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Person of the Week : Robert Michael Hunnicutt Jr.

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Person of the Week : Robert Michael Hunnicutt Jr.

I grew up always playing sports. I played football and baseball from 7 yrs old into high school and I always had that competitive side. And I was always into Superman, but I guess that is kind of obvious!

I started going to Budds Creek when I was around 8 years old with my father and uncle raced at Budds Creek when it first opened and I always heard the stories about them street racing and then racing at Budds Creek and Aquasco Raceway. I always wanted to race. My father was the owner of Hunnicutt Glass Company from 1969-1994, when he retired and I took over and we are still growing and thriving. He has always been an influential person in my life and the reason I got started in racing.

I will never forget the first time riding a real motorcycle at the age of 11. My grandmother had bought my Aunt a dirt bike (she was only a few years older than me) and my cousin and I decided to ride the dirtbike. We were told not to ride with out anyone there to watch us, of course we didnt listen. I I had never rode a bike that you had to shift, I had ridden a mini bike but never a dirt bike, (Honda XR80) well I get riding around our back yard and I go to turn around and head back away from the house. Well I try to spin the back end around and I gas it, and it picks the front wheel up and I froze! I never lifted as the bike took off and jumped the sidewalk around our pool and I end up in the deep end with my Aunt’s motorcycle. I swim to the shallow end and I see my cousin rolling on the ground laughing. I started laughing too, but then I start to realize how much trouble I was gonna be in.

We ended up getting it out of the pool and of course it wouldn’t start we pushed it out back, pulled the spark plug and kicked it trying to get all of the water out of the engine. No luck we ended up having to leave it out back and my Aunt couldn’t get it started, we acted like we never knew what happened to it. Then about 10 years later we were sitting around talking with my grandmother and family, and we ended up finally telling them what happened to the dirt bike. We all laughed…..That was the beginning of me riding motorcycles. When I turned 15 I bought a 1967 Camaro and went to Budds Creek with it as soon as I got my drivers license. The rest is history.


Other Areas of Interest

Residence: Hughesville, MD

Nick name: Superman

Children: Curtis 22 , Lauryn 17, Brooklyn 7, Adrianna 6

Occupation: Owner of Hunnicutt Glass Company Inc.

Home track: Maryland International Raceway

Team Name: The Legion of Doom

Race Team Members: Mac McAdams, Tony Hunnicutt, Gary Clontz, Mark Person, Jerry Joe Ferguson ( R.I.P)

Crew Members: Terrence Parker, Curtis Hunnicutt, Jimmy Arrington and William Kuhn

Sponsors: Hunnicutt Glass Company Inc., World Wide Bearings, Robert A. Tull Plumbing, Denso Iridium, Schnitz Racing, Fast by Gast, Diamond Pistons, Vanson Leathers

History of racing bikes and classes:
Maryland International Raceway 1989-2005 ET bracket class
Prostar 1991- 2010 Top Gas, Pro Et, Street ET, Super Comp, Top Eliminator, and Pro Mod
MIROCK 1998 – present Outlaw Prostreet, Quick 32, Pro ET, Street ET, 5.60, Pro Mod
SEMDRA – Top Gas, Super Comp, Pro Et, Pro Mod
American Drag Racing League – Pro Extreme Motorcycle
Arabian Drag Racing League – Pro Extreme Motorcycle

Current race bike / class:
Pro Mod Suzuki

National Event Wins: 22

Special Recognitions: Several Best Appearing Motorcycle

Goals: To just be the best father I can be to my kids.

Interest outside of racing: Miami Dolphins Football, Golf, boating, playing poker,MMA, and traveling

Favorite foods: Blue crabs, Italian and Mexican

Favorite movies: Tombstone, Goodfellas, Casino, Step Brothers, Wedding Crashers, Rocky 1-3, Man on Fire, Remember the Titans

Daily Driver: 2008 Ford F150 and 2008 Ford F450 Dually

First motorcycle: 1985 Yamaha Fazer

Hero: The most influential people in my life is my Dad and my grandmother.

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