PMRA: SPEED RECORDS to film episode this weekend

Professional Motorcycle Racing Association

to film episode this weekend.

July 14th 2007 Thunder Valley Raceway Park, Noble,

This Saturday the PMRA will host round three
of the racing season and the exciting new Television show “Speed Records”
produced by Oakville Lane Productions for the SPEED Channel.

Kevin Deane and his crew will be filming for
a future episode. They will be shooting current Funnybike and Pro Street record
holders as well as the Bird-Baxter team which holds the current Worlds Fastest
naturally aspirated bike under 800 cc. All contestants welcome, set a record
and be a star!

The current PMRA
records are as follows:

Funnybike: 6.772 Glen Nickelberry
OKC, OK 4-12-03
212.31 mph Leroy Hill Bristow, OK 8-26-00

Pro Street: 7.585 George Gooch
Houston, TX 11-04-06
197.41 mph George Gooch Houston, TX 11-04-06
The Bird-Baxter Teams current record is 8.42 @ 162 mph set 10-04 at the PMRA

All PMRA classes will be contested at this event.
All purses guaranteed. All fun, All the time.

For more information:
• 620-545-7868

Motorcycle Racing Association

14811 W. Hannah
Clearwater, KS 67026