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PMRA : September Race Results


PMRA Results from September Race #5 at Kansas International Dragway in Whichita, KS.


Pro Open

Mr paint Pro open consisted of only 4 bikes this race, with Mark Mr Paint Rendeluk leading the points with a so far flawless season, all he had to do was show up and qualify to seal the pro open Championship and he did that with another number one qualifier of 6.61at 199, as Chuck Massey ran his best ever pass of a 7.14 at the number 3 spot. Ray Marquardt was number 3 and Dibble new Comer to pro open was number 4

First round of eliminations led to basically 2 bye runs as Ray’s bike broke as the lights came down giving Chuck Massey the path to the finals and Dibble couldn’t get bike running in the burnout box giving Mark the bye as he ran a 6.63 at 199mph. The finals came up and everyone was putting their money on Mark running a 6.50 pass after track prep got sprayed before the final to reset his track record of a 6.59 he currently holds at Wichita race track. Chuck came up with his gs powered bike and came with his game face on, as the lights dropped Chuck cut a stellar. 026 light and Mark went up in tire smoke which is very unusual for him giving Chuck Massey his first ever pro open win in Wichita. Congrats To Chuck for a great outing in the Mr Paint Pro open class, with that race in the books Mark has sealed the championship up for the season!

W – Chuck Massey
RU – Mark Rendeluk

Top Gas

Fast By Gast Top Gas class has been an exciting and competitive class all season. There was some concern about whether or not the race would be able to take place, since Wichita received a lot of rain, with subsequent flooding the week of the event. Return roads were completely flooded, as evidenced by the photo below of Top Gas competitor Phil Snare and his crew chief, Eddie Santos getting in a little fishing before the race began. The track crew from Kansas International Dragway, in Wichita, Kansas, did a fantastic job of clearing the water and getting the track prepped for this event.  

The three top bikes for this event were: Mike Stock from Augusta, KS, Brian Wood from Bellevue, NE and Phil Snare from Wichita, KS. Brian Wood on his 1st qualifying attempt ran an 8.09 and on his 2nd attempt ran an 8.11. Phil Snare on his 1st qualifying attempt ran an 8.18 and on the 2nd attempt ran an 8.211. Mike Stock broke before the semi-finals. Brian had a competition bye in the semi-finals, since he was supposed to race Mike Stock. Phil had the bye run, since he was the #1 qualifier for the event and there were an uneven number of entrants. It was an exciting day of racing and the finals came down to Phil Snare and Brian Wood, who are currently number 1 and 2, respectively, in points in the Top Gas class. Phil Snare took the tree with an .020 light to Brian’s .070 light. Both bikes were fast to the finish line with Phil Snare taking the win with an 8.179 to Brian Wood’s 8.113. We’re looking forward to a large turnout for the Finals in October. The end of year always brings out several racers wanting to get that last big adrenalin rush before having to put the bikes away for the winter.

It was an exciting day of racing and the finals came down to Phil Snare and Brian Wood, who are currently number 1 and 2, respectively, in points in the Top Gas class. Phil Snare took the tree with an .020 light to Brian’s .070 light. Both bikes were fast to the finish line with Phil Snare taking the win with an 8.179 to Brian Wood’s 8.113. We’re looking forward to a large turnout for the Finals in October. The end of year always brings out several racers wanting to get that last big adrenalin rush before having to put the bikes away for the winter.

W – Phillip Snare


RU – Brian Wood

Super Comp

Sea Breeze Super Comp turned out to be a tough race with 15 racers true competitors.  There were no ducks at this race. #1 qualifier Tim Robbins got he bye. Round 1 had Dvaughn Smallwood taking on Scott Sober.  Both racers had identical reaction times but Smallwood spun.  Sober lifted and Dvaughn got back in it and drove around him for the win.  Veteran Alan Martin took on Ryan Schlup but Ryan’s fresh built zx14 car tire had a mechanical problem and couldn’t make the call.  Lucas Townsend drew Dave Smith but a broken 2 step wire would not let Dave compete.  Dewayne Gains faced off against Eric Vaughn with Gains showing his champion skills when Vaughn can’t couldn’t get down the track.  Mac McKnight took on Chad Townsend with both racers running a 8.937 but Mac had a little better light to let him get the stripe.  New racer Austin Wagoner caught Brandon Jones sleeping on the tree and made sure Brandon’s 8.95 wasn’t good enough to get him to the next round.  Mark Trammell on a car tire busa faced off against Preston Younie on his car tire zx14 was a double break out with Mark keeping it closed to the index.  

