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Person of the Week: Mohammed Bourashid

Vol. 2, Issue 47

Mohammed Bourashid
By Keith S. Kizer

Born April 25, 1976 in Omariyah, Kuwait, Mohammed A. Bourashid grew up a world seemingly away from the influence of motorcycles unlike most of us living here in the U.S. who were lucky enough to be surrounded by motorcycles and their influence. Mohammed on the other hand grew up over six thousand miles from our little world.

I’m sure most of us Americans are a little naive when it comes to how and what we think of Middle Eastern countries. I know being born and spending most of my life in Texas, no matter where I was in the world, people thought all Texans had oil wells and cattle. So of course a story about a drag racer in Kuwait conjures up thoughts of oil wells and camels, right? Admit it, that thought ran through your mind, not motorcycle shops and motorcycle racing. Believe it or not both have existed in the Middle East for several decades. Mohammed started attending races at a young age and pleaded with his father to let him have a bike to race in the junior class. Reluctantly his father obliged but was afraid until he saw how well Mohammed handled his new motorcycle. From that point on it was Mohammed’s father who pushed him to succeed in racing.

Mohammed was 10 years old when he started riding in the dirt but at age 15 he graduated to a 1991 CBR 600. His first inline 4. Funny, I would usually call a Japanese motorcycle an import, but for Mohammed, everything is an import. The problem with his new Honda was it was slow compared to his high school buddies who rode older, faster bikes like Suzuki GS1150‘s, Katanas or Kawasaki KZ900’s.

After graduating from college with a telecommunication degree in 1999, Mohammed also graduated to a new Hayabusa and immediately started with the upgrades so he could race with the Kuwait Drag Racing 1/4 Club. Eventually a turbo putting out a whooping 450 hp and a 7” slick was added. In 2004 Mohammed decided to start his own team called M.R.B. Performance and quickly stepped up to the big leagues by building a Pro Mod. He started with a Koenig lowboy chassis and put his turbo Busa engine in it. With that bike he became the fastest bike in the Middle East with a record setting 4.75 @ 155mph in the 1/8th. That record setting weekend launched a new sideline business. So Mohammed built a shop and started building big motors and turbo bikes for other customers, which have set numerous records in multiple classes in his homeland.

In 2007 Mohammed converted his turbo Pro Mod into a nitrous bike in order to take advantage of the new AMA/Prostar rules. In his first run at a Bahrain Drag Racing Club event he ripped off a 7.10 @ 187mph, not a bad start for a goal of getting into the 6‘s. Two years later he ran a 6.81 @ 195mph making him one of the quickest PM’s in the world.

This year Mohammed decided to build an 1800cc monster Pro Mod to run in the ADRL series. He received his new Timblin chassis just two weeks prior to the ADRL race at Norwalk. The entire bike was built at Pro Mod legend, Billy Vose’s, house in North Carolina within ten days of the event. With a fresh ride, Mohammed ran a 4.26 @ 167mph on his 4th run. Mohammed makes it to the U.S. a couple of times a year. When you see him at a race, introduce yourself and tell him how famous he is now.

Other Areas of Interest
Residence: Kuwait

Spouse’s Name: Om Boude

Children’s Names: Abdullah (6), Rayan (4), Raead (2)

Occupation: Electric Engineer Assistant

Home track: Kuwait Drag Racing 1/4 Club

Team Name: M.R.B Performance

Crew Members: Maitham Al-Saraf (crew chef), Abdulaziz Fathalaah (tuner), Mohammed Bourashid (rider), Mohammed Bedah (rider)

Sponsors: My family and friends

Accomplishments: BDRC (Bahrain Drag Racing Club) 2010 (Pro Bike class), 2004 Kuwait Drag Racing Club event ( Pro Mod class )

Current race bike / class: Timblin 2010 GS Pro Mod

Goals: go fast as I can

Interest outside of racing: movies , family day

Favorite foods: Italian

Favorite movie: Heat

Daily Driver: Lexus is300

Classic Truck: Chevy Silverado

First Motorcycle: 1986 honda 30cc QR

Hero: my Father

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