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PMRA : July Race Results


Tulsa Raceway Park – Tulsa, Ok
July 30, 2016

PMRA : July 2016 Race Results

Saturday morning started off nice and cool with rain stopping pmra in their tracks. First round didn’t start till after 3 p.m. and P
MRA Racers were faced with not only one qualifying round but short times as well Mr. Paint Pro open rolled out around 4 p.m. and the heat was on, already up to 90 degrees and the humidity from the rain gave pro open guys very little power to find with only one qualifying pass.

Pro Open

Nikki’s Zak was first up with her Wedman Motorsports Mr. Paint Pro Open bike, she hit hard off the start line and veered over to take out the 8th Mile cone and ran a 790 but controversy after the past eliminated the Run sticking her to the back of the pack. Tombo racing sent out Kermit and Adrian Lottie, only to push the limits as both bikes let go and Popped about the same spot in the quarter, they qualified number five and six. Vincent Testa and Craig Brown came out strong all the way from Phoenix Arizona and Vincent ran a 687 for the number 2 spot Craig got the number 7 spot. Mark Rendeluk came straight out of the trailer and ran a 6.69 at 195 to seal the number one spot yet again , Kenwon Folsom ran it out the back door for the number 3 spot on his turbo no Bar busa.

Derrick Gibson, another team mate of Mark Rendeluk Wedman motorsports team, came out with a new crank after he happened to have a crank failure at the beginning of the year and made a nice soft pass who qualified number 4 and just break the crank in and not in half this time. First-round eliminations came up and first pair up was Nikki Zak and teammate Mark Mr. Paint Rendeluk, Mark held nothing back against Nikki as he ran a 671 to her red light as she rolled through the beams when she put it on the two step. Vincent came up next having to run teammate Craig Brown, Craig had a malfunction that gave Vince the bye as he ran a 691 at 2:02 Tombo racing Adrian Lottie couldn’t make the show after his pop in qualifying Two Face Derek Gibson who ran another pass breaking the crank in softly with a 7:38 finally after that was KenWon Folsom on his turbo no bar bike faced Kermit Lottie of Tombo racing Kermit’s bike never made it back down the track under full power after his pop in qualifying and ran an 18 second pass against Kenwons776.

Round 2 put Vince Testa against Folsom, Vince rolled out at 687 at 200 miles per hour against Kenwons 767.

That put Mark mr. Paint Rendeluk against his other teammate Derek Gibson Mark went over earlier with Chris Wedman to look over Derek’s tune up to help him find some more safe power to race his teammate , Mark blew down the track running a 664 at 195 to Derek 723@177 for the win to advance Mark and Vince against each other in the finals. The finals are down to a turbo Busa bar bike against a nitrous breathing Silver Bullet no games at the tree because Mark and Vince get straight to business, Mark pulled off the win with a 663 + 196 miles per hour and Vince ran a 714 at 166 having problems after the 8th mile. That win puts Mark up to 1200 points and pretty much if he just shows up he will have the championship sealed by the next race.


Mr. Paint Pro Open

W – Mark Rendeluk
R/U – Vincent Testa


Fast By Gast Top Gas class was interesting with only one round of qualifying to get things dialed in. Phil Snare got the #1 spot with an 8.279 barely squeaking it out against Brian Woods’ 8.280. First round had Phil Snare with a bye run. Joe Wheeler had a competition bye when Larry Green failed to make the call. Nick Jones paired with Brian Wood when Nick’s bike failed to shift giving the victory to Brian.
Second round had Brian Wood with a bye run. Phil Snare paired with Joe Wheeler. Phil winning this round.

Phil Snare #TEAMRUST and Brian Wood faced off in the finals. Phil with a hole shot win with an .017 light to Brian’s .042 was the difference maker. Phil took the win running an 8.217 to Brian’s 8.203 making for a very close finish. Thank you to Paul Gast at Fast By Gast for sponsoring the class.


