prohibited.

OIL CATCH CAN: Required.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Full leather suit required. If suit is two-piece it must attach using a full circumference zipper. The use of Synthetic suits are strictly prohibited. Full leather motorcycle boots required. Driving shoes prohibited. Boots must cover entire ankle. Full leather gloves required.



The 2014 PDRA series tour will feature eight races

April 4-5 : Rockingham Dragway (Rockingham, NC)

May 9-10 : South Georgia Motorsports Park (Valdosta, GA)

May 23-24 : Memphis International Raceway (Millington, TN)

June 27-28 : U.S. 131 Motorsports Park (Martin, Michigan)

July 25-26 : Virginia Motorsports Park (Richmond, VA)

Aug. 15-16 : Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park (Tulsa, OK)

September 5-6 : Rockingham Dragway (Rockingham, NC)

October 10-11 : Virginia Motorsports Park (Richmond, VA)

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