Round 2 had Smallwood vs Mac.  Dvaughn Drilled the tree with a .005 to Mac’s .012.  Mac had issues and Dvaughn took the win.  Next pair was Austin and Lucas.  Lucas got the reaction time but Austin drove around Lucas on the big end and ran closest to the Dial.  Dwayne Gains had Mark Trammell,  Mark got the light but both racers were playing dump games and Dewayne put a wheel on Mark and took the stripe.  Last pair was Tim Robbins against his team mate Alan Martin.  Tim got the tree but an 8.88 won’t keep you in contention.  

Round 3 had Gains vs Austin.  Reaction times were close but Gains showed his championship skills and took the stripe.  Big Al had Smallwood and Smallwood rolled out of the beams and gave the win to Martin.  

Round 4 had the champ Dewayne Gains vs Big Al Martin.  Gains put up a .037 light to Al’s .059 and Al broke out with an 8.889 to Gains 8.910.  

W – Dwayne Gaines


RU – Alan Martin

Super Gas

Being at a different track for this round of Wedman Motorsports Super Gas, we saw a few new contenders.  Jeffery Kerns, Jeremiah Anderson, and local hot shoes Rick Hoffman and Fred Johnson.  Fred has been racing longer than most of us have been alive, and proved he still has the skills by being #1 qualifier with a 9.911.  Brad Smith was #2, also with a 9.91, with point leader Jon “Hog hatin” Haney in the #3 spot with a 9.92.  The three top qualifiers all won their first round with decisive victories, as the new-comers struggled to run the index.  Round 2 paired Mr. John “Hog Hatin” Haney and Mr. Smith, with Mr. Johnson getting the bye into the final.  Mr. Smith takes the tree with an .052 vs Haney’s .079, but his V-rod Destroyer gets a little side-ways off the line, causing him to be short of the index by a few tenths, handing the win and other final spot to Haney.  In the final, Haney has his best reaction time all day, and runs a 9.913 to seal the deal.  Congrats to Jon “Hog hatin” Haney on winning Wedman Motorsports Super Gas. 

W – Jon Haney


RU – Fred Johnson


Super Street

Tombo racing Super Street had a great turnout.  Louis Brown took the #1 qualifier spot giving him the Bye in round 1.  First pair up was Dvaughn Smallwood taking on Pierre S. with Dvaughn for the win.  Kurt Vincent had Terry Mims with Kurt coasting the the win when Terry had problems in the line.  Josh Pilcher drew Lucas Townsend with Josh running a 9.510 to Lucas’s 9.61.  Zak Taylor took on local favorite Lud Manivong, Lud when .002 red giving the win to Zak.  Chad Townsend drew the lucky dog spot when Tim Howard couldn’t make the call.

Round 2 put Smallwood on his stock street busa against Brown on his 14r.  Brown fell asleep and Dvaughn drilled the tree taking the win. Next pair was Pilcher vs Taylor.  Pilcher beat Taylor at the tree and Taylor broke out trying to run him down.  Now Kurt Vincent had Chad Townsend.  Kurt gave his look to the lord and both racers red lit but Kurt redlit less moving him to the semi’s.

Round 3 paired Smallwood against Pilcher.  Pilcher fell asleep and and couldn’t get his zx10 around Dvaughn on his busa.  Kurt had laddered bye and laid down a nice 9.58 to keep his practice up.

Round 4 put Smallwood against Vincent.  A hickup with the timing system threw both riders off their game when they had to back out of the stage beams after they were set.  Computer got reset and Dvaughn held his composure to get the reaction and Kurt broke out chasing him down.  Dvaughn Smallwood for the win.

W – Dvaughn Smallwood
RU – Kurt Vincent

Pro ET

The 5th race of the PMRA season was in Wichita and the Pingel Pro E/T class did not disappoint with 13 riders in the mix. As we started out the day we had our usual suspects of heavy hitters who were fighting for the win and going to make it one great day of racing. First round had Robert Zavesky facing Ben Gartner and Robert take the win, next up was John (I look good in leathers) Fitzpatrick facing off against Micah Wright and Fitz taking the win by running right on his number of 8.80. Next pair had Rob (I need a shave) Woods racing Jeff Shelton and Woods taking the win by running on his number. Brian Woods facing off against Michael Smith and Smith saying he likes the color red and he turned it on. Jonathan (Smiling) Whitley facing Les (I like the color of my bike) Knaak and Whitley taking the win. Marlin Aitschman VS Jon (The Show Dog) Haney, well as Haney finds out that if you live by the button you die by the button as he lets go way to early and get a LB3A and NO TIME, so Marlin takes the easy win. J.C. Edmission get the bye to the next round.

Round 2 had Whitley, Fitz, Zavesky, Jeff Shelton, Knaak and Brian Woods moving on to round 3, as we had 4 red lights turned on. The 3rd round was a good set of races with Shelton taking the win over Whitley and Fitz taking the win over Zavesky and the last set of racers were Les Knaak putting a hurt on Brian Woods over the better RT wins. Round 4 has just 3 players and one getting the bye into the finals, that guy would be Les (I like the color of my bike) Knaak. We have Fitz racing Jeff Shelton, Fitz had a .016 light to Shelton’s .036 and Fitz taking the win because of the better RT.