Fast by Gast Top Gas

W – Phil Snare
R/U – Brian Wood

Super Comp

Seabreeze pools super comp has become the class to compete in with the number of racers growing to start the year off with 17 15 came to face off for July race as Tracy far was your number one qualifier first round had some seasoned racers like David Steele vs Big Al Martin both big CC Kawasaki but Big Al ran 8.90 to Davids 8.95 sending him to the bleachers to watch Eric Vaughn came out first round with a killer reaction time of .011 and an 8.9q to send home Brandon Jones, Mike Hudson took out Scott Sober on the tree running a 9.08 off the gas, Dewayne Gaines sent Austin wagoner packing running an 8.91 to Austin’s 9.p1, Chad Townsend took put Mac McKnight looking over his shoulder off the gas running a 9.29 to Macs 10.01, Lucas Townsend came out swinging knocking out Darrel Cook, cook had the better light but not enough umph to out run Lucas, Mark Trammel the sponsor of Super comp, ran an awesome 8.95 to put Preston you Nixon the trailer with his way too quick pass of 8.75.

Traci Farr had the bye and sneaked out an 8.96

Second round lead to the class sponsors Mark Trammel and Eric Vaughn facing off in a double break out with Trammel closest to the dial 8.899, Traci Farr left Dewayne Gaines in the dust as she lumber jacked the tree and ran 8.93 to Gaines slowing 9.04

Big AL Martin took Chad Townsend to town when Chad’s ants in his pants made him throw down the big red light advancing him to the semis!

Lucas Townsend put the whooping on the Plumber Mike Hudson with a .035 light and a killer 8.93.

Semi finals paired up Big AL and Traci Farr

Both racers turned them up a little too hot as they both Break out, Big Al advancing to the finals with 8.88, Traci with an 8.87 was left in the bleachers to watch the finals

Mark Trammel took out Lucas Townsend both red-light ingredients but Mark was the least of red running an 8.89 advancing him to his very first final!

The final round was headed into the cooler weather keeping the tune ups hot, Trammel cut .039 tree to Big Al’s. 060 keeping the bike ahead of AL Mark lead his bike to his very first victory!!! Congrats to all the Super comp Class and especially to class sponsor Mark Trammel and his first Win!!!!


Sea Breeze Pools Super Comp

W – Mark Trammel
R/U – Alan Martin

Tombo Racing Super Street 9.50 class

Your number one qualifier Lewis Brown started off eliminations with a Byron running it out the back door with a 9.31 at 132 miles per hour finding that power was not an issue with his first round Josh Pilcher and Sam Lee Hit The Lights Pilcher took me out with his 9.67 tuli’s 10.11 Chad Townsend and Kurt Vincent we’re up next Vincent was late on the tree and tried to play catch-up 2 Townsend’s 9.58 Vincent ran a little too quick with his 9.48 Terry Mims Fast Frank Dixon Dixon was late on the tree giving the win to Terry Mims played the looking game from the 8thMile on Lucas Townsend took out Cody Cackler with a 9.59 coasting through the beams to Cackled 9.74, the closest race was in round 1 as Zak Taylor and Robert Williams left with identical reaction times but Taylor Advanced with his 9.52 to Williams 9.54

Round 2 lead off with Zak Taylor Taking out Louis Brown both having problems down track, Chad Townsend got one over on Josh Pitcher cutting the better light and running a 9.56 to Pilchers9.77 Lucas Townsend wins over Terry Mims with a 9.69 shutting it off before the finish line to Mims 9.71.

Semi Finals put Chad Townsend against Zak Taylor and Taylor runs an all to close 9.52 but the tree was .227 and was not what he needed to beat Chad as Chad got the win light running a 9.67 with lots of room at the finish line with his .068 tree Lucas got the bye running it all out and put up a 9.40 making it an all Townsend final. Only 1 Townsend prevailed with a win as Lucas turned on the win light over Chad and putting up a great lead in points with only 3 races left it’s still to early to declare a championship this early.

Tombo Racing Super Street

W – Lucas Townsend
R/U – Chad Townsend

Wedman Motorsports Super Gas kicked off with John “Hog Hatin” Haney clinching the number 1 spot and getting the bye 1st round putting up a 9.89, Brad Smith took put Jeff Downing with a 9.96 to Downings 10.27. Jeff Cook and Stacey Holden went to the beams both having troubles and cook taking the win with a 10.56 over Holdens 12.89, Jim Miller took out Jeff Shelton with his 10.05 to Jeff’s 10.19.
Round 2 put Brad Smith and James Cook to the lanes and Cook cuts a .006 light and it was all he needed to get the win with cook playing catch up and running a 9.88. John “Hog Hatin” Haney flipped the win light on over Jim Miller running a 10.01 to Miller’s 10.09.
The finals put brad Smith against the Hog Hater John Haney, they both had a big ole breakout as the weather changed for the better late Into the evening, Hog Hater put up a 9.86 losing to Smiths 9.899, talk about a close race these 2 sure wanted the win!

