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Person of the Week : Will “Pharaoh” Torres

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Person of the Week : Will “Pharaoh” Torres

I was born in Brooklyn, NY to a father who took me to monster truck shows as a kid. That was my 1st exposure to motorsports. I’m still a fan of BIGFOOT to this day. They both get very nervous every time I get on Betsy(my BMW). They are however supportive of my decision to race so long as I do it legally on a track.

I was approached as a kid to come out and Test for a youth motocross team. My grandmother was terrified and convinced my mom it was a bad idea. When my own boys were old enough I bought them a KDX 50. Then moved them up to KTM 50’s. Just when I was comfortable enough to let them ride out on their own, and buy a bike for me to join them, they wanted to move on to something else. I was crushed. LOL.

I don’t remember why but a Friend of mine left his ZX-9 in my garage. One sunny florida Sunday I said “freak it” and took it for a spin. Jumped on the highway and worked my way through the gears. Big cheesy smile I looked down and uhm, saw a MPH that I should not have seen. Got scared and immediately slowed down. It wasn’t’ the speed I was afraid of. I was afraid of the phone call I would have had to make to my friend if po po impounded his bike.

My first exposure to racing was on a smaller scale. I loved to build and race Nitro RC cars. Brooklyn Hobbies took a lot of my spare time and money. Just like the bike racing community, the RC guys were always willing to help keep me on the track. (Thanks Ritchie.)

It took awhile until I got into motorcycle drag racing.
I got tired of just standing around at Bike night. I had never even done a burnout but wanted to try going down the strip. Straight rookie. I spoke to one of the coordinators and he agreed to talk me through my 1st run. So there I am about to stage with a BMW S1000RR. To say all eyes were on me and Betsy was an understatement.

Hand full of front brake, slightly twisting the throttle and releasing the clutch. Betsy is shaking like mad but wont spin the rear tire. Nerves are kicking up. Coordinator was yelling instructions in my ear. Nothing. Made another attempt or two but Betsy wasn’t having it. Just as I said “freak it” and began to roll to the line, I heard someone in the crowd yell “Turn the traction control off!”

I remember cracking up in my helmet and thinking “oh yeah idiot!” Still nervous, I achieved possibly the slowest launch in drag history and crossed the 1/8th mile mark almost 8 seconds later. (lol, don’t judge me!)

Been addicted ever since.

Other Areas of Interest:

Occupation: Avionics Technician for Jetblue Airways

Home track: Bradenton Motorsports Park, Stingray Dragway

Sponsors/Supporters: Brocks Performance, Sharkskinz Racing Bodies, EVS-Sports, APE, CyclePro, Bike Paparazzi,

Current race bike / class: 2010 BMW S1000RR
Brocks Performance parts: Full titanium CT Megaphone exhaust, Full Clutch Mod Kit, Window Link and Front Strap.
Fuel Management: Dynojet Power Commander V
Evil Swingarms: 66”-70” extended swingarm
Tires: Shinko Hook Up front and rear Drag tires

Accomplishments: Rookie year racing in selected Miroc and Manufactures Cup races

Recognitions outside of racing: 2 time AAU National Football Championship coach.

Goals: Compete in selected MIROCK and Manufactures Cup events. Attend Rickey Gadson’s race school. Break into the 8’s for ¼ mile et’s

Interest outside of racing: Coaching AAU football

Favorite foods: NY Pizza

Favorite movie: Top Gun, Once knew the entire movie word for word. (Don’t judge me)

What was your first motorcycle? 1993 ZX7 Custom painted in my garage with Krylon Paint. ( Readers, don’t do that!)

Hero: Dr.Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. – one of the Tuskegee Airmen and former squadron commander of the 100th Fighter Squadron of the332nd Fighter Group. He graduated from the Tuskegee Flight School on March 12, 1944 as member of class 44-C-SE[1] and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in Europe during World War II. During this period, Captain Brown shot down an advanced German Me-262 jet fighter and a FW-190 fighter.

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