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Pingel Motorcycle Kill Switch

Pingel Racing

Pingel Motorcycle Kill Switch

Pingel carries a large variety of Kill Switches to fit your needs and keep you safe.

Stop a runaway motorcycle if the rider gets separated from it and no need to worry about expensive blown engine parts from over-revving with our quality Safety Kill Switches. Polished 6061 billet aluminum body for the performance-minded custom street/strip rider. Water-resistant switch, stainless steel internal components with 24″ copper wire for dependable operation.

Pingel Motorcycle Kill Switch


  • Handlebar-mount tether kill switch protects your expensive motor from over-revving
  • Complete with a clipped tether cord that extends to 50″
  • Optional tether cord is easy to attach and offers a hook-and-loop adjustable wristband that will fit over gloves
  • Made from billet aluminum with water-resistant, stainless steel internal components
  • Easy Install
  • Made in the U.S.A.


What is the purpose of Motorcycle Kill Switch?

A motorcycle has a kill switch because it lets a motorcyclist turn off the motorcycle without needing to take a hand off the handlebars since the button is within reach of the thumb. This lets the motorcyclist have total control of the motorcycle up until it’s turned off.

You’ve probably noticed that big red button or switch on the right-hand side of your handlebars on your motorcycle and it can seem a little intimidating. Any button that’s red will likely have an impact on the machine’s functionality. But there’s a logical reason why a motorcycle has a button/switch like this.

This button, known as the kill switch, is a mechanism that almost all motorcycles have. The name of it explains exactly what it does: kills, or immediately turns off, the motorcycle. It takes both hands to operate a motorcycle properly and the kill switch helps with keeping the rider safe. The kill switch is in reach of the right thumb (almost always) which makes it easy to turn off the motorcycle instead of having to take one of your hands off the bike to turn the key off.

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