Wedman Motorsports Super Gas 

W – Brad Smith
R/U – Jon Haney


Pingel Pro ET

This is a class that basically got one pass to figure out what dial in they wanted, Micah Wright was up against Chad Townsend and chad was 1st to the finish line with a 10.00 and a .004 tree Micah bought back, John Hog Hatin Haney took out Ed Sanchez as Rob Wood advanced over Tom Henderson, Johnathan Whitley sent Chris Collins to the buy back table and Brian Wood got one over on Ben Gartner, as the rounds went on it was John Hog Hatin Haney against Rob Wood in the finals. Both bikes broke out at the finish line and even though the Hog Hater cut a .003 tree he pushed it too far and let rob wood have the win with wood breaking out less.


Pingel Enterprises Pro ET 
W – Rob Wood
R/U – Jon Haney


Schnitz Racing Street ET seen some great competition from veteran and new PMRA racers alike this past weekend. With the added bonus points if the racers doubled down, there was a chance of gaining a substantial amount of points if the cards fell right. Everybody was on their “A” game all day long.

In the first round of eliminations, there were quite a few matchups of racers that could possibly have championship implications later on. First being the matchup between 2015 Champion Tim Howard and Runner Up Ben Gartner, where ben came out of the first round the victor. Brandon Jones and Josh Pilcher, perennial top 5 contenders also matched up in the first round with Brandon coming out on top in that race on a double breakout. Another highlight was Jimmy Cook cutting a .002 light that would lead to him getting a wait and see bye in round 2.

In round 2, Louis Brown cuts the tree down with a .003 to Tim Howard’s .021 and that lead was all he would need to put Tim on the trailer. In another close race Todd Smith faced off against Frank Dixon and was almost dead even from the lights. Todd wheel raced Frank and took the stripe for the win. Daniel Thompson was able to take a .090 lead at the starting line to pull out the win against Shane MacDonald with ease.

In round 3 we are down to 10 racers left, so the racing is just getting good. First pair up is Louis Brown and Brandon Jones. Louis ends up lighting the red eye by .034 giving Brandon the round win, who would have been tough to beat with an .004 light and running 9.06 on a 9.00 dial. Second match up was Kraig Burnett, a first time PMRA racer and Jonathan Whitley with Kraig squeaking by at the stripe and taking the win. Todd Smith took a win with a red light start by Kurt Vincent. Lud Mounirong takes the victory from Daniel Thompson, and Josh Pilcher takes a win from Robert Williams in a very close race at the stripe.

And then there were 5. With the best reaction time from the previous round the bye goes to Brandon Jones. With an .031 on the tree and running a 10.052 on a 10.05 dial, Kraig Burnett proved himself hard to beat against Josh Pilcher with his .052 light and running 9.670 on a 9.65 dial. In the other matchup, Todd Smith ran a 9.73 on a 9.63 dial against Lud Mounirong running a 9.27 on a 9.07 dial.

In the semifinals Kraig Burnett earned himself a bye with his previous round R/T of .031 leaving Todd Smith and Brandon Jones facing off in the other race. This had the makings of a good race on paper, but Todd left a little early lighting the dreaded red bulb, giving the automatic win to Brandon.

With first time PMRA racer Kraig and veteran Brandon in the finals it could be any bodies race to win, and guaranteed a first time PMRA winner would get the trophy tonight. Kraig dials in at a 10.03 giving him the head start against Brandon’s quicker dial in of 9.08. This proved to be too much, and luckily for Brandon, Kraig turned that red bulb on with Brandon taking the overall win, and in the process the lead in the championship standings. There is still plenty of racing left to go and should go down to the wire in October.


Schnitz Racing Street ET

W – Brandon Jones
R/U – Kraig Burnett


Synergy Motorworks E Street
W- Rusty Mckenzie


Thanks to everyone that makes the PMRA possible and to all the racers that keep coming back and battling it out each month. Thank you to all of the PMRA racers for coming out and racing with us this past weekend!

Next race is at Wichita KS KIT Raceway September 10th. Be sure and keep up with PMRA at www.pmra.net.

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For more information on PMRA visit www.pmra.net

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