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Photo of the Week : Joey Gladstone

Two weeks ago Joey Gladstone had an accident on the DME Pro Street bike during testing at Maryland International Raceway. Two weeks later Joey comes back with a new paint job and take the win at the Manufacturers Cup Exoticycle Season Opener in Bradenton Motorsports Park.


We asked Joey how it felt to win so soon after having a testing accident.


“What can I say besides that I have the best team and support system I could ever ask for! Team DME was back at it right after the accident, they checked everything to make sure the bike was safe to ride and spared no expense on getting it rebuilt so I could make an appearance at the Manufacturers Cup. The reason I was able to get back on this bike so soon and have the confidence to win was because of my family, friends, DME Racing and all of our sponsors. I would just like to thank them for being so supportive and keeping us on top.”


Good Luck to Joey and DME Racing in the 2013 Race Season.

Joey Gladsteon DMe Racing

Joey Gladstone DME Racing

Photos by Hot Rod Chrissy

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