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Person of the Week : William Leslie Hosler

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illiam Hosler California Kid

Person of the Week : William Leslie Hosler

My name is William Hosler and was born in Saranac Lake, New York to Toni and Leslie Hosler. I have 2 older sisters and one older brother.

From Saranac Lake, I moved to Syracuse, New York where I attended high school. At this same time I attended a traing school for automotive repair. Many friends of mine in high school, who were racers, would ask me to help out in the pit. From that point on, my interests were peeked! All the while, I was thinking how awesome it would be a rider rather than a pit person. I wanted to be the person riding down the strip rather than helping someone else out. I also helped my friends that had motorcycles with repairs and improvements.

In 1986, I moved to California. At this time I did landscaping, construction and continued to work on cars. This is the time when I began seriously interested in motorcycle land speed racing. In the land speed world most people know me as the California Kid.



William Hosler California Kid


Other Areas of Interest

History of racing bikes and classes:

2009 – Texas Mile
2009 – Loring Maine
2010 – Texas Mile
2010 – Mojave Mile
2010 – Loring Maine
2011 – Texas Mile
2011 – Loring Maine

2009 Motorcycle class MPS/G-1350/4
2010 Motorcycle class MPS/G-1350/4 , MPS/F-1350/4
2011 Motorcycle class MPS/F-1350/4

illiam Hosler California Kid

Current race bike / class: 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa / MPS/F-1350/4 using Nitrous

Hometown : Saranac Lake, NY

Residence: Mission Viejo, CA

Girlfriend’s Name:
Ruthie Meyer

Occupation: autoand motorcycle mechanic / construction

Home track:
Mojave , California

Team Name: Bill’s Land Speed Racing

Crew Members: Luis Heil and Troy Rowley

illiam Hosler California Kid

Sponsors: Innvate Motorsports, PMR Components and engine builder,
Tiger Racing,
Nitrous Express, and
JE Pistons


2009 Loring Maine set 2 difference speed records in 2 difference class.
2010 Loring Maine upped the speeds in both class records.

I have been a land speed racer for 3 years, I have been able to surpass the 200 MPH mark 42 times. In 2009 at Loring Maine I went over 200 MPH 14 times in one weekend

illiam Hosler California Kid

Goals: Every time I race, my goal is to beat my prior speed! I am able work towards this goal with the support of my current sponsors.

Interest outside of racing: Nascar,
Following basketball,
Working in the back yard (land scape)

Favorite foods: Sushi,
Mashed potatoes and gravy,
Ice Cream

Favorite movie: Star Treck – all of them

Daily driver: 1999 Chevy Suburban

First motorcycle: 1982 Yamaha 650 Maxum

Hero: John Wayne


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