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2003 Rockingham Race Series – Race 1 Photo Highlights

2003 Rockingham Race Series Photo Highlights

Race 1 – Spencer Cycle/MaxV Spring Open

Photos by Matt Polito and Greg Guarinello

Rockingham Race Series
Shane Ratliff was one of the top runners in the Cycle Concepts Heavy Weight Hitters class. Ratliff qualified third at 8.96 and went to the semifinals.


Rockingham Race Series
Joey Hensley pulls a wheels-up launch in the Heavy Weight class.


Rockingham Race Series
Patrick Cooper pretty Hayabusa 60″ bike suffered a pit fire that singed the tail section. Cooper qualified 15th and went out in round one.


Angie McBride shows off her pretty Outlaw GS. McBride bent a valve in qualifying and didn’t make Sunday’s show.


Kevin Adams earned the Nitrous Express bonus money for most rounds, making 12 elimination rounds over the two days on his Hayabusa.


Alan Field took the win in the Honda-Suzuki of Sanford 5.60 index class with a final round win over Billy Deffendall


Our man Brock Davidson came out of semi-retirement to show the boys how it’s done. Brock took his “First in the Sevens” Shootout bike (the historic run was recorded at The Rock), shortened the wheelbase by 8 inches to run the 60″ Pro Sportbike Class. Still one of the baddest, Brock qualified number two at 8.56/174 and made the final.


Always on the lookout for a new merchandizing oppurtunity, Dave Schnitz has taken to stealing track fencing. On sale now at Schnitz Racing. Open till 11:00!! You can even get stuff for your Hey-a-busa.


Outlaw Pro Street competitors present Dave Schnitz with an appreciation plaque for sponsoring their class.


600 SuperSport competitor Pat Leonard managed to make a few laps in Sunday’s Dragbike.com Street ET program.


The Legion of Doom’s Jamie Hunnicutt has a new name: “Princess of Darkness”. Like there is not enough evil in the world!


John Flood earned a long-awaited win in the Mickey Thompson 60 Pro Sportbike class on the Maximum Motorsports turbo Hayabusa.


Jeff Coley took his regular trip to the Rockingham winner’s circle with a Pro ET win over Kevin Adams.


Veteran Shootout racer John Vermeulen gained a few pounds, lost 4 inches of wheelbase, replaced some aftermarket body parts and got his groove on in the Heavy Weight Hitters class. Vermeulen used his experience to run the table, winning the event from the pole.


Richie Brotherton served as the technical inspector for the pro classes.


Richie Brotherton gives a last-second check of his new Pirelli tire on
Rickey Gadson’s 60″ PSB ZX-12R.


Doug Witt grabbed the pole in the 60″ PSB class at 8.52/175 but couldn’t hold off John Flood in the semis.


Vernon McLean takes a tumble after cracking the oil pan in Heavyweight competition.


“Country” shows the skinny guys how it is done. The big man was the largest of the Heavy Weights but clocked the fastest speed at 168 mph. He qualified 4th and made the semis. Picture perfect launches like this put him there.


Matt Smith was knocking em’ over in the Outlaw class qualifying in the top spot with a stout 7.41 at 188 mph. Smith couldn’t make it down the track in round two and lost to Rusty Johnson.


Veteran Tim Hill was the top qualifyier in the Honda-Suzuki of Sanford 5.60 class running dead-on with a 2. Hill only got as far as round two, losing to eventual winning Alan Field.


Dave Norris continues to be a player in the Outlaw class, placing 5th in qualifying and making the money round against Joe Long.


Defending Mickey Thompson 60″ PSB champ Johnnie “Airtime” Locklear took third in qualifying at 8.60/172. He got to the semifinals where he was taken out by Brock Davidson.


Anthony Navarro qualified sixth and made the quarterfinals.


#2 plate holder Steve Wood looked strong in the Outlaw class with a 7.50 number three qualifier until a first-round wheelstand against Marco Andreano put him on the trailer.


Bernard Cannon Jr. took over for his dad and made the former champ proud, qualifying 3rd at 7.45. Cannon, Jr. made it to the second round.


The boys set up a “two and the break” grudge run on Saturday night.
The all-motor outlaw bike won.


Lee Shierts stands up his Shootout GSXR. Shierts was out by the second round.


Rickey Gadson came out of the number three qualifying position to make the final in World’s Fastest Streetbike competition.


“Country” gets checked in during the Heavy Weight Hitter weigh-in. He tries to argue that he is nowhere near 302 pounds but Rockingham owner Steve Earwood sees him toeing the asphalt. The series championship belt is raised in the background.


Joe Procopio gives a “whoa momma” during Heavyweight Hitter competition.


We were ready when Addison came back to earth. There he was, doing an 60 mph endo, off the seat, forks bottomed out, sparks a flyin’… We were ready capture “Photo of the Week”… Or even “Sports Illustrated! …and Greg Mullis cuts in front of the camera!! Arrgh!!
The sick part is that Addison rode this out!


Ehren Litten had a strong showing in the Heavy Weight Hitter class,
qualifying number two, running a best of 8.81 and 160 mph and making the final.


Velocity Racing WFSB series sponsor Barry Henson looks to retain his #1 plate at Rockingham. Henson qualified on the pole with an 8.03/174 and made it to the semifinals where he lost by a holeshot to Rickey Gadson.


Marco Andreano brought out the big salami with the Miceli Performance/Worldwidebearings.com Outlaw GS. Marco ran a 7.73 best to make the second round and amazingly, didn’t burn anything up!


Michael Addison stands it all the way up in the Mickey Thompson 60″ class.


Anthony Consorte made a rare competition appearance on his trick “Lithium Racing” GS Shootout bike. Consorte made the top half of the WFSB field with a 8.33 but went out in round one.


Joe Long showed no signs of letting go of the #1 Outlaw Pro Street plate easily, setting the record on the L&W Suzuki and taking the win.


Jamie Steele turned in a best lap of 8.83/168 in the 60″ class to make it to the second round.


Dan Wagner, the Joe Franco of Outlaw Racing, came out to defend the Schnitz Outlaw Pro Street championship with partner and rider Joe Long.


Dimey Eddinger made the debut of his new turbo Hayabusa Outlaw bike. Eddinger just made the cut at an off-pace 9.40 but went out in round one.


Trevor Altman made consistent improvements on the ex-Barry Henson Velocity Racing Hayabusa. Altman qualified 6th at 8.46/169 but went out in round two to eventual winner Butch Thompson.


Rockingham regular Tom Cafola put Dave Stewart on the seat of his “Led Sled Racing” Gixer for the Velocity Racing World’s Fastest Streetbike class. Stewart qualified the Shootout bike 4th and ran a best-of-round 8.02/174 in round one.


Joe Hahn from Maximum Motorsports tuned John Flood to the win in the 60″ class. “I haven’t had this much fun since I was with Jack O’Malley in the Funnybike days,” said Hahn.


Past Schnitz Outlaw Pro Street winner Brad McCoy qualified sixth and made the semis with consistent 7.60’s.


The Dragbike.com staff of  Jack Korpela and Greg Guarinello get ready to do their thing. Brandi said, “We are all in trouble.”


John Flood earned a long-awaited win in the Mickey Thompson 60 Pro Sportbike class on the Maximum Motorsports turbo Hayabusa.
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