PMRA: The Dlorah Lee, Dave Howell Award

Professional Motorcycle Racing Association


The most coveted award given in the PMRA is not
for Racer or the Year, not for Mechanic of the Year, not for Crew Chief of the
Year, not even for a class championships, its for the person who has given the
most to the sport of Motorcycle Drag Racing. It is named after two very important
people who have left us a legacy of love for our sport of motorcycle drag racing.
The heritage that is Dlorah Lee and Dave Howell belongs to all of us but at
the end of each season the racers decide who best has embraced their legacy.

And what is that legacy:

Taken from February 2002, AMERICAN DRAG

If our community of racers were Dlorah’s family, the motorcycle racers
became her children. Even in the last two very difficult years, Dlorah made
every effort to be at the PMRA and other areas motorcycle races. She never stopped
lobbying for more pages for motorcycles and the motorcycle racers were never
far from her heart or thoughts. Perhaps no one else knew that her secret desire
was to have her own, all motorcycle drag racing paper.

I think Dlorah’s reward was becoming part
of our community. She loved getting to know the racers, their families and all
involved our sport. Her unique perspective gave us all new insight to our sport
and our lives. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Dlorah Lee, even for
a moment, you couldn’t help but smile. Because chances are, she was smiling
and she told you something that you had never considered before.

At the end of the 2006 season the racers of the
PMRA selected a special person as this years recipient, Ms. Dawn Simpson, our
web master, official photographer and whatever else is asked of her. Dawn travels
more than 500 miles (one way) from Arlington Nebraska to all of the PMRA races,
she arrives early and is the last one to leave the track after shooting photographs
at the awards ceremony and can often be found in her motel room downloading
photos or points on her computer for our website.

She can be seen just about anywhere during a
race, shooting photographs of the action on the track, catching candid photos
in the pits, talking to racers, gathering information for racer profiles, she
spends hours after the race posting results on
and then gets all of our photographs up on her website

The PMRA has always had a family-like atmosphere
where the racers are a close knit family and all of us in the PMRA are thankful
that Dawn is part of our family, she is a very special person.

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