Finals see Fitz dialing an 8.77 and Knaak writing a 9.20 on the bike, both like leave with Fitz taking the Hole shot win with a .019 VS .046 RT and Fitz runs an 8.78 VS Knaak’s 9.19, whoops broke the bank by -.0074. That’s it for the 5th race here from Kansas International Dragway in Wichita, Kansas.

W – John Fitzpatrick
RU – Les Knaak


Street ET

Street ET sponsored by Schnitz Racing had some local talent out of town racers show up to contend for the win at Kansas International Dragway. It was a tightly contested field as usual and there were many close races throughout the day. The chase for the championship is alive and well with 2 races to complete.

First round had quite a few great matchups, with one being Brandon Jones and Louis Brown both top 5 contenders for the championship.  Louis leaves the lights just a little early and gives the win to Brandon who had an .035 light running 9.04 on a 8.95 dial. The local talent were no slouches either with Glenn Todd, Derek Ward, Jim Platek,  Greg Frahm, Steve Goth, Delana Bennett, and Bub Holland all collecting first round wins. They showed they were there to win!  Also turning on win lights and keeping their championship hopes alive were Tim Howard, Kurt Vincent, and Ben Gartner.

In the second round, Frahm cuts an .014 light against Pierre Singnavong who also chops that tree down with an .015 light but experiences mechanical issues down track giving the win to Frahm and the wait and see bye for the next round.  In another matchup that could have championship implications Louis Brown faced off against Todd Smith with Smith being on the wrong side of the green light by .015 giving the win to Louis for round 2. Perrinial contender Glenn Todd faced off against Brandon Jones who is leading the way in the championship. Todd running a 9.25 on a 9.22 dial wasn’t necessarily needed due to Brandon going red with a -.0016 light! July race runner up, Kraig Burnett moved past round 2 with a win over Zack Pina. Ben Gartner took the win over Zak Taylor in the battle of the ZX14R’s. Aaron Vaughan also pulled off a round win on a borrowed motorcycle with hopes of pulling off the race win!

With 10 racers left Frahm ended up with lane choice in round 3 against Steve Goth. Steve takes a major lead at the light with a .007 compared to Frahm’s .1786 and Steve was able to chase him down with ease and take the round win. Chris martin with his 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster was able to take out contender Josh Pilcher, who was uncharacteristically late on the tree. Gartner faced off with Vaughan running an 8.72 on a 8.65 dial being enough to take the round win. Brown goes through this round when Burnett leaves before the tree is activated. This leaves Kurt Vincent and Glenn Todd in what was more than likely the best race in the class. Kurt left first and with an .027 light would be hard to beat. Glenn left the line with an .042 light so it will be close at the finish line. Kurt dialed in at 9.49 and Glenn a 9.25; at the stripe Kurt crossed with a 9.493 to Glenn’s faster 9.246 which resulted in a break out for Glenn.

With the best reaction time from the previous round Steve Goth gets the bye run into the semifinals. Leaving Vincent, Brown, Martin, and Gartner to race for the other 2 spots in the semis. Gartner cuts a spectacular .004 light against Martin, who cut an .065 making for what should be a great race at the stripe. Gartner slows down to make sure he doesn’t break out but ends up letting Martin slide by at the stripe and into the semis. In the other matchup, it was Brown against Vincent, and both shooting for that automatic bye into the finals. Brown goes -.007 red trying to push the tree, which gives Vincent the round win.

With the better reaction time in round 4 Chris Martin gets the bye into the finals and takes the run running 12.05 on a 11.80 dial. On the other side of the ladder, Steve Goth faces off against Kurt Vincent, with the chance for a full Kansas sweep of all classes! Vincent dials in at 9.47 and Goth a 9.26 which means Vincent should leave first.  Vincent was apparently taking a nap this round but lucked out because Goth goes -.006 red! Vincent ends up running it out the back door and runs an 9.50 on a 9.47 dial, and ended up making 2 finals on this day!

The final round has 2 guys from Oklahoma, which ensures that Kansas doesn’t sweep the win column at their home track. Vincent dials in at 9.47 to Martin’s 11.80 meaning Vincent will have to sit waiting for the lights to drop as he watches Martin leave the line. For the second race in a row, the winner was determined by a red light start and the winner this race being Vincent for his first PMRA win! Congratulations to Kurt and Chris on making it through the tough field of competitors that KID offered up!

RU – Chris Martin


Congrats to all the winners and runners-ups, next race is a 2-day race in Tulsa October 22 and 23rd. See you then!

Report by Mark Rendeluk

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