Pingel Top Fuel Twin 5 Second Club Ready for Man Cup World Finals

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Man Cup
Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
42nd annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals
presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine
South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 15- 18, 2018

Pingel Top Fuel Twin 5 Second Club

At the up-coming Man Cup, Mann Hill Garage World Finals, the Pingel Top Fuel Twin class will be racing for an additional $2000 cash. This award will go to the first Pingel Top Fuel Twin racer to run a 5 second elapsed time during competition. The first Top Fuel-Twin to run a 5.999 or quicker, during official qualifying or eliminations, will not only go down in history as the first Man Cup Top Fuel Twin, to cross into the five-second zone, but will collect a few thousand dollars cash while doing so.

In February of 2018, the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction, in conjunction with Pingel Enterprises, announced the creation of the Pingel Top Fuel Twins 5 Second Club. This exclusive club will have only five spots to it. The first racer to crack the 5 second elapsed time barrier will receive $2000 cash and the remaining 4 racers who follow that historical moment will receive $500 cash at the event, once they too join the club.

“We are happy to have our name associated with this great achievement, it is an honor for both Donna and I” commented Wayne Pingel, the founder of Pingel Enterprises, the sponsor of the award. Pingel Enterprises, founded in 1967, is located in Adams, Wisconsin. Wayne and Donna Pingel are a long time motorcycling aftermarket manufacturers and avid motorcycling enthusiasts.  Their love for Top Fuel motorcycle drag racing has driven them to sponsor the Top Fuel class many times over the decades.

When Jay Regan sought to find a sponsor for the Top Fuel Twins, who were now clearly able to break into the 5 Second elapsed time zone, one phone call to Wayne and his lovely wife Donna was all it took to seal the deal. They love seeing the Top Fuel Twins race and were eager to step up. In 2018, at the coming Man Cup World Finals there will be more than one bike there that can run in the 5’s.

One year ago, at the Man Cup World Finals event, November 17 of 2017, Tak Shigematsu of Ehime, Japan recorded a jaw-dropping 6.01 elapsed time during qualifying. Astonishingly, Tak’s handlebars broke about the 900’ mark during his pass and he was off the throttle by the 1000’ clock. Had his bars not failed he would have breached the 5’s on that pass, no question about it. Tak and his tuner, Don “DJ” Johnson, will be at the race, looking for that first five-second elapsed time.

Another prime candidate will be Jay Turner, of Jay Turner Racing, piloting Bobby Buckley’s “Lucky 7” Pro Charged, Top Fuel Harley. Jay’s bike is a 167 CID, TFH sporting a huffer guzzling 98% nitromethane, right out of the drum. The 102” wheelbase has a 14” wide Mickey Thompson tire in the rear tasked with harnessing close to 1000 HP built by Jay Turner Racing.

Other Top Fuel Harley teams that will be racing this event include: Tii Tharpe, Armon Furr, driving for John “Red” Rhea, Larry “Gray Ghost” Stanley, Rich Vreeland and more.

Qualifying for the Pingel Top Fuel Twin bikes and all professional classes will begin on Friday evening.

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