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Person of the Week: Patrick Chabaud

“Patrick Chabaud” Biography

Born October 5, 1976, in Paulina, Louisiana, Patrick Chabaud (pronounced Sha-bo) sums up his own transition from childhood to being a man this way. “I’ve always strived to be better than the next guy.  Growing up, it was always who had the fastest go-cart,  4-wheeler, or who could peddle their bicycle the fastest. When I rode my first streetbike in 1996, the adrenaline rush was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and from that point on, I knew that racing would be in my blood forever.“

Patrick’s racing career started in the exact progression that the drag racing system was designed around. He started at his local track, State Capitol Dragway near Baton Rouge, LA in 2000, on a Kawasaki ZX-9R. Patrick was invited to tag along with his cousin to make some passes. Patrick figured since the dragstrip was safer than racing on the streets, and seeing how fun it was, he soon found himself going to the track every weekend. The next step was Street ET, then Pro ET, then he climbed the food chain to a ZX-12R, then a 14 with a stray R1 somewhere in the mix. Patrick’s approach is the one that tends to grow more racers with a steady learning curve. Not like the “step off a brick onto a high rise building” method as used by Jimmy Brantley, which equates into buying a Busa on Friday then a Top Fuel bike on Monday. (Nothing personal Jimmy).

Patrick went on to compete in the Texas Shootout, Hurricane Alley and the AMA Dragbike tours winning numerous events and capturing the 2007 AMA Dragbike Street ET #2 plate. In 2009 his focus will be the Hurricane Alley Series competing in Street ET / Pro ET / Quick 16 / Pro IDX.

Asked what he would do if not racing, he answered, “I love traveling and seeing new places. So I would probably buy an RV and tour the United States from coast to coast and everywhere in between with my wife Lacie and three daughters Gabrielle, Chloe, and Cambrie.” But for now work as a Process Technician at Motiva Enterprises in Convent, LA is what pays Patrick’s bills that afford days off for track time.

Other areas of interest:

Residence:  Gonzales, Louisiana

Home track: No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, Louisiana

Team Name:  Chabaud  Racing

Crew Members:  Eric Joseph-Tuner/Mechanic

Sponsors:  Schnitz Racing, Naarden Inc., Lightspeed Motorsports, Richie’s Tires

What WAS YOUR most memorable event:  Winning my first Wally at No Problem Raceway and the 2007 Schnitz Memphis Blues Nationals in  Street ET.

Interests: Drag Racing, Baseball/Softball, 4-wheeler  riding

Favorite foods:  Pizza, Gumbo, Spaghetti, anything chocolate.

Favorite movies:  A Few Good Men,  U-571, The Green Mile, Terminator  2

What’s your daily driver (car,  truck):  2004  Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel

Hero: My Dad

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