PR Factory Store: Be Ready for Tech this Season

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Pr Factory Store

Be Ready for Tech this Season

Having trouble passing tech with an old pair of gloves or dead man switch? Well the PR Factory Store has Brooke’s gloves which have a broad selection of colors, as long as you are ok with black that is, and Pingel dead man switches in both 7/8″ (most metric) and 1″ (most Harley) sizes.

There is also an AMAZING sale in our Shinko Shootout tires! We can’t talk about the price online, but don’t hesitate to ask any of our salesmen about the deal.

Good luck to everyone this season!

Check out our selection at

PR Factory Store
8209 Westridge Ave. • Raytown, MO 64138
Phone: 816-737-3715
Fax: 816-358-7531 (fax)